Farmington Winery; June 2, 2014


The Haunted Junction (formerly known as Detroit United Railway Powerhouse and the LaSalle Winery).  The building was built in 1898 and was the powerhouse for the Detroit United Railway from 1900 to 1928. Over a hundred local men were employed by DUR (Detroit United Railway).

In the 1910 census of Farmington Twp, two brothers are known to have worked at the site: Henry Pauline and William “Bill” Pauline.  Both were from Germany. Joseph Beauford, from French Canada, worked for the Railroad. Joseph Calaris, Glen Wilson, Charles Sprague worked the street cars.

In 1920 Electric Railway Workers


John Clark


Daniel Starkey, Antha Switzer, Herman Kreager, Oscar Resegger, Edgar Marshall, John W Wright, Roy Robinson, Ernest Drake, Elton Randall, Herbert Booth, Frank Edwards; Charles Morris, William Chamberlain, Bert Hutchins, Hugh Upton, Fred Stammen, Lee Willever, Charles Collins, William Van Epps, Charles Thuname, Delmar Stone


Bristol (first name unreadable), Carl Hendryx, George Cox


Walter Spalber, Fred McCrumb, Henry West, Clarence Bell, Harold West,


Horace Dunham, Frank Shear, Walter Bryan, Eugene Brawl, Edward Brown, Sherman Yerks, Carl Henborne, Henry Harding, William Irish, Reed Hamilton, William Mable, Arthur Gorman, Frank Dolan, Ramson C Rose, Thomas Armstrong, Harold Woodruff, David Prundle


Wesley Seely, Ralph Wright, Joseph Beauford


Paul Maas


Harry Habermehl, Glen Green, Leon Green, John Wilcox


Dave (?) Carsane


Lucy Gourley

In the fall of 1932, as Prohibition was coming to an end in Michigan, the business-savvy Wealthy Canadian Maurice (Morris) R. Twomey began massive renovations of an 83,000-square-foot electrical powerhouse of the Detroit United Railway into a large-production wine facility. Interestingly, he relocated his winery to Farmington on April 10, 1933 – the same month that prohibition was repealed in Michigan and eight months before the national repeal. From the 1930’s – 1970’s the building housed Michigan’s largest winery. According to The History of Michigan Wines, by 1941, La Salle Wine and Champagne Company produced half of all the wine in the state. The company was eventually purchased by St-Julian Winery. He employed 16 Full-Time employees to produce all the wine in the winery.

Maurice Twomey appears to have returned to Ontario, Essex County, Canada where he died in 1965 and is buried in the Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery

The White family currently owns the building and has owned the building since the 1990’s.  The building is currently a functioning haunted house and has rental offices.  Much of the building is under construction.  At the time of the investigation, we discovered the owner, John White, had recently passed away from battling cancer. He is to be buried in the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, MI.


Hunter White, grandson of John White, reported that things have flown across the room when people are working on the room.  He stated that there were a few deaths that occurred on the site, one in 1913 during a storm and while the building was under construction, some men were crushed to death by the building.  There was another death in the back of the building.  At this time we are unable to confirm the deaths with any type of documentation.

Date: June 2, 2014

Temp 74F

Outside 63 F Humidity 37% Wind NW 6 mph

Investigators: Brenda, Jason, John, Art, Ally, Gayle, and Jason (#2)

Equipment Used:
Ovilus X/W DTD,Flir I7,Mag Lights,MEL REM ATDD ,K2 Meter,JVC Video Recorder w/ Sony IR Light,Zoom H2 Audio Recorder,EM Pump,Ghost Box,ES Speaker for EMF,Quartz Crystal

The team met at the Farmington Winery and we met in the lobby to begin the investigation.  At that time we set up for the Kinex Experiment.  We were unable to complete the experiment due to needed software. From there the team went to the basement to begin a session.  During that time Brenda waited for Jason (#2) to return with the software needed for the experiment.  While waiting, Brenda’s cell phone began setting off applications on it’s own and it had been sitting on her box the whole time.

Once Jason (#2) returned, it was determined we had to cut the experiment so we met the rest of the team in the basement where they had started an EVP’s session.  Gayle and Ally attempted to do a session in the back session where it was said that the building collapsed on two men during a storm about 1913.  This information could not be verified.

The rest of the team was in the main area of the basement.  The floor of the basement was covered with bee-bee’s used for target practice so everyone can be heard stepping on the bee-bees.

During the EVP’s session, we caught a woman’s voice that responded to Brenda’s questions.  We also believe we came into contact with the previous owner, who had passed away at the beginning of the month.  The ovilus was giving us words such as Grandfather and Cancer.

Brenda had talked to the Winery representative and he had informed us of his grandfather’s passing and stated that it was believed to be from cancer.  The family was still in mourning so we attempted to hit another area so he could go be with his family.

Ovilus: Honor, Note, Quarter, Feed, Ticket, Candy, Without, Note, Frame (Gayle was in the door frame), Language, Embark, Opposite, Happen.

Spirit Box, Hi, Three, Help, Message and Call, No, No, Nail (when Jay set a nail down), Help, No, Yeah and Black, Yes (Child’s voice), Kid, Outside, Yes.

The entities we came across appeared to be a woman and a child. The child claims they were hurt outside of the building (through the spirit box).

Brenda experienced a cold breeze going pass her near the end of the Spirit box session. Brenda caught a Video EVP stating I put one up (on video at 11:37) when she asked if there was a flashlight out).

We went to an office area near the front upper level of the winery.  This area is being developed to become office space rentals.  The team broke up into two teams to cover a greater area.

Ovilus: Forward, Dune, Death, Box, Brother, Important, Astral, War, Censures, Bury, Coin, Act, Natural, Dock, Themselves, Censures, Medium, Mission, Discover, Ticket, Western, Honor, Happen, Anna, Natural, Salvation, Woman, Phantom, Brown, Gave, Phrase, Shepard, Represent, Lead, Woman, Censures, Paralyzed, Brown, Long, Stigmata, Debra, Language, Frank, Nerd, Cry, Trace, Long, Woman, Grasp, Trace, Police, Frame, Discover, Woman, Frank.

John did a pre-recorded question session to attempt to communicate with entities at a different frequency. During this session we recorded on the video knocking noises.

John then started a communication session with a crystal pendulum. Crystals are used because it is believed that the entities can vibrate the crystal and use it for yes/no answers.

From the questions asked the entity we came in contact with was a male entity that was aware the year was 2014. He was connected to the building. He is not connected to the White family and identified his last name to be Brown. He stated he was here when the building was a Winery and was a worker in the building. (We do not have records available for research from when the building was a Winery to validate this info). He was trying to reach out to a specific woman that was in the building and in the and in the room at that time (Brenda was the only woman in the room). He had not crossed over yet and was looking for help. He apparently was paralyzed. He appeared to be of the Catholic faith. There appeared to be four entities in the room with us at this time. We assisted them in crossing over.

The other team did not report any activity on their end.

EVPs obtained during paranormal investigation:

Hi Brenda



In Conclusion, our team did have some activity but we did not experience the activity other’s described.  We believe that this building had special meanings for others in the past and they still may occupy this building.  We would love to come back for another investigation when the family is available and do more investigating of the structure.


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