Detroit’s Fort Wayne: June 09, 2012

Case Background and Claims

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  • Investigatorst: John; Joe; Tim W.
  • Date: 6-9-12
  • Time: 7:00pm-3:20 am
  • Weather: 87* hot and dry, wind 8 mph
  • Moon: 68% Waning Gibbous


Equipment used: Flir camera, MEL meters, EMF pumps, EMF Detectors, Franks Box and Joes Box, Ovilus X with DTD, Laser Lights, Trifield Meter, Touch Sensors, Audio Recorders, Video Cameras.

Props: Ball and period music

Misc: Pre recorded questions from another audio recorder in attempt to translate our voices to a lesser frequency for the spirits to understand.


8:45-9:30pm The team lead its way to the Gym after some great converstation for the other teams attending this event. During this time the only interesting thing we had happen was the brand new batteries that were put in the Ovilus died. This usually  occurs when a spirit attempts to use whatever energy is around  to communicate with us this time it may have been some nice new batteries.

9:50-10:20pm John, Tim and Joe head to the Sally Port, where the new MEL ADD found electronic frequency change in the room at many times. This device is just like our regualar MEL meter except there is an antenna that has a current around it and if you place your hand near it an alarm will sound. This happened many times that night.

10:35-11:05pm This round was in the Magazine Room, the team smelt  gun powder than it suddenly left. Now this could have been a residul smell or could have been paranormal there is no way of knowing. While sitting in the Magazine Room the team may have witnessed the rope in display in between the boxes and the standing area.

11:30-12:05am   While investigating the jail, Tim felt like he was getting splashed in the face with water, also the team heard a knock at the window, there were a couple ladies, sitting on the bench below the window, when asked if the Ladies knocked or hit the window they said no.

12:45-1:40am During this time we investigated the School Admin Building.  We belief, throught communication with our trifield meter we made contact with a little girl, druing this session we believe our ball that was siiting in the center of the room had slight movement but while reviewing the video we could hardly make out the movement if there was any.



Audion Evidence Obtained in the Gymnasium


“YES” EVP class B: John and Joe are discussing how the FLIR works in the background. A voice is heard saying “yes”


” I Salute you” EVP class C: Tim had heard a banging sound and asked if it was an attempt at communication. A voice is heard saying “I salute you”

“Seven” EVP class B: John is heard asking ‘how many are here with us?’ An EVP was recorded saying “seven”



“Your welcome” EVP class A:  This is a direct response to John’s recorder posing a string of questions and playing “Glory Glory Halleluiah” in the background. A voice is heard saying “You’re welcome”. After the EVP, there are distinctive sounds of walking.



Audio Evidence Obtained in the Postem

“Joe” EVP class A: while setting up for an evp session a voice was recorded saying “Joe”


 “IT’s Dark” EVP class C: Two women accidentally interrupted into our EVP session and they are stating that they do not have a flashlight (it is dark in there). The EVP is a direct response to their comments about forgetting a flashlight.

“we know it’s magic” EVP class C: Tim is still working the K2 and an EVP response results. The last word is cut off by Tim continuing his line of questions and John notes the whisper in the room. It sounds like “We know, it’s magic” with the last syllable cut off. Afterwards Tim states he thinks it may be a voice from outside.

“I’m right over here” EVP class B: At about 11 seconds into the clip a male voice is heard sayying what sounds like “I’m right over here”


“Trained to kill” EVP class C:  Joe askes if they were afraid of the lights on our equipment or if they were afraid of us. Tim then says that they should not be afraid of us because they were better trained and this EVP was recorded which sounds like “trained to kill”



Audio Evidence Obtained in the Powder Magazine

“Don’t” EVP class B:  Joe, Tim and John are joking about lighting up a cigarette in the powder magazine. John says he has a lighter and will use it. This EVP was then recorded which says “don’t you light”



“Antietam” EVP class C: John played the song “Johnny Comes Marching Home”. Tim follows up with the question of what battlefield the entity died at and this EVP was recorded which sounds like “Antietam”



“NO” EVP class A: Joe is following up on the Battle of Antietam line of questioning and if the entity ‘got though it’. This EVP was then captured which clearly says “no”



Audio Evidence Obtained in the Old Guard House –

“Hey Precious lets us out” EVP class A:  Tim is setting up his gear. There are two women in the jail cell whispering an EVP session (you can hear them in the background near the beginning of the clip). A raspy male voice seems to be addressing the two ladies in the jail cell. It sounds like he says “Hey precious let us out”



“Go hurry up” EVP class A: During set up at 2.5 seconds in there’s a voice saying “hurry sergeants”, then at 4 seconds in a male voice says “No! Go! Hurry Up!” and then at 6.5 seconds a male voice is heard saying “Out”



“I wonder” EVP class A:  At about 4 seconds in a female voice is heard saying “I wonder who this is?”



” Oh well” EVP class C:  At about 2.5 seconds into the clip a mae voice is heard saying “oh well”



“Get out of here” EVP class A:  Tim had just told John and Joe that he was going outside for a minute to recompose and refocus himself. You hear his footsteps and the door open as this EVP is stated so it was interacting with what was happening in the room. At 5 seconds intot he clip a female voice is heard saying “Get out of here”



“Hang up” EVP class A:  Tim had just come back into the room from outside and asked John what Ovilus words have been coming through. As John is reading the list, these male voices come over the top of his voice very loudly. At 1 second in a male voice is heard saying “Don’t you forget” and at 3.5 seconds in a male voice is heard saying “He hangs up”. (As a side note, Tim had finished his minibox session a few minutes prior and he closes his sessions by saying that his is going to “hang up.”)



Audio Evidence Obtained in the  Post Headquarters – 

“Whatever you want” EVP class A:  Captured during an EVP session, at about 5.5 seconds into the clip a male voice can be heard saying “whatever you want”



“YES” EVP class c: Tim is asking if the entity had walked in front of the laser grid because it was set-up in front of the camera. When he asks “Would you try walking over there now?” it is followed by an immediate “yes”.


“John” EVP class A:  Joe is getting up to place his emf detector by the trifield to see if gets the same responses. John poses a question and his name is called out. (3 seconds into clip)

“Tim” EVP class C:  Tim is playing upon John’s line of questioning by asking whether or not the little girl ever received horsey-back rides. At 5.5 seconds into the clip a male voice is heard saying “Tim”


“Yes we did a lot” EVP class A: We had been working on the idea that the girls dad had sung to her a lot, gospel songs in particular, based upon the confirmations of the trifield meter. Joe had asked for her to sing her favorite song. Starting at 7 seconds in a male voice is heard saying “yes we did a lot” followed by a female voice saying “uh huh”



Audio Evidence Obtained in the the  Barracks

“You better keep them off” EVP class C:  Tim and Joe had been talking about the stone floor. Joe had said a few seconds before how the stone must have been very hard on their feet all day. Joe also lied down on a table bench. At about 4.5 seconds into the clip a male voice is heard saying “you better keep them off”

We concluded the investigation in the Barracks at 2:40 am with little activity to report.




*We would like to thank our friends at Metro Paranormal Investigations for allowing us to tag  along on another fantastic investigation.



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