Grosse Pointe Park Residence; January 15, 2011

Background and claims: Grosse Pointe Park Residence_20110114_293_Orbs_Bedroom

Clients state things disappear in her home, she hears banging, moaning, and closet doors appear to open on their own. Client gave MCGH a log of events that have occurred, in which she has been tracking since January 2010. They had at least one person ask if the house was haunted after looking in a closet door. The client doesn’t know what the person experienced to respond in such a manner.

The clients hear lots of knocks and bangs, paper shuffling, footsteps upstairs in empty rental area. The chair next to Ann in her office moved as if someone were sitting in it. The cats look up the stairs and meow as if talking to something there.

The family often has a feeling of being watched and uneasiness. House sometimes feels emotionally oppressive and sad.


Investigators: Jason Mark, Terri, Teri, Chris H, Nan, and Patti
Weather: 17 F with light wind
• Time 10 pm – 2:00 am
• Date 01/15/2011

We arrived around 8pm. Patti did the client interview and took a tour of the hot spots of the home until about 10pm.
EMF levels are strong throughout the house.  Levels of 9 – 10 milligaus consistent average at all times with no exception. Jason went outside to check the meter and it was not grounded (note: client had an electrician at the house on July 1, 2010 who told her that the house was properly grounded).

Jason (Investigating with Teri) – I felt a presence of an older black man but no other description YET, I asked Teri if she felt anything and she confirmed that she felt the same presence as I. but I didn’t tell her what I felt. We checked out the upstairs and into the attic and it was an overwhelming heaviness in the air. We came back down and I had a flash in my head of an old black man with grey hair, glasses and really skinny. I described him to Teri as a black Orville Redenbacher, and she concurred.

While Nan was investigating with Chris on the 2nd floor, Chris’s video camera turned off for no reason. He wasn’t out of battery power because when he turned it on, it had over an hour of charge left on it. (the homeowner said this also happened with audio recorders in the past).

Terri & Mark: We were all called back to the first floor and started an investigation but the only activity we found was from the PX box. It said 7 again and when trying to figure out the significance of 7, I asked if there were 7 spirits there, we found an EVP on the recorders that answered yes.  We went out for a cigarette and left the PX box in the living room. When the others came down and asked where we were the PX box said “Cigarette” and “Smoke”.

Jason asked to debunk a puffing or breathy noise he and Ann heard and may have captured on digital audio.  Nan simulated a noise she had made at what could have been the same time.  Simulation failed to produce the effect Ann and Jason experienced.

The crew wrapped up and left except for Patti & Nan who stayed a while longer. Nan did have an experience of something “disappearing” on her. She was looking for a small camera case and looked in our silver equipment case – which was completely empty. She gave up looking for it and started putting things away in the equipment case… where she found the camera case that she was looking for. (the client was happy to see that she wasn’t the only person that experienced things disappearing and reappearing).After wrapping up our investigation a group of us were sitting in the living room with Ann and her daughter Martha.  Mark & Terri’s PX box was on and sitting on the couch.  We were able to determine several words repeated from the box as follows:  Roundtable, leather vest, Sibs, rabbit, water, park, Jason, Katie, and magic.  Many of the words made sense to most of us in the room as pertaining to Nan’s leather vest, one of Ann’s books written about magic and Knights at the Roundtable, her daughter – Katie’s cat, named Sibly (aka “Sibs”), who is very rabbit-like, several people there were smokers, and the location of the home is near a park by the Detroit River.

 The creator of the PX box states that chances are very high that the device will say relevant words and that such words could be merely coincidental. However, when combined with EVPs, and the very personal nature of the words; as well as the timing of the words (such as saying “cigarette and smoke” when the crew went outside for a cigarette break), it becomes much more significant.


Audio Evidence from the Paranormal Investigation

“Whisper” EVP Class B: While this is a loud whisper we cannot make out what it says.


“To pray” or “two way” or “Dupree” EVP Class B: Some of us think this sounds like “two way” and others think it sounds like “to pray” while some thinks it says “Dupree”. What are your thoughts?

EVP X: This is a short version the the audio beneath.   The PX box said the number 7 several times in the evening. It also said “friends, here, order”. When we asked “are there 7 spirits here”, a whipered “yes” was recorded on our audio. We are not sure of the significance of the number “7”, but there did happen to be 7 investigators there that night.

EVP X: This is an extended version from the audio above. The PX box said the number 7 several times in the evening. It also said “friends, here, order”. When we asked “are there 7 spirits here”, a whipered “yes” was recorded on our audio. We are not sure of the significance of the number “7”, but there did happen to be 7 investigators there that night.


The very high EMF in the house can be the cause of the feelings of being watched and discomfort. If there is a spirit in the house, it seems to be friendly and helpful and not negative. Client states that when she tells it to go away, it does. That it doesn’t come into the bathroom and isn’t around when they get dressed. That when they ask for something that was misplaced, it sometimes shows up. These are not the actions of a negative entity.

She saw a shadow figure after our investigation and didn’’t wake anyone up because she didn’t feel alarmed or threatened. She seemed to find it more interesting than scary. This response could indicate that the entity felt she could “handle it” without being scared, so finally showed itself. It’s just a theory.

Given the age & history of the building, the EVPs gathered and the unusually specific words generated by the PX box, the location very well could have a resident spirit. And if it does, the spirit seems to be of a friendly nature.

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