Flat Rock Historical Society, 16 Mar 2016


Investigators: John, Brenda, Heather, Lesley, K-II, Ed, and Melissa

Equipment: FLIR 17, Camera, Ovilus X w/DTD, zoom H2, Audio Recorder, K-II Meter, MEL Meter, Maglight Flashlights, EMF Generator

Trigger Objects: Ball, Car and Doll


Munger General Store (Click for history)

Edward Munger was the proprietor of the store.  It was said that his wife left with his children, causing him such emotional turmoil, that he abandoned the store.  When the Flat Rock Historical Society received the store, all the items were still in the store in the 1980’s.

Edward Munger, Proprietor

Edward Munger, Proprietor


The team began in the Munger Store.  Before any sessions started, Brenda went around and took photos of the buildings and captured this interesting photo.  This is not the first time she’s captured people in the windows.

Notice the shadow of a man with a top hat.

Notice the shadow of a man with a top hat.















We sat in the basement at first. While we were there we received flashlight communication with an entity that was present.  We also attempted to connect with anyone that was from Flight 255 due to a piece of the aircraft being in the room in the museum’s possession.

We then went to the upper level and attempted an EVP session.

Wagar HouseLesley

Wager House 1st Floor
8:30pm till 9:30pm

Ovilus Words- Heather
She, Lamp, Might, Pointe, Brother, Fruit, Belong, People, Astral
Coin, Tune, Brass, Meet, Pet, First, One, Fatal

Ghost Radar Words- Lesley
Hand, Feet, Forgot, Betsy, Angle, How, Cross, Accident, Gulf, Largest

Ghost Box Words- Brenda
Woman, Go Team, Somebody’s, You Got That Right, Procedure,
Who is that, Monday, Who’s That, US, Lets Get, Let me in, Oscar,

Echo Vox 2.0 Words- Lesley
We have, Hello, Cookies, Albert, Father, Al, Out, Ed, Ready, Out,
Mark, Heather, Team, Dead, Spirit, Be Careful, Evil, Wager, Munger

Echo Vox 3.0 Words- Melissa
No, Nurse, Comfort, Doc, Heather, Pop, Gary, Yeah, Munger, These,
Pop, Rita, Yup, Birthday, Pants Full, Extreme, Ron, Mormon, Robin,
Tim, Robin, Chris, Mark, Bill, Four, Twelve, Out, Left, No,
Bob, Dead, Jeff, Open, Me, Brenda, Her, Hi, Dead, Mom, Do, Help,
Dead, Steve, Her, John, Matt, Dead, Frank, Hi, Yum, No, Boy, Tim, Ed,
Dead, Jen, Thistle, Did

Heather played some period music from the civil war

This Session was active with all boxes being used

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Loud whistling was captured in the beginning of the EVP session

At the beginning of the SP-11 session, something attempted to say something.

You can hear Lesley talk about a chest and a male’s voice is captured.


Smith Hotel (click for history)

Hotel Bar Area
9:45 pm till 10:30 pmHotel Bar

Ovilus Words- Heather
Tear, Saint, Gather, Mental, Wall, May, Yield, Kansas, Barn, Dock, Special,
Peace, She, Sallies, Represent, Meet, Barry, One, Bend, Second, Censures,
Hoarder, Discover, Grandmother, Mission, Does, Debra, Brother, Hacked,
Since, Open, Warp, Long, Opposite, Phantom, Feed, She, Mammoth, Coast,
Do Not, Ticket, Bend, Astral ,Act, Snow, Candy, Boat, Kate, Dust, Warp, Western,
Mammoth, Core, Different,

Ghost Radar- John
Hole, Hello, Kate, Kate, Careful, Lack, Exactly, Area, Are, Dart, Duck, First, Leather, Does, Answer

Heather played some 1940’s Jazz and the 1960’s Dean Martin

– No EVP’s Were Captured –
Session was quite calm – No Flashlight Responses –

7 comments on “Flat Rock Historical Society, 16 Mar 2016

  1. Ted Lawnicki

    I’m a true believer. You have some great stuff.

      1. Ted Lawnicki

        I know a lot of people that are non believers. I actually saw my uncle in who’s house I was living
        in after his death. At about 2:30 AM I got up to let my dog outside. While I was sitting in the kitchen, I felt as though my wife got up to see where I was. When I turned to look, it was a dark
        shadow that was looking at me. It turned and floated into my living room. My uncle died about a year before this happened. My wife and I split up and her and my three children, I was told by my daughter, that sometime after I left my wife, the floors and walls made a rumbling sound for no reason and they all got scared and ran out of the house. My daughter said this happened
        a few times until the house was sold.
        When I saw what I think was my uncle, It scared the hell out of me. My uncle died of a massive
        heart in the bedroom that my then wife and I were sleeping in. True believer!

  2. Susan Kmet

    can you tell me what the charges. Would be for you to come out and investigate?

    1. MCGH

      We do not charge to do home investigations. Most home investigations have children living in the home and are afraid. You need to submit an investigation request through the website.

  3. Jill Trost

    How does one go about becoming an investigator with your group?

    1. Brenda Ozog

      We normally put out the notice for recruitment in March and interview candidates in April. We are an extremely busy team that requires a lot of time and commitment.

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