Howell Farmhouse Night #1; May 28, 2011

Case Background and Claims:

383_HowellHouseOldBoth clients and their child have heard noises throughout the house, have witnessed shadows and have reported feeling a presence in several of the rooms.
The wife said she has experienced hearing whispers, being lightly touched, and items being moved.  She has also heard voices and footsteps loud enough downstairs that she becomes frightened and will not go down there until the next morning (the home has an alarm, so there was no threat of it being a burglar).  The husband claimed he had heard one of his power tools going off during the night and thought he was being robbed. Upon going downstairs, the noise stopped and he found nothing.  The child also reports seeing people in his room.

History wise, it is important to note that the home was built in the 1870s.  The area is very rich in history and was a hotbed for Ku Klux Klan activity.  While not confirmed, it is rumored that KKK activity may have occurred in the barn behind the clients’ home.

383_HowellHouseNewforWebAccording to an article published in The New York Times, “Auctioning Memories in a Town Haunted by the Klan,” on May 23, 2005, former grand dragon of the KKK, Robert Miles, lived on a farm outside Howell city limits.  Miles would “invite fellow Klansmen to his farm,” and while his “cross-burning gatherings took place in neighboring Cohoctah Township, it was Howell that was branded as a haven of white supremacist activity” (Peters).  As many of the attendees came from out of the area, “Klansmen would stream through Howell, check in to the Holiday Inn and trek to the farm for their meetings” (Peters).  Miles died in 1992, although “the gatherings largely stopped by the 1980’s” (Peters).1

1Peters, Jeremy W. “Auctioning Memories in a Town Haunted by the Klan.” The New York Times. The New York Times Company, 23 May 2005. Web. 24 Aug. 2011.


  • TIME:9 PM to 2 AM
  • INVESTIGATORS: John, Tom, Chass & Chris & Ryan
  • WEATHER: Overcast, mid-60s
  • STRUCTURAL:  Old farmhouse, built in the 1870s, with a large barn out back


At 9:00 PM,  MCGH arrived at the location. The clients gave the team a walk through of the home, which was being remodeled.

At 10:00 PM, the team split up with the guys (TEAM ONE: Tom, Chris, John, Ryan & client) going to the barn and the girls (TEAM TWO: Chass & client) staying inside the home.

TEAM ONE – Upon entering the barn, John sensed an angry crowd cheering as a young African American man  was hung.  John caught three different anomalies on his Digital HDD video recorder while in the area.  John recalls that back in the 1970s, the farm was very active on Friday and Saturday nights, late into the night, with many bonfires.  Chris reported being scratched.

TEAM TWO – Chass and the client began to set up recorders in the dining room and Chass said she felt the presence of a woman kind of peeking in on them like she was wondering what they were doing.  At 10:45 PM, Chass and the client began to use the dowsing rods in the “sick room” (the original owners used it as a room for a woman that was sick with cancer and she passed away) and the dowsing rods began to do a Q&A session. The client began to ask if they liked her family being there, in which she received a response of yes. She asked if someone had whispered in her ear the previous night and the dowsing rods indicated yes. She laughed and said she thought she was crazy, in which the dowsing rods indicated a huge no. They began to use a crystal in the living room with the same responses as before.

From 10:45 – 11 PM, the teams took a break.

At 11:00 PM, investigating continued.  TEAM ONE went into the house to the living room to conduct an EVP session.  Both John and Chris sensed an older gentleman and an older lady, both previous owners, as well as a younger man with a bad arm due to a farming accident. There was also a very young boy.  Their entire family seemed very pleased that the home was being restored and that another family was getting to enjoy the home.

383_HowellBarnPicforWebTEAM TWO headed out to the barn.  Chass and the client began to investigate the barn, setting up recorders and K-II meters. Chass began to sense a black man present in the barn and felt he was hiding. She began to feel that he had been running for days and was finally caught. Chass agreed that this had something to do with white supremacists.  At 12:20 AM, Chass and the client began to feel sick, so Chass radioed John that they were coming inside the home. The team took a quick break.

At 11:35 PM, Chris joined TEAM TWO, and took the girls back to the barn, in which he set up a K-II meter and an EVP recorder on the siding in the barn and told them to watch from the outside of the barn. It seemed like the K-II meter was moving when there was no wind or anything moving the siding.  (THIS WAS DEBUNKED AS AN OPTICAL ILLUSION ON NEXT INVESTIGATION).

From 11:45 PM – 12:00 AM,  the teams took a break.

At midnight, both teams went back into the barn and John began to prod the spirits. The team heard footsteps overhead in the loft. Both Chass and John sensed a feeling of dread as they were still focused on a young man being hanged as the crowd cheered while watching.  Chris was standing outside of the barn and began to see shadow movement in a small area outside the barn.

The team wrapped up the investigation at 1:45 AM to pack up, with plans to return the following weekend.

EVP’s  Obtained During Investigation:

 “AYE” EVP Class C: This was recorded in the barn.  John asks, “Do you know the gentleman’s name?”  You then hear a soft “aye.” (The loud bang is a horse, which Ryan comments on.)

“Humming” EVP Class C: Also recorded in the barn, you can hear a female humming after Ryan says, “Alright.”

 “How High” EVP Class C: Also recorded in the barn, John is asking the spirit to make the siding bounce higher. He says thank you and then you hear a voice, which sounds like “How high?” (You will need headphones.)

 “I see you” EVP Class A: John and Tom were in the dining room, when Tom says “two different directions.” Then you hear a voice saying, “I see you.” It sounds like Tom’s voice, but as he chuckles while the voice is still speaking, it cannot be him. This one is truly odd.

 “Shine it” EVP Class C: This EVP was recorded in the house.  First you can hear “light,” then an investigator cough, and then the same voice says “shine it.”

 “Whisper” EVP Class C: This EVP was recorded in the barn.  John is speaking, then you can hear a soft whisper, which sounds like “Get him. Get that boy.” (You will need headphones.)

“You win” EVP Class C: While in the house, John says something about a fireplace, then a voice responds saying, “You win.”

“How bout that” EVP Class B: This EVP was recorded in the barn.  John says that we are going to bring out some equipment so that the spirit can talk to us.  A voice can be heard that says, “How bout that?”


The investigators involved believe there is definitely something present in both the home and the barn at this location.  They would like an additional opportunity to investigate it, so MCGH revisited the home on June 4, 2011. Click here to visit that page.


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