Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario with Ghost Beyond Canada; September 29, 2013

Background and Claims

Fort GeorgeThis event was hosted by the Beyond Ghost Canada Group our Sister Group from the Ontario Province.

Fort George is a fort that was most prominent during the War of 1812.  It was occupied by the Canadians, British, and the Americans.

“Sarahann” shows up in the tunnels, a child drowned in the well, in the Magazine someone says, “You’re next”, There was a hospital next to the Artificers shop, there is a figure in a grey coat that walks out behind the officer’s quarters, there are solders without feet walking near the bastion, you can hear and see items move and footsteps in the officer’s quarters in the past, in the officer’s quarters there was a donated mirror and in the mirror you can see a figure of a woman, near blockhouse 2 full bodied apparitions appear with crowds.

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Investigators: Brenda, Bert, and Guy

Brenda’s Team: Cindy C, Cindy L, Mariah, Deborah, Dianne, Tracy, Kimberly, Melissa, Jamie, Mateo, Sheena,
Randy, and Guest

Time: 9 pm – 12 am

Weather: Clear and Sunny Temp: 63F and dropped from there.  Near the end of the night it became windy.

Moon: Crescent

Officers Quarters

EMF Meter:  .1

Ovilus: Mount, Announce, Building, Fred, Where you a Soldier? “Everyone”, The Americans and Canadians are friends now. “Particular”, Product, Arrange (Brenda almost fell off the chair), Picture, Fairly, Ever, Drop, Group, Stars, Thirty, Felt, Percent, Bone, Atmosphere, Louis.

Flashlight Activity:  Entity was able to contact with the flashlight.  His name came up on the Ghost Radar and he confirmed his name with the flashlight.

Spirit Box:  Fred called out to Brenda and asked her not to leave and told her he was going to miss her.  Fred stated that he was not going to talk to the other groups.  He would ask to be crossed over then would say “Wait” and “Just leave me.”

K-II Activity: None

Motion Sensors:  No Activity.

Physical:  Fred grabbed Brenda’s arm and would shake it to the point she could not hold it still.

Photographic: Some members went to the mirror in the room near the entrance and have some possible evidence of the woman in the mirror.

Sensitives reported that Fred was afraid to cross over for fear that he would not go to Heaven because he was a gay soldier.  Fred apparently died of a wound to his chest.

Outcome: We came into contact with an entity named Fred.  Fred did not cross over yet and was afraid to do so because of his past (being a gay man).  He confirmed he was a soldier in the War of 1812.  Fred remained after the event and still remains in the officers’ quarters.  Fred reported that he was from the decade of 1810 and the year for him was 1818.

A second entity appeared to us and stated his year was 1830.  He appears to have been a General from the Fort.

Brenda put new batteries in her regular flashlight, twice, and both sets of batteries were drained within an hour of use (each time she only got at least 30 minutes of light).

Artificers Building

The entity appears to be from 1810, possibly a child.  There was a lot of activity and the entity kept playing with Brenda’s hair.  Another team caught a photograph of a cluster of white orbs between the Artificers shop and the Officers Quarters.  There were no objects to cause reflection and the photo could not be replicated.

Ovilus: Aunt, Bus, Hardly, Bat, Doctor, Create, depth, Construction, Fox, Indicate, Freedom, Design, Breathing, Dutch, Cowboy, take, Bill, Speak, Mysterious, Themselves, Coal, Whenever, Area.

Spirit Box: Step, Bill, Thomas, Dead, Alright, yes, Deborah, Why have you come?, Yup, Regiment, Magnificent, Adam, Hair, Doesn’t, Like, Americans.

The entity did swear in French at Brenda (Saying the F word),  Another entity said he may be related to Brenda.

Visual:  Two shadow figures were seen running near the entrance of the building.  It is unknown at this time if the team member with the IR camera caught them but multiple team members saw the figures first hand.

Sensative (Deborah) felt the presence of a child who was the child of a builder.  They stated the entity was a boy and people could feel cold breezes coming by them.


