Flat Rock Historical Village Public Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt at the Flat Rock Historic Village!

Flat Rock General Store

C.G. Munger General Store

Join the Motor City Ghost Hunters for a Great Night of Ghost Hunting

Join MCGH as we take you through several buildings at the Flat Rock Historical Village to hunt for paranormal activity. A typical Adult Walk currently involves the Flat Rock Hotel, the C.G. Munger General Store, a historical Storage Barn and the Langs/Wagar House. During past walks, participants have experienced unexplained noises and shadow movement. While one group was in the basement of the General Store, footsteps were clearly heard walking above in the store. The ghostly footsteps were not able to be explained as no living person was around and the sound could not be reproduced by artificial means.

If you have ghost hunting equipment, please feel free to bring it with you. If not, our investigators on hand will have an arsenal of ghost hunting equipment on hand so you can see it firsthand being used in action. On all public hunts, please dress accordingly for the weather as some areas may not be heated.

The price paid for all tickets is collected by the Flat Rock Historic Village. The Motor City Ghost Hunters always volunteer their time to chaperon public ghost hunts and do not receive any of the ticket sale proceeds.

Flat Rock Historical Village Public Ghost Hunt

Location: 25486 Gibraltar Rd, Flat Rock, MI 48134 See location on map

Date(s): Saturday, October 28, 2017

Time: Starts at 7:00 PM

Price per ticket: $40

To Register: Click here to register at Eventbrite

Location Web Site: flatrockhistory.org

The Motor City Ghost hunters have had the pleasure of investigating the Flat Rock Historic Village and have received great evidence. Click on the date below to see what haunts the Flat Rock Historic Village!

August 10, 2013

One comment on “Flat Rock Historical Village Public Ghost Hunt

  1. Angela Watson

    We can’t wait to meet u guys and see what u guys find it’s kind of fun and exciting.

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