Flat Rock Historical Village Investigation; August 10, 2013

Case Background:

Flat rock marker

The Flat Rock Historical Society reached out to MCGH to investigate the Flat Rock Museum which consists of 4 buildings that date back to the 1830’s.


  • Date: August 10, 2013
  • Time: 8:00PM to 1:00 PM
  • Outside Temperature:  80*F
  • Weather: Clear and sunny
  • Structure: Historical museum (4 buildings) Hotel, Munger’s Mercantile, Barn, and Langs/Wagner house.

MCGH split into 3 teams

          Team #1 was John, Ray & Don W., Lesley
          Team #2 was T3, Gayle & Sharon
          Team #3 was Brenda & Kate H., Heather.

Investigation of the Hotel

Hotels History: In 1998, the Flat Rock Hotel closed its doors when the property was bought by Rite-Aid. In 1999, it was moved in two pieces to its current site in the historic district behind the Flat Rock Library. The recorded history of all four of the structures dates back to 1830s when David Wallace had a residence, grocery and general store on the corner of Telegraph Road. Restoration of the hotel by the city of Flat Rock was completed in 2008. The residential home is the only building left to be restored.

The Hotel: Temperature 74* EMF 0.0 – John, T3 & Lila were sitting at the bar during our pre investigation, waiting for the rest of the team to complete a tour of the Hotel with Ron (Ron & Lila both work at the Museum) when during our conversation we heard a cat meowing behind the bar. No cats were in the area, and Lila stated that she has never seen a cat in the vicinity. No recorders were on at the time.

                                                                                         First Floor

Flat Rock Hotel

Team #1 – Ray claims that the motion detector near him went off once near where he was sitting. John had some flashlight activity once he began playing period music on his IPod ” Charleston in the mood”.

Team #2 – The team started their investigation in the parlor room, where we spent twenty minutes with no activity, so we headed up to the second floor. We started the session off in the Dr. office where we had immediate flash light responses when asking the spirits  if they would like the museum to stay opened. Felt like their was always someone standing in the hall way area. We captured our first two EVP’s in this area.

Team #3 – The team started in the dining room of the hotel and got an EVP stating “Hello”.  Brenda then rang the bell at the bar and the flashlight activity started.  Brenda attempted some real time activities stating she needed the doctor because she wasn’t feeling well (no responses).  We began a spirit box session and quickly got footsteps from the upper level.  We moved our investigation to the upstairs and upon reaching the upper level one of the hallway’s lights were on.  We had shut all the lights off before beginning our investigation.  We then set up motion sensors to determine more activity while conducting the rest of our investigation on the second level.

 Ovilus Words:

  Declared, Fog (plaque on door from donors Cecil and Helen Fogg), Porch, Egg, Richard, Won, Mainly, Ago, Machinery (when being showed the Victrola by staff), Edge, Danger, Charles, Everywhere, Italy, Exclaimed, Cloth, Dollar (when talking about cash register), Basket, South, Norway, dawn, Detail, attack, I’ll, Hurry, Firm, Easier, Tightly, Block, Peter, Climate, Bat, St., Appropriate, dry, British, Coat, Effort, Officer (Military Photo on bar), Broken (bar was broken and fixed when put in current spot), Grandfather, Biggest, Motion, Medicine (Doctor’s Office is on the Upper Level).

 “No” Non EVP Disembodied voice :Gayle asks if the spirit could tap the flashlight to turn it on , & you hear a male voice say “No”.

“No” EVP Class C

 T3 asks if the spirits would like the Museum to stay open.Camera & you hear a “No”.

“here” EVP X

During the team’s spirit box session Brenda asks if anyone is here, & you hear a response “I’m here”.

Investigation of C.G. Munger General Store

Flat Rock Merchants Mungers

History of the General Store: The store held the first post office in town starting in 1876. Cornelius G Munger & Edward Mungers photoresides above the post pffice window inside the store. There are two levels to the store, the main level looks as if the store is still in business with many artifacts dating back to the stores beginnings. The basement is used for storage and work spaces. (NOTE- There is a piece of North West Flight 255 on the shelf in the basement. All were lost in the crash except one person. The flight crashed at I-94 & Middlebelt Road, in Romulus Michigan on August 16 1987).

