Highland TWP. March 2, 2019

Date: Saturday, 3/2/2019
Temperature: 29 degrees
Phase: Waning Crescent                         

Investigators: Mike, Kellie, Kim and Janet

Equipment: digital recorders, cell phone camera, EMF meter, flashlights, The Portal app

History ​of Location: history unknown by client

Pre-Investigation: The team found nothing unusual during the completion of the pre-investigation.


The investigation began with the homeowner and team in the basement. Wepicked up EMF and flashlight activity when we began our questioning. When asking if Billy was
with us, EMF would move to mid-range. While using the Portal app, we did get many
responses to our questioning. The homeowners name came through when she was speaking.
When the activity slowed in the basement, we moved to the living room. There we picked up the
same activity while we were questioning the spirits. We got EMF and flashlight activity as well as
responses on the Portal app. As the activity slowed in the living room, we then moved to the
bedroom where the client said she saw the family standing in the doorway to her closet. We
again, began to pick up activity quick on EMF, flashlights and Portal app. We felt the spirits were
moving through the house to avoid us, but we were able to corner them in the bedroom. There
we worked with the spirits explain that they were not welcome in the clients home and needed
to leave. We then began the process to cross over the spirits we encountered. We had
multiple spirits come forward looking to cross over with evidence from the Portal app. The
client’s boyfriend, who was in the living room said as we were starting to cross over the spirits,
an orb flew past him towards the bedroom where we were at. After we crossed over multiple
spirits, we shut down our equipment and Kellie saged the entire home and the people within the






Evidence Captured during the Investigation:
Multiple evps picked up through the Portal app, EMF, Flashlight
Relevant words captured by The Portal app or other device: Names we pick up were Billy,
Marie, Phoebe, Adam and Janel.


We would like to thank the client for inviting us to do the investigation at her home… We did find
activity in her home and we feel we removed multiple spirits. We hope that with MCGH visiting
and assisting with the removal of spirits, she can begin to rest easy.

Source Citations: Maps, historical pictures, death notices

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