Eaton Theater, Charlotte, MI 16 April 2016

Eaton Theater

Investigators: John, Brenda, Gayle, Heather, T3, Erin and Mike

Newspaper Article

Article for theater opening in 1931.

History: The owner did some research on the theater and a newspaper article shows the theater opening in 1931.  The Sanborn maps have it plotted before then but it could be due to the building being constructed.

Claims:  The owner stated that there have been reports of the seats moving down on their own and voices being heard in the


Weather:  70 F Clear and warm


Theater in 2016

Theater in 2016












We made it to the theater about 11 pm and while waiting to enter, Brenda captured the following photo.  The photo could not be replicated.

Photo taken before entering capturing a boy holding a cup

Photo taken by Brenda before entering capturing a boy holding a cup

Boy in glass cropped

Boy in glass cropped























The team broke up in two groups.  Team 1: John, Brenda, and Heather took the upper level and Team 2: T3, Gayle, Erin and Mike took the main theater.

Main Floor

T3’s team positioned ourselves in the first row or the main theater. A spirit of a woman has been seen walking across the stage. The rest of the team was investigating in the theater on the second floor. I set up my laser grid and positioned it at the top of the seats facing toward us in hopes of seeing a shadow. We were having no luck so Gayle tried her hand at the echo box. A spirit named Steve came thru and asked to talk with mike. Mike lost a friend who worked at ford a couple months back and we think this was him. Gayle asked how many spirits are there and it clearly said three. T3 tried the spirit box in the next session. I told the spirit my nickname and it was repeated but is hard to hear. Session ended at 12:10 PM.

Michael reported:

During Gayle’s Echovox session, when Gayle asked if someone wants to speak with Mike, the echovox responded with  “Steve” multiple times.  Responses were not understandable afterwards.

A man had a heart attack at my work and passed away a couple of minutes after leaving the building with paramedics about six weeks before the Theater event.

Later on (28:20), Gayle asked if a man fell off the later and died?   The echovox responded “He did”

At 59:00 T3 started a spirit box session (SB-07) and received several convincing responses.

T3:  “How many spirits?”  SB:  “Five”.

T3:  “What’s this gentlemen’s name next to me?”  SB:  “Mike”.

T3:  “Thanks.”  SB:  “Your Welcome.”

At 1:01:

T3: : My name is Tim but they give me a nickname, can you say my nickname?:

SB: “I don’t know” (as clear as day).

T3: “They call me T3, can you say that?”

Spirit Box:  “T3”.


We signed off after that as the other half of the group entered our theatre.

Upper Level Seating

Upper Level Seating

Second Floor

Team 1 Location (2nd floor theater)
Investigators- John, Brenda, Heather
Case Manager- Brenda

Equipment Used:
Zoom H2 Audio Recorder, Ovilus X w/DTD , Flir I7 Thermal Camera,
Mel meter,K-II meter, Mag Lights ,EMF Pump

Ovilus X Words Spoken: – Heather
Were ,Sea, Render, Pointe, Study, Nerd, Copy, Die, Heat, Since, Fear, Do Not,
Western, Near Dear, Police, Astral, Pretty, Cancer, Embark, Fear, Lynn, She,
Died, Astral, Mission, Box, New, Dust

Ghost Radar Program – John
Member, Storm, Everything, Nervous, Double, Two

Activity During Session:
At 23 minutes into our investigation of the 2nd floor theater we heard a
chair slam down in the back row opposite side of the theater from where
John was seated. Both Brenda and Heather were seated in the front row on
the same side of the theatrer as John at the time the chair went down.
Upon investigation with John’s Thermal camera Brenda and John found
a chair that was lowered and it had a heat impression on the seat.
No explanation could be given as only John, Heather and Brenda
were in the theater at the time and all the seats were put in the upright
position just prior to our investigation.
** Note All the seats are spring loaded and require a solid force to make
them go down.

At 11:40 pm John’s Audio Recorder Shut itself off.

John Captured No EVP’s During This Session

EVP’s captured during paranormal investigation:

Brenda captured a female sigh on the second floor

Team members were talking about theaters they would go to and Heather begins to speak.  You can hear a female. “Oh.”

Whistling on the second floor

Voice captured like “Woop.”


We would like to thank the Eaton Theater for allowing us to come and investigate and hope they find our investigation helpful for them.















While Team 1 was up on the second floor, John made a comment to come join us.  At that time, seat F4 opened up.

Seat F 4 that came down on it's own

FLIR image of seat F4






FLIR image of seat F4



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