Team #1: While on the main floor doing their EVP session, John & Ray saw a dark shadow pass back and forth between them twice. It appeared to be about 41/2 feet tall, perhaps a child. John & Don also seen a white flash appear in the rear of the store (tried to debunk but could not find any reason for the light).
Team #2: Started their session in the basement area. Gayle asked if it was ok to join them (the spirits) & a response was heard saying “YES”. The team had numerous flashlight activity while trying to get in contact with Mr. Munger & his family. Gayle smelled spearmint gum during the session. There were no team members chewing gum. T3 asked the spirits to light up the K-II meter and all of a sudden the spirit box turned on playing country music very clearly like listening to a radio. The team headed upstairs to the main store area where they only had a few flash light responses.
Team #3: The team started in the basement area where they had some flashlight activity while trying to contact Edward Munger. While Brenda sat at a desk it felt as if something was sitting on her chest causing her to have shortness of breath. There was also humming in both her & Kate’s ears. They thought they had heard growling but did not catch it on recorders. The team went upstairs to complete their session. While Brenda sat in the old barber chair she felt something touch her face & hair.

Ovulis words:

Flag, Saturday, Lying, Gentle, Birth, Any, Earth, Contained, Cry, Mail, Harbor, Many, Police Officer, Outer, Become, Cattle, Proud, Property, Breathing, London.

“Yes” EVP Class C 

 At the beginning of team #2 session in the basement, Gayle asked if it was ok to talk to the spirits, & you hear a “YES”.

 “No” EVP Class A 

 Brenda asks, if Charles Wager is hear then light up the light, & you hear a “NO”.

Non EVP but a strange event

While in the basement T3 asks the spirits to light up his K-II meter, & “the Ghost Box turned on playing Country Music”.

Investigation of the Storage Barn 

Flat Rock Storage Barn
Team #1: Team had very little activity with the mel meter picking up a electrical disturbance and a few temperature changes.
Team #2: No activity occurred while team conducted session.
Team #3: Brenda & Kate had quite a few flashlight responses. They heard the sounds of a pig & a cat meowing but did not capture this on recorders. Kate asked if the spirit worked in the barn, and she heard a “yeah”, but did not capture the voice on recorder. Brenda asked if something has them stuck here, and she captured a “YES”. They also had a voice respond by saying “MAKE ME”.

Ovulis Words:

Sam, Slow, George, Factor, Dot, Pan, Yard, South, Try, System,                                                                                                           Throat, Banshee, Render, Script, Grain, Angles, Sea, Held, Near,                                                                                                              Ask, Tablet, Space, Nose, Put.

  “Make me”  EVP Class B

   “Yes” EVP Class C  Brenda asks if “something has you stuck here” and you will hear a soft response

 “Winter” EVP Class C John asks, did you like your farm and you hear a voice say “winter”

Investigation of the Langs/Wagar House

History of the Langs/Wagar House: This home sat on Telegraph Road, built by Charles Langs (d 1893).  When he died Albert Wagar purchased the house and was the first Village President.  Albert Wagar was a Civil War Veteran (served in Custer’s unit 4th MI INF, Co D).  He had a stroke so the parlor was made into a bedroom for him.  Albert Wagar may have died in the house. Two sons  (Eddie and Fred)  died in the family but it’s not known if they died in the home. His wife died (1887) after child birth. The house is the last building to be restored

Flat Rock Langes W house

Team #1: Temerature 75.1* EMF 1.5  Team had very little activity. Ray claimed that the motion detector near him went off during there session.

Team #2: Team had a couple flashlight responses when conducting there EVP session. At the same time our K-II meter went off, T3 got poked on the back of his left leg.
Team #3: A shadow figure was seen running across the back lower level going from room to room. When the team moved to the upper level, Kate saw a shadow figure pass at the bottom of the stairs. While conducting a spirit box session they had flashlight activity along with a meter going off near a antique sewing machine.

Ovilus Words:

Diablo, Held, Everything, Steel, Themselves, Lemon, Want, Tablet, Mean, Noise, Alien, Mirror, Dust, Honor, Tube, Fist, Gave, Evolution, Barry, Choke, Discover, Bend, Sallies, Fatel, Jade, Wisdom, Leaded, Copy, Feed, Apart, Easily, Longer, Port, Greek, Canada.

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