Farmington Hills Residence; November 3, 2011

Case Background and Claims:

249_FarmingtonHillsPrePhoThe client reported several claims that prompted them to contact MCGH.  Most of the activity centered around the kitchen/living room area, which was located on the main floor of the tri-level home. The family reported feeling like someone was there watching them.  They had recently lost a family member, and were wondering if they were sensing that individual’s presence.  They also were visually seeing orb-like items in the area, especially in their child’s bedroom.



  • Time – 7:00-9:45
  • Investigators- John and Scott
  • Conditions- Partly cloudy and 51 degrees
  • Structure- Tri-level home


The team arrived at 7pm and began a digital recording session, base readings, and the walk-through and interview with the clients. During the course of the walk-through, John and Scott realized that there were high EMF readings in a few locations around the home, specifically in the living room. They traced this to an explained cause – the family’s cable box by the Television. It was putting off high levels of EMF, which could have explained the occurrences experienced by the family. At 9 pm, the clients showed the team some personal video they had recorded with possible orb activity. The team concluded the interview with the clients, and then packed up the equipment and left at 9:45pm.



MCGH believes the Paranormal occurrences can possibly be explained by the high levels of EMF found in the home. Because of the health concerns connected to high EMF, the team recommends the  family correct the cause of EMF. After this change occurs, if they are still experiencing Paranormal activity, the team will be happy to revisit the location.

Update: As early as January, MCGH had not heard from the family and hopes this means they are feeling comfortable and activity- free in there home.

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