Highland Residence, October 19, 2009

Background and ClaimsHighland Residence_20091019_800_HighlandPics

Possible Spirit of Old Man that used to own home who died 6 months ago “was caught on video last week on Friday Night by family. The client was very concerned for her 2 year old grandchild that stays in their home and claimed that a spirit voice was recorded saying “How’s the child”. The owner believed this home is very active and she’s very frightened and has contacted her church but was never called back. She also told us this area was a body-dumping ground for a serial killer back in the 70’s who is now serving a life sentence.


Investigators:  John, Jason, Chris, Brad

Time:  7 pm to 10 pm

Once we arrived and introduced ourselves the homeowners showed us around their home and told us of the strange happenings. They also showed us a video that a nephew had taken in the basement. We watched and couldn’t help but notice that it looked “odd” for a ghost encounter. We called up one of our members, Chass, so that she could have a look at the video while we continued on with our investigation. Brad and Jason interviewed family members while Chris and John started an EVP session in the basement. Later we got out our environmental monitoring equipment and took readings. We couldn’t help but notice the house had very high humidity levels of 65%, and mold was prevalent throughout the basement and main floor ceilings. Our EMF readings were off the charts in some areas, one being right next to the heads of the parents where they slept. The house was found not to be grounded at the electrical box or the outside meter where readings were as high as 128mG. It was explained to the family that the home needed to be grounded as well as some electrical needed to be fixed and that the mold problem needed to be addressed. We explained the theory of high EMF, breathing of mold spores, the affects and harm that they can cause. The family thanked us for coming out and was happy with our explanations. We informed them that we are only a phone call away and if they ever needed to, just call.

Audio EVP Evidence from Paranormal Investigation

Audio from the “Ghost Video” reverted to what it may have originally sounded like.

Video Evidence from Paranormal Investigation

To the left is the “ghost” video that was taken in the basement. The audio was returned to a normal speed and pitch. It now sounds more like a teenage boy than a ghost.


Well we thought that it was pretty obvious that the nephew was probably playing into the mom’s fear and faked the video. Our resident audio/video specialist Patti took the audio from the video and converted it back to a normal pitch and you can hear that it sounds like a young man’s voice. The Mom even commented that the nephew, the one that set up the video camera, could be a “jokester”. We don’t doubt the family’s fears or claims but with all the high EMF, mold, humidity, and scare tactics (video) we feel that these issues will have to be taken care of first before any real investigative work can be done. We believe this case to be “debunked” as of now and offer our free service to them in the future if ever needed.

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