Howell Farmhouse Night #2; June 4, 2011

383_HowellHouseOldCase Background and Claims:

For the background/claims, visit the investigation page from MCGH’s first visit to the location.  Click here.



  • TIME:  8:30 PM to 2 AM
  • INVESTIGATORS:  John, Tom, Teri & Don S., Cathy & Jason, Mark & Terri B., Curt & Eileen, Brelan & Ryan
  • WEATHER:  Warm, 70s-80s
  • STRUCTURAL:  Old farmhouse, built in the 1870’s, with a large barn out back



Laser grid flickers




383_HowellHouseNewforWebAt 8:30 PM,  the MCGH team arrived.  We set-up and had a meeting, and evidence review of previous weekend’s investigation of the site.  We split into teams.

At 9:00 PM, Terri B., Brelan and the client went out into the field. The client told us about flat rocks that were by trees and felt that they were somewhat significant. The mosquitoes were unbelievably bad out there, so the client went back inside the home. Terri and Brelan continued to investigate the field with a K-II meter and a recorder. At one point, the K-II meter spiked when walking past the flat stones by the tree. There was no electricity around and nobody had their cell phones on them to cause a spike. They began to do an EVP session at the rock. Later, they were walking through the field and it kept sounding like someone was following them.  They verified that the horses were no where near them.

At 9:40 PM, we split into three teams.
TEAM ONE (Brelan, Terri, and the clients) began in the house, where they went upstairs. We spent some time in the attic room with a K-II meter and recorder asking questions for an EVP session, but did not seem to be getting any response. One of the clients went to bed, so the rest of the group went down to the pool room. We tried to start another EVP session, but still were not getting much of a response. We moved to the front living room and began using a crystal. We started to get a response whenever the female client, or Terri would ask a question, but not Brelan. We were able to discover we were speaking to a woman who had lived in the house.  The house has history of being linked to KKK activity in the past, so it is unclear if she would not respond to Brelan as he was male or because he was African American. The crystal never reacted to a single question Brelan asked while he was in the house, though it did react to everyone else.  At the end of this session, the other client chose to go to bed, too.

TEAM TWO (Cathy, Jason, Tom, Teri and Don) began their investigation in the barn, starting in the right room. At 9:47 PM, we all heard what sounded like footsteps upstairs in the loft, although there was no one up there.  At 9:50 PM, they moved to the center part of the barn.  At 9:56 PM, both Cathy and Teri reported their arms were feeling cold.  Tom confirmed the chill by touch.  They were both drastically colder there than the rest of their body.  Just after, Jason saw a shadow at the end of the barn (the door to the right of where the horses enter and exit).  He described it as being approximately 4-5 feet tall and that “ran” across the opening.  At 9:58 PM, Teri knocked twice and asked it to mimic her, which we heard back faintly.  At 9:59 PM, we heard thumps up in the loft again, as well as one down by where the horses were (although they were not moving around).  At 10:00 PM, the same door where Jason saw the shadow five minutes previous, Tom and Jason both witnessed a shadow that appeared to be peeking around the corner (on the left side of the opening).  At this same time, the horses became very agitated.  At 10:05 PM, we went back to the right-side room.  We may have debunked the “floating K-2 meter” from last investigation.  We had three investigators stand at one end of the room and two stand closer to the meter (one behind and to the right, the other off to the side on the right).  While the investigators at the end of the barn reported that it seemed like the K-2 meter was moving, the other two did not see the movement in any way.  We believe that it may have been an optical allusion.  At 10:14 PM, we all heard a noise, but then debunked it as a mouse was moving along the wall.  At 10:15 PM, we heard a thump in the loft again.  At 10:25 PM, Jason saw a shadow outside the front of the barn.  He described it as wearing a wide brimmed farmer’s hat.  At 10:30 PM, we ended our investigation in the barn.

365_Howell2OrbforWebTEAM THREE (John, Mark, Ryan and Curt) began their investigation near the back of the property.

At 10:55 PM, TEAM ONE went inside the home and did an EVP session in the child’s play room. They worked their way down to the sick room, where they heard a beeping noise. That is somewhat important as Tom had played an EVP from the  previous investigation that started off with the same beeping and was followed by horse hooves. The team began to use a crystal in the living room, and whenever Brelan asked a question, the crystal completely stopped. It would not move for him at all.

TEAM TWO walked back towards the back of the property, but as the mosquitoes were so bad, we sat out this round of investigations.

TEAM THREE investigated in the barn, attempting to provoke responses.  They also tested out some new equipment.

The full team took a break.  While on break, at 11:56 PM, as several of us were standing around John described being touched in the front hallway / foyer.  At midnight, both Teri and Cathy heard the sound of crackling, almost like a fire, coming from the front room.

At 12:05 AM, we resumed investigating.  TEAM ONE went out to the barn to provoke some of the spirits. They asked for a noise and above them heard a loud tapping. They continued to take pictures and EVP sessions in the barn.

