Flint Investigation, December 15, 2018

Date:  12-15-18
Temperature:  34 Degrees and overcast
Moon Phase: Waxing, first quarter, 51 percent visible  
Investigators:  Ronda H., Sarah R., Rodney P., Kellie D., Mike D., Joe P.
Equipment:  EMF detectors, EMF touch sensors, EMF 360, flashlights, recorders, Kinect SLS Video, portal, camera, pre-investigation kit


No prior tenant names are available. There’s no known history of prior disturbances. The house was built around 1957 and is a 1000 sq foot framed bungalow, rental home. The client has rented the home for 5 years with increasing activity within the last 2 years. Prior attempts were made by a priest using prayers, oil, and holy water in hopes of the removal of the     entity(ies). Reportedly, there was no success at that time and the priest left the residence hastily.

Client claims:

The client has had their shelf and child psychologically tested because the client thought they were going crazy. The attic was described as smelling rotten and no one goes up there. They used salt to try to keep the spirit from coming out of the attic. It was mentioned by a priest that there was a mocking spirit in the living room area and something evil in the upstairs. In the child’s room was an apparition of a little boy who appeared demonic. The client is hearing the spirits talking and tunes them out most of the time. The client is also having issues with sleep disturbances and crosses falling off the walls. Except the one cross that came from Jerusalem. One of the fallen crosses had burned the clients hand upon picking it up causing her to drop, and it shattered. She kept it for us in a bag outside (per our request). The priest and client claim the cross was cursed.

Note: No further information was disclosed to the investigating team.


Mike and Rodney walked the exterior perimeter of the home while Joe and Ronda entered the basement. In the basement the K-II (EMF) meter lit up to red at the base of the stairs. Ronda stated that she felt the presence of a nice spirit. They entered the main room in the basement to the right. There was a non-functioning hot tub in the far right corner. They checked all the plugs in the room and they were all grounded. Then they entered the laundry room where there was a newer fuse panel mounted to the wall and there was also a new transformer box mounted to the floor underneath the fuse panel. We’ve never seen a transformer inside a residence. Large amounts of activity on K-II (EMF)meter due to a large amount of electrical activity at the transformer box. Upon entering the area where the hot water heater and furnace is located they noted no outstanding noises noticed during furnace operation. It was however noted that the fittings on top of the water heater had a large amount of corrosion on them. The water heater also shows signs of leaking and water running down the side of it. Also, in the far corner of the room was black mold growing up the side of the wall. The exterior walls of the basement are cinder block. In the main room moisture readings were measured from the internal walls. The highest reading was 68% on the wall behind the water heater. Zero carbon monoxide detected near basement appliances.

Main level:

The exterior siding, gutters etcetera is in fair to poor condition though the home is overall structurally sound. There are no high EMF readings around the perimeter. There are e above ground phone lines running to the residence from a pole out back. All meters are up to date. The interior of the home is 70 degrees and 50 percent humidity. Plumbing is copper, plastic, metal mixed, no noises coming from plumbing. No carbon monoxide detected. The interior is in need of care.


Kellie and Sarah sat with the client to complete paperwork while the other team members were doing the pre-investigation of the home. During the interview it was noticed that the client could not make eye contact and seemed to be turning away from them almost in a defensive manner. At this time Kellie sensed the client was wary and felt the need to reach out and touch the client on the knee. Kellie leaned in and asked the client if she could hug her. The client hugged back but their eyes were filling with tears. At this time Kellie felt strongly there was some horrible abuse involved. Kellie told the client, “we know, and “we believe you”. The client didn’t say a word during this interaction about abuse,  however it was later validated by the client. Kellie asked Sarah to meet me on the exterior of the home. Upon a brief discussion Sarah also concurred she felt the client was abused. They both had the exact feelings which were later validated once we eventually found out everything from client.

upon returning inside high EMF readings were in both bedrooms.  A team decision was made to go to the upstairs attic area where the client claimed the most malevolent entity was residing. The client initially asked us to not go up but we advised her For us to do our job we had to go up, they agreed.  As the first of 5 investigators reached the second step from the top the attic door closed by itself with a click. They all proceeded to go up. “Asking who closed the door?” EMF activity was immediately spiking into the red (20+mg).

