EchoVox Public Session Clips

Adult Walk Evidence from Dearborn & Port Huron

On our last two Historical Society Adult Walks in 2015, our investigator, Tim Woolworth, decided to use EchoVox as part of the ITC knowledge session. He used this software with one of the groups who attended the Dearborn Historical Society walk on 23Oct15, and he used EchoVox multiple times at the adult walk for the Fort Gratiot Light Station in Port Huron on 24Oct15. He edited together some of the best clips from these sessions and posted them online via his site, ITC Voices.

There was some astounding communication that came in the form of static bursts while doing a session in the Fort Gratiot Light Station Fog House. Echovox 2.0 was being used through an iPhone and an external speaker. Due to the success of EchoVox communication during these walks, it will be incorporated in future adult walks starting in 2016.

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