Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and property; May 31, 2014

aeril lightCase Background and Claims:

Motor City Ghost Hunters traveled to their home away from home to investigate the Fort Gratiot Lightstation in Port Huron, MI.


  • Outside Temperature: 73 degrees, Humidity: 46%, Wind: 2mph N, Conditions: dry and clear, Inside Temperature: 72 degrees, Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbious.
  • Equipment used during the investigation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Flir I7 Thermal Camera, Zoom H2 Audio recorder, Mag Lights, Mel Meter, Ovilus w/ DTD, Rem Pod, JVC video camera w/ IR, MET Air Particle Counter, Ghost Touch,TASCM DR-07MKII audio recorder, K2 meter, EMF pump, & P SB-7 Spirit Box.

On this evening’s investigation, we split into teams to investigate in different areas of the premises. Each group would rotate after approximately an hour, giving each team the opportunity to investigate each of the main areas of the complex.  The assigned teams for the evening were Team #1 – John, Heather, Bert, & Guy. Team #2: Cas, Kate, Don, Leslie, Chris. Team #3: Tim (T3), Alley, Sharon, Kate(K2), Brenda and Jason S. were roaming capturing video of each team at various periods of their investigations, while Jason monitored the Kinect and laptop setup in the basement area of lighthouse keepers house where we have experienced multiple paranormal events.


Team 1 was the first group to investigate the Lighthouse structure. They began in the meeting area on main floor of the building.  John began the session by trying to communicate with a spirit named Bob, who was one of the lighthouse keepers we have previously communicated with. During this period, the team received constant activity through Heather’s mag light during questioning. Bert performed a Period Resonance session that produced mag light activity as well as Guy feeling hot and cold spots. While Bert was talking, the entire team heard a male voice whisper “Hey”, from within the 1st floor of the lighthouse. The source of the voice could not be found to explain the entire team hearing the disembodied voice. John played recordings of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” and corresponding news reports that resulted in an extremely active mag light session that on several occasions appeared to respond on cue to the questions asked of it.FG Light

Team 3: Ally and Kate (K2) climbed to the first level of the Lighthouse, while T3 and Sharon stayed on the main floor to do an EVP session. Sharon started asking if Sarah was with us and they had immediate flashlight responses. Sharon asked if anyone is in the stairwell with the investigators and they had immediate flashlight response again. While sitting on the landing K2 and Alley kept hearing sounds as if someone were walking around up at the top of the lighthouse. Upon hearing that, K2 went up to the second landing to see what she could hear or see. K2 heard, what she described as a female whimpering. Shortly after that, Ally felt a blast of cold air pass by her. K2’s water bottle that was sitting on the window and tipped over. They tried to figure out why it would do that and attempted to recreate it, but nothing would make the bottle tip over, other than them touching it. They then tried the spirit box, but other than a few flashlight responses they had no other activity.

Team 2: The group spread throughout the lighthouse prior to starting the session. Don set up midway up the lighthouse stairs and Cas was at the bottom. Don and Cas heard what sounded like footsteps above them. Don went up to investigate. On his way down both him and Cas heard what sounded like footsteps following him back down. No other activity was observed in this location.

 Gift shop

Team 2 started the evening in this location. They started in the second floor storage area with an EVP session then moved to the gift shop area on the lower floor. Neither area provided any activity during either session.

Team 1:  Setup on the second floor of the gift shop to begin their session. Guy and Bert reported seeing shadows in the large area of the second floor moving back and forth. Guy felt as if something went through him as he was standing in the doorway between the rooms. After playing the Coastguard Anthem, Heather and John believe they felt the presence of something in the room with them. John used his iPhone to signal SOS. Then, John and Bert did a roll play of a man in the water scenario. Both Bert and Guy reported seeing light orbs circling a metal cabinet in the larger room, the group could not explain what they were seeing.

Fog House

Team 1: John attempted to contact Josh, a young man who drowned near the lighthouse in 2013.Heather’s mag light was very active during this session. The team later attempted to contact another man who recently died in the river. No direct confirmation could be explained confirming his contact during the session. John’s MEL ADD detected a frequency change in the building. John had two mag lights set up during this session and neither flashlight went on or off during the session. The group felt that the theory of random flashlight interference could be ruled out as neither of the other flashlights in the room lit during the 45 minute session.


Team 2: During this evp session team 2 experienced a heavy amount of flashlight activity. Several responses appeared to be directed towards our questions. Don and Kate captured 2 possible EVP’s during this session.

Coast Guard Duplex

duplexTeam 3 began their investigation inside the Coast Guard Duplex. They started the session by trying to contact Sarah, a little girl we contacted the last time we were here in the basement. They started getting Flashlight responses and heard footsteps on the main floor. Brenda confirmed that the rest of the team had left the building. They tried to make contact using the spirit box. They heard the name “Kimball” come through. Frank Kimball was the longest active lighthouse keeper. When asked if they are unhappy that we are here with them, the spirit box stated “I am”.

The final session in the duplex consisted of the entire team together. Most of the team stayed in the main room on the 1st floor as Cas did a Franks Box Session. Guy, Bert, Jason and John went to the basement to talk to the spirit of Lighthouse Keeper Frank Kimball. Guy, had a very personal experience the last time he investigated with the team in 2013.Guy said he felt a presence while in the basement. After stating this, he said, he felt better and a sense of calm was felt by all in the basement. John noticed a handprint on Jason’s right shoulder while using the Flir thermal camera with a temperature of 89 degrees on Jason’s back. No relevant communication was recovered during the Frank’s Box session on the upper floor.


 EVPs obtained during Paranormal Investigation

“I was pretending.” EVP Class B:Lesley’s giggling and doesn’t realize it. Chris and Don verifies it was her giggling, then Don laughs. Afterwards a knock is heard and is followed by a female voice saying “I was pretending.”

“Lesley” EVP Class B; Kate Lesley and Don are discussing their similar red flashlights and how only Lesley’s flashlight was going off. Don asks why the entity only likes turning Lesley’s flashlight on and a female voice is heard responding “Lesley”.

“Hey” EVP Class A: While Bert is talking the entire team heard what they believe to be a male voice whisper, “Hey” on the first floor of the lighthouse 


Our team believes that there is some paranormal activity in these historic buildings.  We have had many personal experiences during this visit, as well as in our previous investigations. While this trip was not as active as previous trips, we feel that the spirits here wish to communicate to those who visit this location.

Thank you for inviting the Motor City Ghost Hunters in to investigate your wonderful buildings.

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  1. Kaci Steder.

    You need to investigate the smaller house, the two-bedroom home , that is next to the duplex!! There were definitely spirits in that house! We lived there for 6 or 7 months before moving into the duplex. 1982, I believe, from August to February 1983. We then lived in the duplex for 3 years.

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