Livonia Residence; December 28, 2009

Background and ClaimsLivonia Residence_20091228_321_light

Motor City Ghost Hunters received a call Christmas Eve 2009 from a single parent and her 15 year-old daughter who were looking for answers and not sure where to turn. Mom was desperate with fear and paranoia that something was in her home and feared for her daughter’s health as well as her own. It didn’t help that the previous week they had a psychic out who claimed there was a demon in the home and attempted to remove this entity. Both Mother and daughter continued to feel uneasy with physical illnesses and hearing noises in the attic that they became so scared that they were ready to leave and stay at a motel.
They said they heard boots walking up the stairs and in the attic. The mother said she saw a man down stairs in a corner of the room looking sad where she does art work.
Mother and daughter were complaining of uneasy feelings such as from stomach pains, dizziness, nausea, migraines and other flu-like symptoms.  A few weeks earlier the daughter was admitted to the hospital because of these symptoms.  Eventually they performed a lower GI and biopsy which didn’t turn up anything. The daughter informed us that she feels better when she’s out of the house.
We put a small team together and arrived the Monday following Christmas.


Investigators:  John, Jason Chass and BradLivonia Residence_20091228_480_mel

We noticed a huge EMF presence everywhere we checked. The electric panel inside the home was over 300mG. So high that it actually shut down both John’s and Jason’s Mel meters. The K-II meters lit up like Christmas trees at 100% in many places throughout the home. The readings at Mom‘s pillow was 30mG, and the daughter’s pillow was 26.7, both of which are extremely high. Normal levels should be below 1. And the home was not grounded.

Our recommendations:
We advised the client to have her home checked by an electrician and get it grounded. She did happen to know someone who came by to look over her house. She tells us that the electrician grounded the home, and made other major repairs
to the electric panel and wiring stating “He didn’t know how it could ever had passed an inspection in the city of Livonia”.

Fortunately, this was a client who followed our advice. She wasn’t looking for someone to tell her she had ghosts… she was looking for a solution.Livonia Residence_20091228_432_wire


This was a case where high EMF levels seem to be the most logical source of the family’s problems. Because the levels were so high in the home, the client’s daughter was adversely affected by natural causes that seemed paranormal. Once the problem was identified, the family was able to take steps to improve the situation, their experiences and even their health.

Sometimes it takes a ghost hunter to solve a problem that isn’t paranormal.

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