Farmington Masonic Lodge ; August 17, 2013

 Case Background and Claims:

Recently, the main floor has undergone several renovations including the kitchen, the support beam and the crown molding.  It was during the renovations that the Lodge Brothers started to experience anomolies.  Tools would move on their own.  Most disconcerting to the Brothers was the fact that the basement door would open on its own.  We tested the door several ways and found that once the door was properly closed, it was impossible to open without turning the knob. This property was built in 1865 to serve as a town hall on the main floor and a Masonic Lodge with a separate entrance for the Lodge.  Although the main floor was repurposed several times over the years, the Masons have has a presence in the building since its inception.  The Main Floor of the Lodge served as City Offices, hosted Granger meetings, was an indoor basketball court at one time, and the Main Floor was the local election balloting station for many years.

Farmington Masonic Lodge

  The Lodge has hosted a Presidential visit, and was the first building in Farmington to receive electric light.  There was a sizable addition put on the building in 1914. In the 1960’s, the Masons bought the property and converted the entire building to Lodge purposes.  Currently, this Masonic Lodge is the oldest Lodge in the State of Michigan still used as a Lodge.
  • Investigators: John M, Brenda, Don W., Kate, Tim R., Sharon, Tim W, Jason, Bert, Adel, Art, and Guy
  • Environment:Interior temperatures around 73 degrees.  Wind gusts outside at 10 mph with 16 mph gusts.
  • Moon: Waxing Gibbous at 89% full.
  • Time: 9:00pm to 1:00am

The Main Floor

The main floor now serves as a common area and is currently occupied by several tables and chairs.  Until very recently, photo’s of former Lodge Masters adorned the walls in the Main Room and they were recently removed and replaced with pictures with a nautical theme so the floor would be more acceptable for general public visitation. The kitchen is also located on the main floor.The kitchen also has the door that leads to the basement,this is the door that opened on its own several times.

2013-8-17 Farmington Masonic Main jpg

   During our investigation of the Main Floor, we had several positive flash light responses.  A shadow person was seen by two investigators in the kitchen.  A motion detector was set off in the kitchen when there was nobody around it.  Two different investigator, on two separate teams that night, were sitting in the same seat unbeknownst to one another and both investigators reported a feeling of being touched by a ghostly presence.




“Tim” EVP Class C

Tim W. is trying to determine where any spirits present may have come from.  He is inquiring whether or not the spirit present worked here when the first floor was city hall.   Brenda asks a question about a picture upstairs with silk draped over it and Tim responds “That’s not someone from this lodge.”  Right before he states this, a voice is recorded saying his name before the “That’s.”

“Tapping the light” EVP Class C

Brenda is asking if there is message they would like to give us and if so, turn on the flashlight.  Earlier it had been explained that by manipulating the flashlight by tapping or twisting the end, the light might turn on.  Here we hear a girl telling us that she is doing precisely that.  Unfortunately, her voice is faint and is drowned out substantially by the refrigerators in the adjacent kitchen and the air conditioner that is running.

“Opinion” EVP X

Brenda had been asking questions with positive responses from the flashlight.  Tim W. asks if it was OK a woman woman was asking questions in a place of brotherhood.  The device stated a very apt word for the question.

“Indeed” EVP X

Tim W. addresses a masonic tenet of believing in a higher power.  He asks if the spirit present found the higher power when they passed on.  This response is directly on point with the question being asked.  The voice being heard comes from a controversial device used on some investigations that often states words that fit what is being said during the investigation.

“Who told you that” EVP Class C

Tim W. is trying to determine if the spirit present was a mason or some other workman by trade.  He asks if the spirit present worked on the building and the vocalizing device states the word “Has,” which could mean the spirit present has worked on the building.  Tim goes on to discuss the renovation and the basement door opening, this EVP occurs in a curious male voice that does not belong to any of the males present in the room.

 “Frank is” EVP Class A: John M. is trying to ascertain if the spirit of “Fred,” the name given to the spirit entity by the Lodge Brothers, is in the building.  He asks if Fred is present, and it turn gets a different name that begins with a “F.”

The Meeting Room

The meeting room is the original room for the Masonic Lodge.  It has a still working separate entrance that was put in place during construction so the Lodge Brothers could come and go without disturbing activities on the first floor.  There were no reports from the Lodge of paranormal activity in this room.
During our investigation of the Meeting Room, we had several positive flash light responses.  There were several anomalous knocks heard.  A disembodied voice was heard by several of the members present, but the recorded volume was too soft to be of any use.  Brenda was sitting in the Grand Masters chair and she got up from the chairs because she felt something was pulling on her.

2013-8-17 Farmington Masonic Meeting. jpg

We received three names from the vocal device, Jimmy, Edward and Folks.  Further research revealed that two men with the names James (Jimmy to his friends) and Edward were being prepared for internment across the street at the funeral home.  After a consultation with the presiding Grand Master of the Lodge, there was a former Grand Master of the Lodge who had the last name of Fowlkes.
Unfortunately, during the investigation of this room, there was always an alternate team on the first floor and vocal contamination caused us to throw away several possible EVPs.  We could not be sure of their veracity, so we cannot present them as evidence.

“Here” EVP Class A  Bert is conducting a very specialized form of investigation called ghost excavation.  While he addressing the role Masons play in the local community, a male voice chimes in letting us know he was present.


We were called in to try to figure out who was at the Lodge and what they  may be trying to communicate to the current Lodge Brothers.  We assume from the investigation results that the spiritual presence worked with his hands as he often responded to statements reagrding the construction and upkeep of the building.
We are not certain who remains at the Lodge as we received no names.  We did record both males voices and the voice of an adolescent girl.  The only thing that we are certain of is that if there is a consistent presence in the building, it has no malicious intent and it may be continuing to visit the Lodge because of the Masons, or, because the building was such a vital part of the Farmington community for generations.


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