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Port Huron Light House

Port Huron Light House

We here at the Motor City Ghost Hunters are proud to back to the historical communities that allow us to investigate their premises.  We have worked hard to build our reputation as a client-first organization that exists to help first and foremost.  Our work ethic has caught the attention of several historical societies that have elected to partner with us in a mutually beneficial way.

When we work with a historical society, we first investigate the grounds and find out if there is any possible paranormal activity.  If we find evidence, be it video, EVP or other, then we present our findings to the historical society which may choose to partner with us.

Historical partners of the Motor City Ghost Hunters often use the evidence we gather to generate much needed income for the historical society.  We all know that there are budget shortfalls and historical societies have been getting hit very hard over the last few years.  Both staff and grounds require a lot of money to keep running.  So our historical partners have started working with the Motor City Ghost Hunters to conduct ghost walks.

These ghost walks, or adult ghost hunts, are ticket-only events. The historical society works with us to set a date, or dates, to host a public ghost hunt on their grounds.  We do our best to promote the hunt via our website and social media outreach, and the historical society sells the tickets.  These events usually last for several hours and all proceeds go directly to the historical society – MCGH does not get a single red penny for our historical society adult walks.

What we get is the ability to ghost hunt great locations and the ability to showcase the evidence we receive; while the historical societies are able to generate much needed cash to help fill their coffers.  It is a win-win situation and we are happy with these arrangements because it allows the Motor City Ghost Hunters to give back to the communities we love here in Michigan.  It also fills us with pride to know that we are contributing what we can to historical societies so future generations may enjoy the same grounds we walk today.

Historical Society Partners

These are the wonderful historical societies that we have partnered with.  Please keep an eye on our Announcements Page and our Facebook page to see when the next events will be held!  We are also proud to announce that there are a couple more historical societies that will be partnering with us in 2014.

Port Huron Museum (since 2012)

The Port Huron Museum has been partnering with the Motor City Ghost Hunters since April of 2012.  We currently hold several Adult Walks a year for Port Huron.  A typical Adult Walk currently involves the Lighthouse, the Lighthouse Keepers Quarters and the Four Bay Garage.  The old Coast Guard building and Hospital are currently under renovations and will soon be included in the Adult Walks as well.  Each of our Adult Walks in Port Huron have been an amazing success so far and there are usually about 30 participants each time.

Participants can usually expect to hear disembodied voices, flashlight interaction and maybe even get touched.  During one Adult Walk in October of 2013, a map flew off the wall during our presentation….

Flat Rock Historical Society (Since 2014)

The Flat Rock Historical Society began working with the Motor City Ghost Hunters in 2013 when we investigated four buildings at Flat Rock Historical Village.  The Flat Rock Historical Society was thrilled with the results and we wound up mutually agreeing to hold adult ghost hunts as a fund raiser for the Flat Rock Historical Society.

Our first Adult Ghost Walk will happen on July 12, 2014, and we are looking forward to it!  When we investigated the Flat Rock Historical Village, we had several EVP’s and personal experiences.  Hopefully our participants this year will have some the great experiences as well while raising money for Flat Rock Historical Village.

Here are the results we had at our first investigation at Flat Rock Historical Village.

Westland Historic Village Park (since 2015)

MCGH helps the village with their annual fundraiser.  They have four buildings on site.  George Hubbel seems to never disappoint in the Felton Farm House.

Wayne Museum (since 2017)

Charlotte County Courthouse (since 2015)


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