Garden City Residence; March 22, 2013

Background and claims

The client claims to hear voices and see shadows in the home. The family reporting having uncomfortable feelings in the basement and being touched while laying in bed. Other reports were that the family has heard names being called and conversations taking place. Items in the home have turned on, moved and opened on their own. There was an increase in activity and the female client claims she feels someone is constantly watching her.

Video Evidence Obtained During Investigation


Investigators: John, Brenda, and Rick
Weather: 29 degrees outside, 69 degrees inside, air particle count: 3257928
Moon: Lunar Phase
Winds: 6mph W/NW
Sky Conditions: Clear
Humidity: 69% humidity outside
Time 8 pm – 12 am
Date 3/22/2013
8:00pm: Arrived at home and met client. Took a tour of the home and talked to client about reports of activity. Established base readings and also took pictures of the home.
8:30pm: The investigation began in the Basement. The Team believes to have made contact with a possible spirit of a dog from previous owners, which might have been a stray. The team believes they made contact through the Ovilus and our Mag lights with an elderly woman named “Grandma Rose” who died at Eloise from heart problems. While sitting in the basement, John could feel the pain “Grandma Rose” felt as she showed him how she died alone many years ago at Eloise Hospital. She has adopted them and loves the family living in the home and wants to stay with them and watch over the family.

Ovilus Words Obtained During Investigation:

Saint, Cross, First, Alien, Copy, Grandmother, Toward, Mammoth. Mistake, Note, Ground, Salvation, Actually, Talk, Leaded, Phrase, Soak, When, Best, Helpful. Various, Core, Their, Section, Copy, Brother, Act, Second, Tall, Speculate, It, Turning, Note, Ground, Room, Cannot, Gave, Phrase, Themselves, Turning, Ground, Quarter, Various, Without, Opposite, Loop, When, Pappy, Ground, Boat, Shepherd, Anger, Dig, Ate

9:30pm: The team moved to the living room. The copy machine connected to the computer in the living room turned itself on when the Ovilus said “copy.” Brenda’s camera had fresh batteries and died while taking pictures in the living room. While using Spirit Box, Brenda and Rick believe they made contact with a spirit named “Luke” who we believe died in the home. He was angry that the client’s dogs were digging in the back yard as it was stated on the Ovilus throughout the night. Both Brenda and Rick believe they saw a dark shadow figure in the master bedroom while sitting in the living room.


EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation

“Excuse me” EVP Class B:  Brenda is talking about the forms we have clients sign, and “excuse me” is heard.



The team concluded that there are a few spirits that are connected to the home. There is the spirit of “Grandma Rose” who is watching over the family she found and has adopted as her own. It is our belief that she will watch over and protect the family from other spirits in the home. There is also a spirit of a dog which likes the master bedroom and possibly the owner is feeling the dog’s tail while in bed. A third entity may be “Luke” who has a special attachment to the home. After the investigation, the family was okay with the spirits who were in their home.

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