Eaton County Courthouse and Museum; January 10th, 2015


 Case Background and Claims:

The team sought out this location to investigate the rumored claims of paranormal activity. These locations are in the heart of downtown and rich in history and very beautiful structures. The investigation included an 1885 Renaissance Revival Eaton County Courthouse. Inside of the building is a restored Courtroom and several rooms holding artifacts from Charlotte’s history as well as Eaton County’s. It served as the central hub for Community Government until 1963. Right next to door to the courthouse is the 1875 Sheriffs Residence, which housed the County Sheriff and his family. Not only did it house his family but also attached to the home was the jail.




Video from the investigation


Investigators:,  John, Jason, Cas, Brenda, Heather, Gayle, Kellie and Mike

    • Weather: 38 degrees and Clear
    • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Natural Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps,  PSB-7 Spirit Box, Frank’s Box, Laser Grid, Flashlights,
    • Time: 8:00 PM-12:00 AM

The group split into two teams. Team One being, Jason, Cas, Kellie, and Mike. Team Two consisted of John, Brenda, Gayle, and Brenda. IMG_1604

Team One started in the Sheriff’s Residence in the attic. They spread out across the space and place a REM Pod, flashlight, and motion sensor, to attempt visual communication also voice recorders and a video camera were placed around the attic, as well. The team almost immediately got responses with the REM Pod and continued to get responses from it as questions were asked about the former family that lived there and who maybe the person trying to communicate using the Pod.  The flashlight was turning on and off as well but we threw it out as it was very erratic.

Team Two began in the Courthouse Museum in what we are calling the Common Area. Gayle and Heather were checking out the Vault Room when Gayle heard a knock come from that room. At one point during the session, John saw what he described as a shadow figure walk past the doorway and Brenda described seeing flashing lights in the center of the Common Area. The investigators also experienced, what they described as “a conversation around them”. Heather also had a personal experience of hearing a whistle. The team then shifted to the Courtroom to continue their investigation. They place four flashlights around the room and began to ask questions with each flashlight having designations for answers, this experiment seem to be a success, with constant answers from the different flashlights. As the team was leaving the Courtroom to start an EVP session the Judge’s Chamber, John turned back and watched a shadow figure attempt to follow them out, John walked back into the Courtroom room and walked back out and the shadow didn’t follow this time.

Team One returned to the Courthouse Museum to begin the 2nd session. They started on ground floor of the building in the Common Area.  The team once again scattered equipment around the area. This time all the devices seem to be quite but, Jason and Kellie heard noises down one of the halls, when they went to check it out, Jason started tapping on things to try to recreate the sound, he was unsuccessful. The noise sounded like it was coming from the Vault Room (Gayle nor Heather told anyone on Team One they experienced this until after the investigation). They did hear noises from the opposite direction but when Jason starting tapping on things to recreate those, he was able to determine that it was the radiator.  Team one than went into the Courtroom and tried to stir up some energy by having a mock trial. Cas attempted a Franks Box session but no voices came through.

Team Two switched to the Sheriff’s Residence where they also investigated the attic. The team spread out their flashlights to try the experiment again and this time they also put out toy trigger objects for any possible spirits of children to play with. Gayle thought she saw an orb around one of those toys. Just like in the Courtroom the flashlights seemed to answer direct question and were not sporadically turning on and off like when Team One tried it in the same area.


Audio evidence obtained during investigation


“Hi”  EVP Class A – Recorded in the Courtroom

“Grunt” EVP Class C-  This EVP was recorded on the first floor of the courthouse

“Me” EVP Class B-  This EVP was recorded in the attic of the Sheriff’s Residence. At about 21 seconds you can hear what sounds like a child say “Me”

“Whisper” EVP Class C- There is a faint voice her but we are unable to make out what it is saying

“They can’t see us” EVP Class C- This EVP sadly, is hidden beneath another investigators voice. We do think it may say, “They can’t see us”

“It’s the girl” EVP Class C-  Another EVP captured underneath one of our investigators talking. It is very faint, though we believe it to say, “It’s the girl”



The Team had a great night at a great location. Several of the team members had personal experiences as well having caught some interesting bits of audio and video evidence. We cannot wait to get back out there and investigate again.

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