Dearborn Business; February 2, 2012

Case Background and Claims:2012_02_11_DOublebolive_awning_

Dearborn began to be settled in the early 1780’s by the French. The first local roads were created along established Indian trails. Dearborn’s main thoroughfare, Michigan Avenue, was laid out along the Sauk-Fox Trail, one of the principal Indian trails. It was a main passage of travel in pioneer times. Settlers began arriving in large numbers after 1825, coming mostly from northeastern United States and Europe.

Dearborn was a regular stagecoach stop along the Chicago Road (today’s Michigan Avenue), but travel slackened after the railroad came through in 1837. The heart of old Dearborn was along the old Chicago Road near the arsenal, between the Rouge River and the railroad track.

It seems the building was built around 1919. There have been many businesses before the Double Olive Bar came into its current business. There are rumors that in this old part of town there are underground tunnels connecting the businesses but no proof was found of this.


  • Investigators: John,Chass, Ryan, Kellie, Joe, Scott and Holly
  • Weather:  16of  Real Feel  -1of
  • Humidity: 67%
  • Moon:The moon phase was 83% Full Waning Gibbous.
  • Structural: The building is an early 1900’s brick and mortar structure, which stands adjacent Michigan Avenue. It appears to be built on a solid basement foundation.
  • Equipment: Digital cameras, Camcorders with night vision, digital voice recorders, flashlights, two-way radios, temperature gauges, EMF detectors, K-2 meters, motion detectors, tri-field meter, IR lights, Ovilus device, dousing rods, dust partible gauge and DVR system

Video Evidence Obtained During Investigation

In this clip you will see our investigator leave and then his IR light from his camera turns off

In this clip you will hear a voice say “Get out”


Personal Experinces


  • @ 11:01am: Information: Holly and Kellie are doing an EVP session in sport side of basement when suddenly Holly’s flashlight popped while it was turned off. Never has happened before or since.
  • @ 11:58am: heard a male voice say, “these” while on monitor duty and shortly after John’s Ovilus said the word, “these”.


  • @ 12:25pm: Ryan and John are at table in main bar side. John heard a female voice say, “Nooooooo” with his parabolic ear.


  • @ 12:08pm: Ryan and John are at table in main bar side. Feels pressure on his right shoulder. Per John, one shoulder is 88f and the other is 78f while his left knee is 74f. There is no air movement in the room
  • @ 12:45pm: Ryan and John are at table in main bar side. Felt his shirt being tugged several times.
  • @ 1:19pm: Ryan and John are at table in main bar side. Felt his pants were too cold but only on his right leg.


  • @12:15pm while doing an EVP session in the basement Office, felt pressure on her right ear that lasted about 1 minute.


  • @ 12:57pm: while on a break, everyone heard the door jiggle between the two bars. When further looked into it, nothing was unusual.
  • @ 1:22pm: There was a brief K-2 hit while John and Joe were talking about watered down drinks during bar re-enactment.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Main Bar Investigation


 “Nastrovic” “Swalopee” EVP Class B : Male voice: “”? sounds like “Nestrovic”

 “No more” EVP Class  A: John says he likes it when the Ovilus is on digital readout and male voice says” No More”

“Holly” EVP Class B: Right at the beginning of the clip you will hear a loud whisper. Ryan heard this with the parabolic mic.

“Hello” EVP Class  C:Saying our goodbyes and in a little pause there is a female voice but I can’t understand what she’s saying but possibly “Hello”


Audio Evidence Obtained During Basement Investigation

“Who’s back there?” EVP Class B

“Stop” EVP Class  B : Up the stairs on the sport side of the basemant, Holly remarks about the humidity and you can hear a voice say “stop” 

 “What was that?” EVP Class B :  Holly and Kellie are in the stairs of the Sport-side basement. voice: “Are you there?” or “Are you back?” or “Hey what was that” or …?

“It’s not bad” EVP Class C: Going back up the basement stairs. After voice Chas mentions that she can’t breathe there at the bottom of the stairs. Voice: “It’s so so” and “Don’t say …” or “it’s not bad” or …?



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