Evidence Showcase

Showcasing our best paranormal evidence thus far…..

We do a lot of paranormal investigations every year, more than most (110 in 2013 alone!).  Due to the sheer number of investigations, and the dedication and perseverance of our paranormal investigation team – we have come up with some astounding paranormal evidence over the years.

The following list is our favorite evidence that we have obtained.  Whether it be video, audio, ghost box or still photography, we are proud that everyone of the following pieces of evidence are world class.  The ability to obtain evidence like this sets the Motor City Ghost Hunters apart from most other paranormal investigation teams!

Ghost Girl

One of our favorite locations is Whitefish Point in Paradise, MI.  Our team has used Whitefish Point as an investigation retreat for years.   We also obtained one of our best pieces of evidence from Whitefish Point.  One of our investigators was checking the  tape on a camera because he knew the timer was about to run out.  As he examined the tape, he saw what he thought was a shadow move in the room – the IR camera picked up the shadow and we recorded a full bodied apparition we have named “Ghost Girl.”

This clip gained worldwide notoriety and was up for consideration in a paranormal TV show.  The local news here in Detroit broadcast this clip.  What is most astounding is when the clip is slowed at the end, you can see a rope that blocks off the room in front of the apparition – this means the apparition was behind the rope at the time!

Shadow Figure

Dearborn Historical Society allowed the Motor City Ghost Hunters to be the first paranormal team to investigate their grounds.  We investigated three of the finest historical buildings in Michigan and came up with some great results.   One of the most intriguing pieces is the shadow person we caught walking through the parlor while no one was in the room.  This is an amazing clip and rare is the ability to capture a shadow person on film so fully.

Some of our favorite pieces of audio

We have caught some pretty outstanding pieces of audio evidence over the years. Here are some of our favorites! No matter how good they are headphones always make them sound that much better! This EVP was caught in the boathouse at Whitefish Point from our 2011 investigation. The only investigators that were in the building were female. Maybe the spirit got a tired of be asked questions and wanted to ask his own. We believe the EVP to say “Ghost hunters, what are your careers?”

The next EVP was caught in the same trip. The investigators were back in the bunks at the end of the night, talking about how their night went. When John saw a plate lift out of the drying rack and back down and luckily he had his recorder going, otherwise we wouldn’t have caught this heart-wrenching EVP that says, “Mother! Find Me!”

A picture is worth a thousand words276_Relection

The picture to the right was taken by an investigator at Battle Alley Antiques, You can see the photographer on the left of the class and on the right a figure of what some believe to be a young man. We went back the next day to see if there was any object that could appear to make that image. There was nothing.





Another picture that was taken on a different trip to Battle Alley Antiques is the one below. The investigators thought they saw something at the end of the hall. The photographer took pictures nonstop and caught this fiery streak. They thought it could have been light lag from a sign but there was nothing around.

4pics at battle alley

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