TEAM TWO:  We began our investigation in the house, starting in the basement, but due to it being damp and musty, we only stayed for five minutes.  At 12:10 AM, we moved to the family room (front left room) and almost immediately, Jason’s video camera randomly got paused for no reason.  The battery was not low, but did drastically jump back up after he un-paused the video.  Once he got that running again, we started a question-and-answer session with the flashlight, where we seemed to make contact with two separate spirits.  Tom noticed that we tended to get more responses when “the girls” (Teri and Cathy) asked the questions. After establishing an answering pattern, which typically occurred on the count of three, we were able to determine that we were communicating with 21-year-old female, who had a child of her own, and a 69-year-old male, with a father-daughter relationship, that previously lived on the property.  According to the responses we received, they like watching over the family.  At 12:52 AM, we ended our investigation.

TEAM THREE took a break.

At 1:15 AM, the entire team came out to the barn to provoke the spirits. In the hay storage in the barn charred pieces of wood and baby items were found, which the clients said they had never seen that before.  During the provoking, the team asked if the spirits wanted the team, and specifically Brelan, to leave and if so, to make a noise.  In response, they heard a noise directly above them.  They checked the loft for any explainable reason for the noises, but found nothing.

At 2:00 AM, the investigation ended.






Spirit face peeking out window





Audio Obtained During Investigation:

 “Amen” EVP Class C: The group is in the barn, getting ready for a provoking experiment related to the KKK, and you hear a voice say, “Amen.”

 “Describe her” EVP Class A:  This EVP was taken in the basement of the house with Cathy, Teri and Don present. Prior to the recording, Cathy announces that she is getting up.  You can then hear movement and Cathy getting up off of the gravel floor.  A voice can be heard underneath the movement, which sounds male, and appears to say, “Describe her.”  Almost as if answering, Don then describes that Cathy is sneaking through the grave

“Dorothea” EVP Class A: Once again captured during the EVP/flashlight Q&A session in the front room of the house, Cathy asks a question and then counts down for the flashlight to turn on.  While this was going on, a male voice can be heard, saying something like “Dorothea “or  “Garcia.”  You be the judge.

 “HI” EVP Class B:  The group was having an EVP/flashlight  Q&A session in the front room of the house.  Teri asks the spirit to turn off the light, so she could ask another question.  Both she and Tom say please, and following this,  you hear a long drawn out voice, which kind of sounds like “hi.”

 ” I am” EVP Class C: This EVP was captured in the barn.  Both Cathy and Teri felt like they were being touched.  Tom asks, “Are you touching the girls?” A voice answers right back, saying, “I am.”

 “Laugh” EVP Class A: Still in the barn getting ready for the experiment, as the rope is put closer to John’s neck. You hear a click, then a quick laugh.

“My baby” EVP Class A: This EVP was also captured during the EVP/flashlight Q&A session in the front room of the house.  Teri is speaking inaudibly, but then you hear a clear “my baby.”  Interesting to note, we also received positive flashlight confirmation during the session that the female spirit had a child.

“NO” EVP Class B:  This EVP was also captured during the EVP/flashlight Q&A session in the front room of the house.  In trying to determine the spirit’s age, Cathy went through a range of numbers to narrow it down.  When Cathy asks if the spirit was 62, a quick “no” is heard as response.  Additionally, the flashlight did not light.  The flashlight did light on age 69.

“YEA” EVP Class A:  Once again captured during the EVP/flashlight Q&A session in the front room of the house, Cathy says, “If your last name was ‘Brown,’ turn on the light.”  You can hear a slight “yea.”  NOTE: The recording from “Dorothea? Garcia?” and this one were caught within seconds of each others, but caught on separate recorders.


While we debunked the “bouncing K-II meter,” we did experience a myriad of other activity.  We definitely believe that there is the presence of paranormal in both the barn and the home.  The activity in the home is friendly, and we believe that it likes having the family there and enjoys watching over them.  The activity in the barn, while not overly threatening, does not seem to have the warm and welcoming nature of the home.  It tends to create a more anxious energy and be dark in nature.

9 comments on “Howell Farmhouse Night #2; June 4, 2011

  1. Derek

    Hello my name is Derek I live in howell can you tell me the adress to the kkk house in cohochtah mi

  2. MCGH

    Derek – We can never give out private addresses due to client confidentiality.

  3. Shane

    Someone email me. I have somewhere that needs to be thoroughly investigated. Ive been told different things about this place but I’m dead set that its haunted.

  4. Robert ryan

    I live by this house and found names under my staiirs I think they may have bean from the underground railroad back in the day they date back to 1900 I cant remember the name rite off hand but I wonder if any of the names under my stairs may b some of the names you think you heard.the names are very low in the stairs as if they were hiding.

    1. Robert ryan

      Think maby the name is byron? Cant recall these names have bean coverd with drywall but are still there.

  5. renee

    Didn’t this home burn down a few years ago?

    1. Stadia

      No…it is still there and still being renovated…I live in the subdivision just to the north of it…

  6. Truthteller

    Nothing horrible happened in that barn. It was a fun playground for children. The meetings were held in a metal building and were dinners not torturing of anyone! There was never violence on that property. Just meetings, dinners and a likeminded community gathering.

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