Southeastern Michigan Business; November 22, 2009

Background and Claims:Southeastern Michigan Business_20091122_239_3OrbsJason

MCGH previously investigated the site and witnessed some unusual phenomenon.  Investigators reported multiple experiences, with the most noteworthy being some physical contact of a negative nature towards senior investigator, Ken (aka June Bug).  In the back of the store near Aisle 1, “June Bug” was scratched a total of 12 times – one of which was so deep, it left a permanent scar.  The building has a diverse history of retail and commercial usage.  As with any retail location, it is difficult to research the historical basis for any type of haunting because the possibilities of previous owners, employees, and customers are endless.  Our goal for this follow-up investigation is to acquire additional evidence to support the belief that paranormal activity does exist here, and determine (if possible) whether or not the source is negative.

The ghost of a young boy has been seen on the ladder by the tool counter. A woman who worked there saw the boy and was alarmed that he might fall down… then she realized it wasn’t a real person. The same woman also saw the ghost of her father upstairs by the bathroom. She saw only his face. She has also seen the upper head & torso of a few younger male spirits.

A man who works in the store saw a ghost that looked like a man in blue cover-halls, and dark hair. A different female employee saw a pair of green ghostly shoes next to her. A child who entered the store once commented that she saw a dog in aisle 3. There is a lot of activity in aisles 3 and 4, and also by the counter. They hear a lot of movement of objects, and the sound of objects being hit.
Southeastern Michigan Business_20091122_248_3OrbsEnlarged
The hardware store is located at one of the worst intersections in Michigan, where there have been many fatal accidents over the years. Of special note is that of the tragic death of one of the store’s employees who was killed in a car accident right next to the store’s parking lot.



Investigators:   Chass, Kellie, Autumn, Teri, JasonCathy and Heidi

Weather: Partly cloudy; 48ºF; wind 8mph ENE; humidity 74%

Moon: 1st Quarter / Waxing

Structural: Inside temperature was comfortable; however it was pointed out to us that for the amount of time the furnace had been running, it ordinarily would have been much warmer.  The noise from the heating unit was an obstacle in acquiring EVP evidence, as well as the high volume of traffic noise from passing cars – especially near the front of the store.  There appeared to be water leaks on the ceiling in the back storage room.  Additionally, there were several electrical boxes on the same wall, underneath the water damage on the ceiling.  High EMF readings were present in this location.  Upon standing in the back storage room, both Teri and Jason felt it was more difficult to breathe, with a heavy chest sensation.



We split into two teams, team A and team B.

At the front of the store, the K2-Meter began holding steady at two lights.  When the surrounding area was tested, the meter dropped back to normal range.  Interference was ruled out. An EVP session commenced.  Chass, our team “sensitive”, believed the spirit of a small child was present initially, and possibly an older man as well.  The Mel-Meter temperature registered approximately 66 .  The spirit was asked if they could lower the temp, and so they did — it went as low as 64.8.

Team A heard a voice which may have said “alright”, followed by whispering.  Audio recorders did not pick it up, however the EMF did occasionally rise to a .02 and .03.  Team A relocated to Aisle 5 for a second EVP session.  They began with a 67  reading.  Whatever was present seemed to be following Chass; as she moved away from the meter, the temp stayed steady, but when she came closer, it dropped slightly.  Meanwhile, Team B circulated and observed their handheld K2-Meter register two lights in Aisle 1.  When placed upon a shelf, it did in fact read normal.

Investigation resumed with Team A at the foot of the bathroom stairway, and Team B in Aisle 1.  At the stairway, Kellie began to get the feeling as if something was watching them.  It seemed to be coming from the back area (NE corner), and felt almost like someone (or something) was standing back there just staring at them.  It’s interesting to note that earlier in the evening while setting up the motion sensors, Teri had felt as if something was back there also.  The pair separated at that point to begin random coverage.  Kellie experienced the feeling of being watched again in Aisle 6.


