Flat Rock Historical Village Adult Ghost Hunt – July 12, 2014

Adult Ghost Hunt at Flat Rock Historical Village

Join the Motor City Ghost Hunters at Flat Rock Historical Village for the first ever public ghost hunt at this location.  The date has been decided and the Flat Rock Historical VillageFlat Rock Merchants Store is determining the time and ticket price for the event.  Like all of the public ghost hunting events that the Motor City Ghost Hunters chaperon, all tickets will be sold through the Flat Rock Historical Village and the Village will collect all proceeds.  This is a fund raising event and we here at Motor City Ghost Hunters will donate our time and expertise for free in order to assure that you will have a great time while helping Flat Rock Historical Village meet their funding goals.

As it stands now, there will be four buildings open for investigation during the adult ghost walk.  The Motor City Ghost Hunters investigated the Flat Rock Historical Village in August of 2013 and we received several EVP’s and our investigators had several personal experiences.  You can view the Flat Rock Historical Village investigation results here.

The Motor City Ghost Hunters are setting up another Flat Rock Historical Village ghost hunt sometime before the Adult Ghost Hunt so we can pinpoint the exact paranormal hot spots for paying clients.

Once again, this is the first time the public will be allowed to ghost hunt at Flat Rock Historical Village and we are very, very excited to be there to chaperon this event.  Bring your paranormal equipment and investigate first hand!  If you do not have any paranormal equipment, we here at the Motor City Ghost Hunters will do our best to make sure you have a great time regardless.  Bring you questions and an open mind, and most importantly, a flashlight!

We know this will sell out in the blink of an eye so as soon as we have ticketing information, we will pass it along to you!  We look forward to this event, and many more with Flat Rock Historical Village!

15 comments on “Flat Rock Historical Village Adult Ghost Hunt – July 12, 2014

  1. Kimberly Hasapes

    I am interested in attending this event. I am looking forward to purchasing some tickets when they become available. Thank you!!!

    1. MCGH

      Kimberly – We will post the time and ticket prices as soon as we know. Hopefully we will have this information very shortly! Thank you for you interest and the Historical Village can certainly use the funds!

    2. Colleen Wilkin

      Same goes for me, I would love to attend this event! Looking forward to it! Sure to bring my ghost busters marshmallow man!

    3. Debra

      How awesome! Can’t wait for the tickets to go on sale!

  2. Daniel

    I practically grew up in the Langs/Wagar House (never knew it as that back then). My grandmother rented one of the upstairs areas for much of the 80’s. I know that the lady downstairs passed away during that time in the home as well. I’m looking forward to going back in come July!

  3. Betty Mandernach

    I cant wait to attend, please inform me of the price of the tickets thank you.

  4. Ryanne

    That my birthday! I will definitely be there! Can’t wait to purchase my tickets

  5. Julie

    I gotta go!!! Could you make a pre-order list?

  6. Judy Johnson

    I would love too go… more info on signing up!! My son and I are excited to attend.!

  7. MCGH

    There will be three adult ghost hunts this year at Flat Rock Historical Village, limited to 40 participants per event. The ticket price will be $40 per person and each event will start at 7:30 sharp. The tickets are not on sale yet, we will notify you as soon as they are! Thank you for the interest and I am sure the Flat Rock Historical Village will certainly appreciate you attending the event as all funds go directly towards their annual budget!

  8. karin

    I Too Would Like Information On Purchasing Tickets.

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