Farmington Hills Residence, 11 Mar 2018

Farmington Hills Residence

Length of Time Occupying Location: November 2017

Square Footage: 1300 as ft

Year Building was Built: Between 1900 and 1925

Research on home

According to our researchers, the family’s home is directly on an old Indian Trail that went through Farmington Hills. William Grace owned the property in 1872.  This property was later developed in a subdivision by 1910.

House sits on an Indian Trail

Client’s Description of First Incident: A heavy picture fell off the wall around 3 am, my fiancé and myself were woken up out of a dead sleep. After the picture fell, a mirror fell off a wall in our dining room, around 3am again.

My daughter was playing in her room, came into the kitchen and asked me for TWO bags of mini muffins. When asked why she needed two, she said one was for her and one for her best friend. I asked her more about her “best friend” — she told me it was a little boy and gave me a name that I can’t recall. When asked more about him and what he looks like, she told me she was scared.

There have been 3 entities that I’ve been told about in the last 24 hrs – an older man, dominant, dislikes women, keeps saying “my place” in front of the root cellar, in a wide brimmed hat with a thin black ribbon tie who is not happy about our presence, a little boy (presumably the one my daughter talked about) who was lonely until we moved in, is happy he has someone to play with and enjoys hiding, and a young woman. Multiple people also got “readings” of a gunshot or head trauma in/around the root cellar, either being a murder or suicide.


Desired Outcome: I would like the spirits to move on, and let our home truly be ours.

Residence: Male, Female and child

Arrival time: 6 PM

Outside temp: 33, windy with sunshine.

Equipment: K-2, Flashlights, rem pods, spirit box, Andy box, EMF, bear EMF.

Investigators: Brenda, Doris, Dawn, Krista, Chassidy, Chris, Judy and Kelly


When we arrived at the residence, Dawn and Chassidy picked up on a “angry” spirit. Chassidy also saw a face in the adult’s room. As Doris when into the house, the angel she carries in her pocket fell out. Doris could feel the presence of someone in the house that was not happy we were there. Doris was asked to go outside to see Chassidy. Chassidy believed that there was something in there that was “mean”. Doris stated that she felt that when she entered the house. Chassidy and Dawn both thought it would be good for us to carry salt in our pockets and make sure we all had our protection.

As we all returned to the house Chris and Judy walked thru checking the EMF levels, which appeared to be a little high. But nothing that should cause paranoia or anxiety.

The team split up to cover the first floor and the basement. Chris, Doris, Kelly and Krista went to the basement. As soon as they walked into the basement Doris was drawn to the fruit cellar. Immediately Chris told her to step back before she was drawn in there. Chris stated that there was a man who was not happy. Chris then positioned himself to keep the spirit from attacking any of us. We were receiving EMF and K2 readings, sometimes over 10. The Andy box was set up and we heard hissing and angry noises coming out of the box. When asked questions we received correct responses with the flashlight. As Doris was sitting on the floor, she felt as though someone was playing with her neck and hair. Doris, Chris and Krista saw a black shadow pass by and was heading towards the steps. The team in the

basement switched to the Aerobox. During this time we received confirmation that there was a little boy, mean man possible named Ed, and a woman with us. Her name was either Janette or Lyn. There were also 2 other names given, Tyler and Patty. Judy came down the steps, as she entered the room the ghost box said Judy. The ovilous stated the word punch. Chris stated that he was being punched and scratched. Chris asked Doris to look at his back, there appeared to me a light line where he could have been scratched.

Brenda, Judy and Chassidy remained in the living room with the female. Brenda was also communicating with the man who seemed angry along with a woman possibly named Lynn. During the investigation in the living room, the team received responses that indicated there could have been some sort of accident possibly causing death on the property.

We took a break to discuss our findings with the team. We discussed our findings in the basement and the living room. We believe that we were all communicating with the same spirits.

Once we returned to the house, Doris, Krista, Dawn and Chassidy went to the child’s room. As Doris and Chassidy entered the room Doris stated she felt a woman’s presence and a child. Chassidy confirmed that both the woman and child were exactly where Doris stated. Chassidy also saw a portal near them. Dawn came up to the room but needed to leave, she stated that she was not feeling well. As Doris was setting up equipment, Chassidy, Kelly and Krista heard the closet door rattle. The man was holding on to both the woman and child. As Chassidy continued to ask the woman and child to step forward the male spirit said some not so nice words to her. From information we received from the aerobox, it is possible that the male may be a product of a Ouija board or witchcraft. Chassidy was able to have the woman and child go into the light and cross over. Judy came up to join us in the child’s bedroom. As the female and child were crossing over Kelly felt very emotional. Judy stated later that at that approximate time the female owner became very emotional and began to cry. Before the team left the bedroom several bible scriptures were read and the Our Father was said. At this point we decided the best thing was for us to cleanse the house.

As Chassidy began the cleansing, while Chris, Doris and Judy followed. Doris and Judy were both recording video as Chas and Chris blessed and smudged the house. When Doris went into the adult’s room she became nauseated and needed to leave. Later she discovered that there was a picture of a person in the window of the adult’s room.


Vinegar, Of, Clairvoyant, Dig, Mouse, Oracle, Ground, Loop, Mistake, Suit, Soak (Chass smelled blood on her hands), Gender, Coast, Crowd, Alcohol, Bend, Candy, Mamouth, Trade, Specular, Yellow, Feed, Anger, Bomb, Snow, Warp, Corner, Medium, Feed, Without, Anger, Mouse, Specular, Turning, Priest, Center, Does, Suddenly, Lynn, Woman, Paralysis, Mite, Focus, There, Less, Corner, Talk, Trade, December, Soak, Paralysis, Grasp, Gender, Center, Move, Pappy, Probably, Park, Increase, Gentle, Circle, Rope, Answer, Hope, Warrior, Gentle, Best, Lark, Man, Each, Probably, Index, Question, Act, Collum, Best, Tall, Warrior, Budah, These, Asnwer, Mother, Stirred, Dollar, Move, Tide, Oracle, Reservant, Captain, Meline, While, Corner, Soak, P, Mite, Tide, November.

Video from Paranormal Investigation

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Using one of the aps, we capture, “He’s not something, boy outside.”

Doris is turning off her equipment and she gets. “Three”

“Some Knew”

“You didn’t hear it.”



The team believed that 2 out of the 3 entities were no longer there. However, the male, who was the strongest and meanest entity, could still be at the house. The owners were instructed to contact us if they needed anything. They were also informed that they may need to call a priest to help if the male entity remained.

Follow up: Doris followed up with the homeowners on March 16th. She was told that things have been quiet since we left. Doris reiterated that we were available if she had any questions.

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