Still in Aisle 1, Team B observed fluctuating EMF readings up to 2.0.  They seemed to be the strongest by the glass case in that aisle, so Jason investigated and found a display light in the case.  However, the readings continued to vary further down that aisle and seemed to center around Jason.  The K2 meter, at that time, registered and varied between 2-3 lights.  It, too, seemed to register stronger near Jason.  In that location where Teri took pictures, one of which appears to have an orb-like anomaly.


When Chass approached the team in the back of the store between Aisles 3 and 4, the EMF meters began to spike and she immediately felt an intense burning sensation on her right thigh/hip area.  Soon after, it traveled down to her lower leg.  When she pulled up her pant leg, the entire team witnessed welting as scratches formed on her leg as if she was being used like a human Etch-A-Sketch.  Everyone present agreed that it appeared to be the letters “MF”.Southeaster Michigan Business_20091122_248_Scratch_top_view


The phenomenon appeared to cease, the team reconvened outside to determine the extent of any injury to Chass. It was painful, but minimal.  Chass performed individual smudging for all members of the team who were leaving for the night. While the team was outside, the clients reported hearing voices (laughter) near the tool crib window.


As soon as we got started, Chass began to get scratched again.  It wasn’t as bad as the first time, and there were no distinguishable letters.  Jason and Chass both experienced temporary camera failure.

Audio EVP’s obtained during Paranormal Investigation:

“I’m Cold” EVP Class B:Silence followed by what sounds like a child saying, “I’m cold.”

 “You have?” EVP Class B: Chass tells the spirit, “We’ve heard a lot about you.” The spirit responses, “You have?”

“Shhh hurry” EVP Class C: This occurred while we were playing Hide and Seek.  A child’s voice says, “Shhh…Hurry.”  You will need headphones to hear this.

“I like that” EVP Class C: “I like that.” (You may need headphones to hear this.)

I can’t see” EVP Class B : Chass asks out loud if the boy “Wants to play with us.” Then you can hear her talking in a low voice.  A child’s voice says, “I can’t see.” Perhaps he wants to see the toys they brought.

“Kick” EVP Class A : Investigators on the bottom floor are trying to get the spirit to play with the ball.  Just as Heidi starts to say, “I’m coming down” from the elevated office, you can hear a child’s voice, loud and clear, say “Kick”, as if he was telling her to kick the ball.


Video Evidence obtained during Paranormal Investigation:

In this video, Chass feels her leg burning and rolls up her pant leg.  The camera starts shooting once her pant leg is rolled up and we see welts on her leg.  The welts get redder toward the end of the clip, indicating that they were recently made.

Later, the team noticed that the marks seem to form a pattern that resembles the letters “MF”.


Based on our experiences, there seem to be at least two active entities.
We recorded EVPs with a child’s voice that seemed very interested in the toys we brought. At one point, it sounded like a button on one of these toys was pushed when the group was far from the toy. That leads us to believe there is a child entity that is playful and curious. There is no reason for us to think it is in any way negative. It seems to behave and respond in very positive ways.

There are also strong indicators that there is a negative, adult presence on the premises, as well.  We say this because the harmful behavior directed at Chass was similar in nature and severity as that which “June Bug” experienced on the previous investigation.  What’s interesting is that the prior incident occurred after the team engaged in the practice of intentional provoking, which is commonly done to evoke a response, whereas, tonight no deliberate provocation was initiated.  It would seem as though this energy form is territorial in nature, and merely invading his space is enough to set him off.  Since nobody who works there or patronizes the store has ever experienced this before, it’s safe to assume that there is no danger of negativity or harm to anyone but paranormal investigators.  Our presence there was quite an intrusion, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone else will experience these things firsthand.

But we would caution the clients and their patrons to not do any provoking. If they refer to any spirits or entities, they would be wise to do so with respect.

This was a fascinating location. We achieved the client’s goal of confirming that there is something of a paranormal nature going on. We still consider the case open because we have not determined anything about the negative entity. We hope to be invited back to learn more.

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