Flat Rock Historical Society, 25 May 2015

Flat Rock Historical Society,  May 30th, 2015 Flat Rock HS

Start Time 7:30 pm End Time 11:30 pm

Case Manager- Brenda, Cas,Heather (Research), Lesley (Research), John


Severe thunderstorms rolling through the area.  Temps were in the 70’s and dropped by to the low 60’s  by the end of the night.

John’s Equipment Used: Ovilus X w/DTD, Zoom H2 Recorder,Mag Lights, MEL Meter, K-II Meter


The site consists of four buildings that were donated to the historical society.  Most of them predate 1830.  The first is a Hotel, the Wagar House, Munger Store and a Carriage House.

The Langs-Wagar house was the home of a civil war soldier


Upon entering the hotel to set up for the investigation, numerous team members heard a cat “Meow” in the room.

Smith Hotel (Click for history) The original owner was named Oscar Smith and purchased it in 1902.  Previously the building was a grocery store.  Walter Smith, Oscar’s son, took over after Oscar. Oscar’s wife was Gertrude “Trude” they had three children.  Oscar Smith died in the hotel in 1947.  Both brothers died without having children.

Flat Rock Smith Hotel

Start 7:30pm

Activity While in Hotel

In the beginning of the session we were able to hear foot steps while we were sitting in the dining room.  Brenda’s recorder did not catch the noise but numerous team members heard it when it occurred. The team heard activity coming from the 1st floor and also near the front lobby area. No reason could be found for the noise .During our session the flashlights responded many times to questions the team was asking.

Flashlights were used to communicate and two flashlights had Yes No in front of them.  We have found the flashlight technique very useful, and there was no sporatic activity when they were used.  We’ve attempted to test the theory of them over heating and going off sporatically.  This did not appear to occur with us throughout the investigation.  When asked if the Doctor was here, the Yes flashlight lit up.  After tube came up on the ovilus, John asked if someone needed help passing and the Yes flashlight lit up. When the word Lake came up on the Ovilus, John asked if Brenda was followed home and the Yes flashlight went off.

Cas used an Andy’s box to test out the device, due to Cas just receiving this new box. Cas first started it using the echo.  At the beginning when he turned on the Andy’s Box, a female said to “Pick the baby up”. There was a baby that died there by choking on a grape in the past

Audio Recorder had shut off during this session John caught NO EVP’s during this Session

Wager House Start 9:00 pm

The team split in two at this site. Cas, Heather, and Lelsey went upstairs and John and Brenda stayed on the lower level.

Activity while in Wager House. John and Brenda believe they made contact with a former classmate from high school. John heard a voice near his ear say “Yes” after Brenda asked does the rain help you communicate ? During our session our flashlights responded to many questions we were asking. Brenda felt a tingling going thru her.  She captured an EVP which had a profane word after she says,” I’m feeling tingly.”

Brenda and John were sitting on the lower level and Brenda asked if the rain helps give you energy.  You can hear Cas in the back ground by we captured a YES then John states he heard YES in his ear. Brenda captured another EVP when she asked the second Mrs. Wagar about spoons, she captured a female saying “No no.” Brenda captured another one which had a profane word after she says, I’m feeling tingly.

Later in the investigation the Ovilus came up with candy. Brenda said would you like us to bring you candy next time and captured a “YES”

She then asked if he had chocolates back then and she captures EVERYTHING.  The Ovilus then says different.

She also captured something like “Humph”


Ovilus X Words Said, Blood, Yard, Sea, Throw, Cross, Fist, There, Tube, Second, Pretty, Gather, Kansas, Coin, Barn, Hello, Fist, Repeated, Copy, Hello, Cells, Kansas, Toward, Lock, Study, Subtract, Special, Tablet, Blue, Length, Meat, One, Point, Quarantine, Dock, Gave, Fist, Tune, Point, Dust, Study,  Evolution, Fruit, Dune, Cancer, Length, Belong, 1st, Subtract, Point, 2nd, Copy, Act, Toward, Embark, Choke.

EVP’s captured during the paranormal investigation in the Wagar House

Rain was downpouring at this time and Brenda ask’s if the rain gives them energy?  A “yes” was captured.

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation in the Smith Hotel (Use headphones for best hearing results)

Heather says, “I hate when they do this.” Then you hear a whisper and Heather asks, “Who’s walking around upstairs.

While we have a conversation, you will hear John say, “That was me” then a whisper.

Lesley says, “Walter did serve” then Brenda says, “Is that a picture of him”.  You then hear, “Ahuh”

Heather says, “I guess is would be Uma right?”  You can then hear, “Ahuh.”

John and Brenda talks about the word Jade being angry or jealous and then you hear, “Ahuh.”

John is using his Ovilus and it says “Subtract”.  He repeats it and then you hear a scream.

You can hear team members talking in the background but something was by the recorder and you’ll hear, “Hmph”

We were talking to the last Mrs. Wagar and asking her about the spoons she left to someone in her will.  Brenda will ask, “Were they special kinds of spoons?” and a female voice says, “No no.”

Brenda asks, “Did you have chocolates back then” and they you hear a whisper, “Everything.”

Brenda asks if they would like her to bring candies with her next time and you hear a “Yes” immediately.


John caught NO EVP’s During this Session Do to many voices and echo’s in the house with teams on both floors. When in doubt we throw it out…

We then conducted some Andy’s Box sessions in the hotel and here are the results:

You will hear “Hi Brenda” in a female’s voice.

“Clear, Wait!”

“Hello, this one.”

“Help me!”

“Never did”

“Pick the baby up.” It’s been said that a baby choked on a grape and died in the hotel.

“What is this?”


Munger General Store (click for history)C G Munger Store

General Store End Time 11:30 pm Activity while in the General Store Very little activity was reported during this session

Audio Recorder had shut off during this Session John caught NO EVP’s During this Session

EVP captured in the Munger General Store

Brenda captured laughing in the store right after she says, “Munger Store Flat Rock” (Laughing).

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