Joe immediately setup his Kinect SLS facing the 3 other team members and started watching with Rodney and Mike. As Ronda, Kellie and Sarah prayed and blessed the upstairs with holy water Rodney blessed the interior attic as the team shouted for “it” to leave. We felt a sudden shift in the atmosphere. The window was opened and the team demanded ”it” to leave. The K2 meter suddenly settled down.  As prayer continued Joe saw an orb shoot upward on his Kinect SLS Mike and Rodney were witnesses. Then as soon as the K2 meters settled they started to spike again. Sarah was now feeling a maternal presence asking for forgiveness which was later determined to be the clients deceased grandmother. The client had told the team they had a strained relationship with their grandmother. (We later learned the client was abused by their grandfather(deceased) as a child, and the grandmother (deceased) turned a blind eye.)

Sarah suddenly felt the spirit dissipate but not leave. The team proceeded downstairs to the main level. They took a brief break in the kitchen to inspect the “cursed cross”. Sure enough there were moderate EMF readings coming off of it. They tested other areas near the cross and only the cross was pulling a reading. The team had prepared beforehand to handle the cursed cross. Which came later.

Sarah and Kellie went to the living room and sat with the client again and asked about their past and we told them of our feelings on the abuse. The client elaborated and confirmed everything. It was all was horrific, the client had an emotional release and screamed for the entities to leave her alone. We asked  about the grandmother, maternal figure Sarah had sensed upstairs. During the discussion with the client our EMF was peaking. That’s when it was learned the maternal spirit from upstairs was the client’s grandmother. She had acted as the client’s parent and contributed to the abuse by allowing it. Through a process of EMF detectors, flashlights and many questions it was determined the evil presence in the home was the demented grandfather. Forcibly they were both crossed over.

As team members were talking to the client about their past and verifying the validity of these evil presences Ronda, Mike, Joe, and Rodney proceeded downstairs. Ronda immediately felt a kind female spirit. Rodney and Rondas EMF meters were spiking and getting active responses. Joe set up his kinect SLS and video camera. The portal picked up and relayed a name,”Ashley.” Ronda and Rodney communicated with Ashley for approximately 5 minutes. Mike stood next to the apparition, as he was asking questions aloud. The figure next to Mike was seen on the Kinect SLS and responsive actions were recorded on the Kinect SLS. Mike’s questions along with the portal app, flashlight and EMF meters were confirming the presence of Ashley and also picking up the client’s aunt. We were never able to connect Ashley with the family, or determine where she came from but she appeared as a stick figure on the SLS leaning over the basement bar. She moved her hand and foot on camera exactly how Ronda asked her too, waving and shaking her left foot. We later confirmed the other female spirit was the clients aunt when obituary documents were found in the basement later by the team. Ashley was crossed over by the team in the basement. The client asked if their aunt’s spirit could stay, so we did not attempt to remove her.

We concluded the house investigation once another and the client.  Now we had to dispose of the cursed object. We counseled the client on saging and preventing future activity before we left the home.

As for the cursed object. We wanted to make sure it was disposed of in the exact way detailed by the Catholic church. We firmly duct taped the pieces of the broken cross to a 3 pound brick. We said a group decursing prayer over the client before leaving and a separate curse removal for the object. We said our goodbyes to the client and left. We also said a final group prayer at the river where we disposed of the object.

The client was so grateful and said they had the best sleep ever after we left.


We would like to thank the client for inviting us to do the investigation at their home. We believe we crossed over the grandmother and grandfather to a place befitting of them. We made contact with the client’s aunt and another female spirit that we crossed over.  We believe there was definitely activity occurring at the site but since has been removed. We strongly feel the activity was attached to the client and not the home.


Kinect video 1

I’m Here EVP

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