Hackett Auto Museum, 7 July 2018

Hackett Auto Museum

Article from MLive

Date July 7, 2018

Temperature High 80’s

Humidity High

Moon Phase Last Quarter

EMF in Building 4 (no electricity in building)

History of the site

The current site is in the City of Jackson, Michigan close to the Grand River and the Grand River was once a trail for the local native tribes to follow when travelling.
In 1886, the site used to cure lumber for windows and other curing projects. There were boilers on site to use the steam to cure the lumber.
Jackson was known as an industrial town who started making cars before they were made in Detroit.
The first owner known was Mr. Lewis who made springs and Axles at the site. This site was then taken over by Mr. Brisco and Hackett where they started making automobiles. The site only produced automobiles for eight years.
According to Ted O’Dell, the owner and curator of the auto museum, the street was once named Park Place but know if Hupp Street.
There was not electricity in the building.


Nothing reported at time.  Museum invited us out before construction began on the facility.


Ronda, Sarah, Rod, and Brenda
Guests: Ted and 2 reporters


Dowsing Rods, Ghost Meter, Digital Recorders, e-pods, SP-11 Spirit Box, Execusioner’s Box ap, Ghost Radar Ap, Maglite Flashlights, Glowing ball, Ghost Pro Camera, laser grid


We began a preliminary investigation on the building waiting for the reporters to show. While touring the building, Brenda was walking with Ted by herself and received a feeling of being crushed by something and had a hard time breathing. When Sarah returned she came to Brenda and Ted and stated that a man named Johnny died in the area where Brenda had the feeling. Ronda was in the rear of the building where she took some abnormal photos with streaks and white streaks looking like energy movement. 


Rodney and Sarah got out the ghost meter did a baseline reading in the building it was one to two and a meter 3DS were three to four on the ground. They went outside and got three to four on the ground at the building on the East End the end the Middle East Side.

We then used the dowsing rods to communicate and ask the entities for permission to communicate with them at the site. Here we appear to come in contact with a female entity that worked with the upholstery section of the car factory. Sarah picked up the name Evelyn and she seemed to favor Ted during the night.

In total we believed that 5 entities were in contact with us but many started to come to the site to get their chance to communicate. We believe we had Mrs. Hackett, Evelyn, Johnny and an Inmate from the original Jackson Prison which is less than a mile away from the site.

We began the EVP session and started receiving flashlight confirmation with the dowsing rods. We came into contact with “Johnny” and he stated he died in 1934. Sarah believes his real name is Jonathan but they called him Johnny at the site.

Audio from SP-11 Session

Did we capture some counterfeiters?  We hear “Millions” then “Counterfeit” (there are ads that stated the motors were “Half a million dollar Motors) 

Mr. Hackett appeared to come through. We asked if Mr. Brisco was present but he was not. They we asked if Henry Ford was ever at the site due to special projects/Corporate Spies. We received a yes confirmation.  

The entities did say they like that the building was going to be a museum.

During the Ghost Radar and sweet Rose scent was noticed by those present.

Ghost Radar:

People, Separate, Arm, Planet, Mysterious, Beside, Over, Basic, Lungs, Pig, Sat, Ann, Built, East, Dutch, Handsome, Enough

We then came in contact with an inmate from Cooper Street Jackson Prison who was looking for help crossing over. Brenda got an extreme pain under her left lung like she was shanked. We believe the inmate was there for an assault charge. The inmate appeared to be afraid to cross over due to what he did that caused him to go to prison.

Rod set up a laser grid and with the grid we were able to see shadow figures breaking up the grid.

Sarah and Rod left the session to get water and upon returning, Sarah reported there were entities outside that died from a boiler explosion. At one time there were boilers near the back of the building.

A second SP-11 session was started and we received a mail voice stating “Parameters” but would not further elaborate.
After a few seconds, we received “Please Don’t” when asked want not to do, we got “Everything.”
Another comment we got was “I like the place.”

The Executioner’s Box Session:

Loud screeching noises began then went away. Men’s voices started to come through. We heard “My family”, Do you see me? I’ve lived long. I answered.
Brenda asked, “Are you one of the shadows” and we got “Yes Mrs”
“I’m in the garage”
Brenda started taking is German and we got “zerh gut”
“Do you miss me? Is this where we get on?”
“In the house” What’s in the house? “Moving”
“In the light, Brenda would you?”
“All we need is Budha”
“Let me out”
“Let me out”


Laser Grid was set up due to numerous shadow figures being seen. The grid helped others to see the shadows better.

EVP’s captured during Paranormal Investigation (Use headphones to hear best):

Sarah’s recorder was draining so no EVP’s were captured.



Brenda captured the sound of something large being dropped in the back. Could be residual.

Wrench falling

Machine Shop sounds

Ronda says Straight Back and you hear a yell

Rod says, “Is anyone here?” and and EVP says, “Turn that off”

“There’s nothing bad, Good. YEP”

Sarah talks about something on the grounds and while Brenda talks you hear “Grounds Back.”

Brenda asks, “Did you stab someone?” while experiencing extreme pain under her left rib and captures “Right Now.”

Executioner’s Box

During the Executioner’s Box someone says, “I was in a battle” and then and EVP is saying “A guard.”

Crossing over:

We did a session to cross those over with the owner’s approval and we used the Executioner’s Box to validate when they crossed. Once they crossed, the Executioner’s Box went totally silent.

Prisoners started to come over and stated they were “Prisoners” and stated they were scared through the Executioners Box.


This appears to be an active site. Due to being a preliminary investigation, we need to go to newspapers and vital records to see if we can validate some of the claims tonight. We suggested the owner put up trail cams to see if future activity could be captured. There is no malicious entities at the site an appear to be people who mostly worked at the site. We also needs to see if the US census records captured the occupations of people that may have worked in the factory. Usually listed in the 1930 and 1940 census records. Seekingmichigan will be searched for a Jonathan/Jonathon who may have died in Jackson county to validate “Johnny’s” death. He may not have been pronounced dead in Jackson to validate this claim.

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