Farmington Winery, 4 June 2016

 Detroit Free Press, 4 Nov 1945

Men working the winery after 1930

History: Click Here

Claims: At this time the representative we met with was unable to tell us of anything occurring on the site.

Team 1: Tim W, Brenda, Bert and Mike

Team 2: T3, Tim S, Erika, Sharon, and Joe and Terri from Plymouth Ghost Hunters

Equipment: Digital Recorders, Maglight Flashlights, Video Cameras, Mini Box, EMF meters.



Team 1 started in the lower level of the winery where deliveries may have been made.  We started with an EVP session.  Cameras and recorders were used.  It’s alleged that the building collapsed in that area and two men were killed during a storm in 1913.  We did have one of the building staff walk in another room and not say anything but we were able to determine he was not paranormal.  We did use

Basement of the winery where we hear footsteps following us

Area where we heard foot steps following us.

maglight flashlights during the session and appeared to communicate with us.  Sometimes it was difficult to determine if it was responding appropriately to our questions.

Mike reported, At 7:38 (+16:00) Tim asked if you could let us know you are here.  Immediately afterwards Brenda & I heard a whining noise.  On my recorder the noise is audible and sounded just like an old locomotive engine whistle.  I frequently hear the Greenfield village locomotive whistle in the parking lot at my work building in Dearborn – the whistle noise at the winery was like the Greenfield village locomotive whistle.

Team 2 reported: The team set up in the middle of garage with Joe placing cameras in front and side of us. Sharon started having trouble breathing in this area. When I asked what was going on the flashlights came on. At 27:13 Tim saw a ball of light peek from behind a column. Joe started his spirit box and at 28:25 into session my recorder just stops.

We then went to the main area of the lower level which is used for a Haunted House.  Bert reported seeing shadow figures, Tim W say flashes of moving light against certain walls that would not have any light sources.  Numerous sounds of foot steps would happen behind investigators walking through the maze.  One area registered an EMF of 7 and made the hair on your arms stand up.

Team 2 in the basement

Most of the 1st floor and basement area was set up for Halloween as a haunted house. The rooms were petitioned off. This room had a weird feeling when I walked thru it earlier. This is why I chose this room. As soon as I started the session we had immediate K-II and flashlight responses. I had been asking about the men killed while building this building years ago. When I was asking about the type of building and business that was in this building we had direct flashlight response when I asked if a train came thru to drop off coal for the stack. Also K-II hits. Sharon started up her echo vox. When asked who was with us and to give a name a male voice said Pete. When I asked how many spirits are here, a male voice says Two. We asked if the spirits liked having people come thru during Halloween and you hear a NO. At 23:17 Sharon asks if there was someone they would like to talk to and a female voice says Tim3. When Joe started up his spirit box we asked for a name of a man who had died here and you hear a voice say Mike. When asked if he was a worker he said yes. Both answers had K-II responses going to red. We also heard the word ORB and Joe seen an ORB go thru the room and out the door. K-II lit up also. We heard him say he feel off a latter after being electrocuted. Session ended at: 8:30

Mini Box Session

Tim W doing a mini box session

We then made our way to the main floor and began an EVP session in one of the rooms that felt very heavy.  Tim W did a mini box session there and found many entities looking for help to cross over.  Tim was able to assist them with his Spirit Guide and had many Thank you’s and Goodbyes through his ITC session.  Looking through some of the doorways to other rooms, it appeared as if shadows would walk past.  Bert felt something drip on him but there was no evidence of the spots being wet.


We then moved to another room that had barrels in them and hockey masks.  The room had great opportunity for an EVP session with little sound coming from other parts of the building.  While we conducted an EVP session, Mike walked to a couple of rooms over where there was a made up guillotine.  In that room a red light would turn on by itself.  We were unable to determine if a motion sensor was there to make the red light turn on.


Video Evidence Captured during Paranormal Investigation:

EVP’s Captured During Paranormal Investigation (Best to listen to with headphones)

Tim asked, “If you could let us know you are here.”  Immediately afterwards Brenda & Mike heard a whining noise and Mike believes its the sound of a train.

T3 had Brenda’s recorder and Sharon says, “I would like to communicate with you any which way possible” and you can hear an “OK” then Joe says something about selling for $5

T3’s team did an Echovox Session and asked how many spirits and it responded “Two”

Sharon asks if there is someone you want to talk to?  We get “Yes, I must speak” (male) and “Tim please” (female)

During the Spirit Box Session, a spirit was calling out “Joseph”.  Joe was in the room.

As the session was closing down, Joe says to say goodbye through the speaker and a female voice says, “Get out.”

Brenda, Tim W, Bert and Mike were doing a session. Tim W says Hello and you can hear a scream>

Shortly after the scream a wheezing sound was captured.



It was a great pleasure and opportunity for us to investigate this site.  Thank you to the Farmington Winery to allow us this opportunity and look forward to do more in the future.



















2 comments on “Farmington Winery, 4 June 2016

  1. Hughes

    The areas you are in are the exact areas we worked in the building. We were a television production company beginning of 1990. FYI we came thru the ceiling and built the stair case to go upstairs, the construction was never completed. Back then you could not get to the upstairs from the inside of the basement area. The single bathroom, basement entrance, and doorway between the outside door and into the basement (where you where sitting in the begining) were all very very heavy. I always felt like someone was standing behind me.

    1. MCGH

      Its a great building to investigate and lots of history. I hope our investigation does it justice.

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