Fort wayne Detroit, Michigan; July 07, 2011 & October 22, 2011

500_DSC02320Case Background and Claims:

Local Michigan paranormal teams are lucky enough to have this little paranormal hot bed in our own backyard.

To read about Fort Wayne history, visit the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition’s page by clicking here

To learn more about Haunted Fort Wayne, click here.










John is taking a picture.  After the flash, it sounds like a voice responds with “ow.” (Guess no one likes those camera flashes!)




John was alone in the building when this EVP was recorded. It sounds like a male voice saying, “okay, this is the end.” Perhaps a soldier expressing concern?





323_FORT_WAYNE_MAY08_Personal Experiences –

Upon arrival, Sue noticed the fragrance of flowers when entering the fort grounds.  The level of the smell made it seem like there is flower beds on each side of the entrance, but there is not, nor are there any other flowers nearby.  This is a claim that has been previously experienced by MCGH investigators on a past visit to Fort Wayne.

When going through the tunnels leading into the fort’s inner grounds, investigators report feeling uneasy as if they are being watched.

Sue smelled a faint smell of fires burning, similar to what you would smell at a campfire.

Investigators report heavy feelings while being on fort grounds.  In every visit, Sue reports feeling these feelings.





383_DSC02342 Visit #2: October, 2011

Investigators: John, Tom, Scott, Holly & Joe









Team was in the ammunition room when the EVP “Yeah” is captured.





Team getting set up in powder room when they her a voice say “Why?”.




The team was in the Gymnasium when this  EVP “You be safe now” was recorded.





John Trying to get into contact with a spirit named Clark. A shadow figure breaks our light grid









Entrance to one of the five underground fort tunnels.













 EVP’s captured during investigation:

 “I’m here” EVP class A: This was recorded in the barracks.  Tom asks if there is anyone here, and a response is heard.  It sounds like “I’m here.”

 “Yet” EVP class A: This was recorded in the main part of the jail.  John is heard saying “yet” and it sounds like a voice repeats him, also saying “yet.”


 “Them” EVP class A: This, too, was recorded in the main part of the jail.  Tom and Holly are talking about music boxes, and a voice seems to say, “them.”




The MCGH Team Had a terrific time investigation the historic Fort Wayne. Looking forward to visiting again in the future.


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