Our team attempted to contact Sarahann Tracy.  We attempted to use a trigger object (ball) on the stairs.  Motion sensors were set up down the tunnel. A previous team was able to photograph floating orbs in the tunnel.

Reports say that Sarahann is in the tunnel and there is also a woman who is very protective of Sarahann that occupies the tunnel as well.

EMF: 0.1

Flashlight Activity: turned on when asked “Do you not want us to be here?”  The entity was told we would leave if the K-II meter would light up and it was not able to light up the K-II meter.

Ovilus:  Atmosphere, Path, Arrange, Got, Grabbed, Continent, Floating, Feed, As

Physical:  Many team members became ill in the tunnel experience nausea and headaches.  One of the sensatives believes something Native or supernatural was in the tunnel.  There was a big Native presence in this area in the past.  We were unable to determine male or female/Adult or child with the usual equipment.  One member had a string tie moved into the top of her shirt.

Visual:  Members saw someone peek at us from the top of the stairs.  We believe it was Sarahann.  She was seen as a shadow.

Well near Magazine StorageFort George Well_1_383_117

 We apparently came in contact with the mother of the child who had drowned in the well.  Brenda attempted to speak to the mother to see why she was still here and told her that her child has already crossed over and was not coming back and she needed to go into the light to see her child.  The entity became aggressive towards Brenda and Brenda respected her wishes and went behind the building so the rest of the group could communicate with her.  The entity was so upset she refused further communication. 

Flashlight: We had some activity but the entity became upset and refused to communicate in that manner for the rest of the session. First question was did you know the person that drowned in the well.Fort George Well 2_383_118

Ovilus:  Blank, Deeply, Accident, Deeply, Figure, Fire, Egg, Had

EVPS:  (Lots of wind interference)

Physical:  Brenda received a sharp pain in her back under her left shoulder blade after telling the entity her child was dead and was not coming back.  The sensatives in the group stated that she was delusional and out of her mind due to the death of her child and she was very angry with Brenda for saying her child was dead.

Magazine Storage

Members of the team decided to use Dousing Rods to communicate with the entity.  A quick EVP session was attempted.Fort George Well 3 _383_119

Ovilus:  Organized, Instrument, Position, Thomas, Faster, Anybody, Distance, Louis, Next, Family, David, Equally. 

Block House 2

Bert’s team had a wide variety of evidence, and for the first time a spirit voice “shushed” Bert right out loud during some paranormal resonance in Blockhouse 2, as the temp dropped 3.8 degrees in just a few minutes.

Brenda’s team set up motion sensors.  One near the entrance door and another on the stairway.  Near the end of the session, the one on the stairway went off.
We appear to come up with an entity of a wife who lived with her husband in block house 2.  We talked about very little privacy because everyone was bunked together.  We were able to determine she was from the year 1819.

Flashlight Activity: We were able to communicate with a female entity from the year 1819.

Ovilus: Luck, Bicycle, Add, Gain, Clear, Composition, Frozen, Cup (table was set with cups and plates), Likely, Book, Back, Audience, Equipment, Careful, Hat.

Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

“Scream” EVP Class B: Scream 1 during Spirit Box Session

“I have it”. EVP Class B: Brenda’s group was the last group to go into Blockhouse 2.  You hear Brenda ask about her note book and we get an EVP saying, “I have it”.

“Scream” EVP Class B: Scream 2 in Officer’s Quarters. We believe it was the known entity Sarahann Tracy based on questions asked.

“No” EVP Class C: Someone is saying, “When they come in” and then you hear a, “No.”

Video Evidence Obtained During Paranormal Investigation:

We were in the tower and believe to see something on the top of the stairway

Video was taken by Randy Sheldrick who was on Brenda’s team.


Sarahann Tracy’s Grave:

There is a lot of activity at the site and it is believed that most of the entities there are living in their time and not the present time and do not realize that they have passed away.  Many are Canadians from the War of 1812.

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