Fenton Apartment Investigation, 18 Sep 2018

Fenton Apartment (Above Party Store)

Date: 18 Sep 2018

Temperature Inside Not noted Outside 80F

Moon Phase First Quarter

Humidity 70%


According to the History of Lake Fenton, there was an Indian war at the area.  In 1804 was the Battle of Long Lake. ”

The Battle of Long Lake was planned by Chiefs Ne-O-Me of the Chippewas, O-Ke-Mos of the Ottawas and Chesaning of the Hurons, to rid the region of a band of outlaws.

Some 80 of them levied tributes on the Indians and on the traders who came among the tribe. The outlaws also had kidnapped two daughters of one trader and held them in captivity. The “battle” in which all the outlaws supposedly were killed by the Indians, was said to have taken place in a ravine back of Bay Port at the north end of the lake.

The Long Lake area so delighted the Indians that they chose it, literally and spiritually, as their “Happy Hunting Grounds.”

They chose their final resting places along the sandy northeast shore of Little Mud Lake, their faces laid to the setting sun with the winds in the tall pines moaning a suitable requiem.

Though the burial grounds have long since disappeared, as late as 1877 a party of workmen, constructing a dirt road across Crane ́s Cove at Lake Fenton, found a skeleton of enormous size buried two or three feet below the surface. It was assumed to be that of a warrior. No explanation was found for his burial there, rather than in the common burial ground. After the first white settlers had become established, the Indians of the village of Chief Fisher (also known as Visger), on the southern line of Mundy Township about a mile above the lake, began to scatter, some to farm primitively on plats near Gaines and Flushing. As late as 1879 two sons of Fisher had farms near Gaines.” (Joyce S. Cook. Reprinted from The Flint Journal)

The building itself was built in 1938 and currently is a party store with apartments on the top.  It’s said that the new owner just recently took over the building in the past year or two.


Client contacted MCGH due to having feelings of something in the apartment that may be threatening. Client claims there was a death on the site.


Kellie and Mike


EMF Detectors, Digital recorders, Temperature Gun, Portal Ap, and Mag light Flashlights


The bedroom that client had strange feelings in was over a party store. The EMF was high throughout the apartment. We feel the strange feelings he has in the bedroom were due to environmental factors we determined this using our equipment. The apartment has no AC. The bedroom had hi EMF, varying humidity levels, the temps in the room were warmer near the ceiling cooler near inside walls and warmer near outside walls. He had two fans running in the room. Ceiling fan and stand up fan.

Before we moved to the kitchen we recorded a voice on our recorders which sounds female and has an electronic sound. We called the client to see if he had any devices in the home to debunk this voice we recorded, he heard it and said he has nothing around that sounds like that.

We did a quick EVP flashlight session and ran our portal in this room and received no definitive response of any kind.

We set up a flashlight and EMF detector and our recorder on table top. We used the portal app.. We were asking for names of those who may be present. We received a couple unknown names (Gilbert, Jacob) those names weren’t linked to anyone we found in researching nor did the clients recognize those names.

We continued the session asking about the most recent  landowners who past away and we received a portal app response of “who’s Ronald “ when we asked about Ronald and Betty the EMF detectors shot up to red.

When I mentioned Ronald needs to give this family peace and there are new owners now the lights immediately flickered in the kitchen. Everyone noted it.

Also, during the session we received 3 responses saying “Chris”. When we asked if spirit knew who lived there.

The last thing we did was sage the home and asked

Any spirits to leave the clients home and go there resting place. Smudged from front to back with clients behind me all the way out to parking lot.

EVP’s captured during Paranormal Investigation

Female Voice

Spirit Box Session



It is our feeling that the very high levels of EMF are affecting the client and he is going to move his room to another spare room to get away from the wall adjoining the store. We also told client to unplug and appliances he’s not using. And explained to him the effects of high EMF  We feel we might have contacted spirits possibly of prior owners but nothing malevolent and smudged out asking spirits to go their resting place and leave the clients in peace.

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