Southeast Michigan Historic Hotel; April 9, 2012

Case Background and Claims:

Foots steps,noises upstairs,strange smells,feelings of being watched,bed in room 109 shaking and lifting into the air, full body apparition of past owner. We discuss a lot of information when we are in the pre-investigation stage. One of the most important  items are privacy (especially with businesses). Out of respect for the owner and the location we have to be very discreet in discussing history and in our report. We have changed a few items in the Investigative report to assure anonymity of the location. With the privacy agreement we can still tell you a little bit of the history without giving away the location. Some things we learned this night that the building was built in 1929 and there have been rumors of some overnight guests during World War 2, being that of  German spies and soldiers.


  • Date: April 9th 2012
  • Investigators: Kelli and Ryan
  • TIme: 8:00pm – over night ( The two investigators stay the night)
  • Weather: 61*
  • Wind: avg 8mph
  • Moon: 93% Waning


 Room 111

Base readings: EMF: 0.0 Temp: 70º F

8:00 p.m. Base camp was set up. An audio recorder was placed on the dresser in the bedroom area. Photos were taken and a few showed a strange light anomaly however it was later determined to be a reflection of a nearby window.

Although no formal investigation was conducted in Room 111 a large bang was heard which sounded as if someone had walked into or kicked the truck in the living room area. Also reported were the sounds of someone running their fingers across the plastic that covered the bedroom window.

 EVP’s gathered from Room 111:

 “You son of a bitch. You’re in my room. Who are these B%tches?” EVP Class B : During set up you can hear a raspy male voice.

“Bruja, HolaEVP Class B: about 4 seconds into the clip a male voice is heard saying what we believe to be “bruja” which is Spanish for witch. Afterwards a female is heard faintly saying what sounds like “hola” which is Spanish for hello

You missed me” EVP Class C :  While taking photos of the room a voice is heard saying “you missed me” If you listen closely it also sounds as if there is slight laughter afterwards.

   “What are you doing” EVP Class  B:  An EVP of a male was caught immediately after the camera shutter is heard. It sounds as if he is saying “ What are you doing?”

The Tour

At approximately 9:00 p.m. the building owner arrived and the official tour of the building commenced. The tour included room 111 (possible interrogation room for captured Germans during WWII), the recreational room (no specific claims reported), room 109 (bed reportedly shakes and lifts into the air), the basement (no specific claims reported), the wheel room (noises heard), the side storage room (noises and footsteps heard from floor below), the ball room (noises heard from floor below), the bar room (no specific claims reported), the upper kitchen (stove reported turned on by itself), the original officers’ head (no specific claims reported), the attic (feelings of being watched), and multiple upper storage rooms (no specific claims reported inside the rooms but the full body apparition of the previous owner was reportedly seen in the nearby hallway).

Towards the end of the tour, while showing the owner our equipment that we planned on using during the investigation a K-2 meter spiked to three (3) lights and it would remain at three (3) lights but only in a particular spot on the table. Also interesting to note is that the K-2 seemed to spike nearby the owner. His father died on the premises and his spirit was reportedly seen in one of the second floor hallways.

The tour ended at 9:40 p.m. during which time multiple pictures of the entire location were taken and base readings were recorded.

The Wheel Room

Base Readings: EMF: 0.0 – 19.7 Temp: 73.3º F

Investigation began at 10:00 p.m. in the Wheel Room. A flashlight guided EVP session was conducted near one of the far tables. It was explained that turning the flashlight on signified a yes response and turning (or keeping) the flashlight off signified a no response. The MEL meter which had new batteries and was just turned on, mysteriously shut off for no apparent reason. When it was turned back on it had not lost any battery power. It is interesting to note that the MEL meter throughout the night seemed to respond to questions with random beeps which as if triggered by some sort of external force.

Throughout the session the flashlight turned on and off when asked and replied to several questions, some of those being:

Do you mind us asking you questions? No

Are you draining the batteries? Yes

Are you interested in the equipment? Yes

Are you the owners father? Yes (delayed)

Were you in the service? No

Did you live here? No

Did you work here? No

The flashlight continuously turned off on the count of three when asked.  Towards the end of the session we turned on and used an Ovilus.  It is also interesting to note that throughout the time spent in this room both investigators claimed to have seen a dark shadowy figure at different times standing in the doorway to the ball room.

 EVP’s gathered from the Wheel Room:

  “SIT” EVP Class C: While showing the property owner the equipment that we would be using during the investigation a voice is heard saying “sit”. It is interesting to note that the investigator holding the camera was standing.

“Hurry, Hurry” EVP Class A:  After a strange EMF spike was discovered at one of the tables in the wheel room a voice is heard saying “Hurry, hurry”. This was probably directed at Kellie who was on her way over to the table to check out the spike.

The Ballroom

Base Readings:  EMF: 1.5 – 19.7 Temp: 73.3º F

A second flashlight guided EVP session was conducted in the Ballroom. At the time and direct location of the session the baseline readings were 0.0 (at times jumping to 0.3) with a temperature of 73.2º F. Like in the previous room the flashlight responded immediately to questions and turned on and off when asked. The song “Switch in Time” by the artist Count Basie was played in the middle of the room. The flashlight responded with yes to when asked if they liked the music. The flashlight also agreed that the wiring in the building was old and that they enjoyed staying there.

Room 109

Base Readings: EMF: 0.0 Temp: 71.9º F

During the session in this room the temperature reading dropped from 71.9º F to 69.4º F in less than thirty (30) seconds where it remained for about a minute before returning to 71.9º F.

EVP’s gathered from other areas of the building:

“Whistling” EVP Class B: Whistling was recorded, however no one reported hearing it at the time.

 “Whispering” EVP Class B: Captured during an EVP session on the second floor. Whispering can be heard twice in this clip both before and after the thumping noise. We are unable to decipher what they are saying. What do you think?

 Inaudible EVP Class C: Recorded during the tour of the building, a mumbled talking can be heard underneath the property owner. We are unable to decipher what they are saying.

“Listen” EVP Class B: Captured during a period of silence a male voice can be heard saying “listen”

“Henry” EVP Class B: While investigating and in between the noises from the equipment a voice is heard saying “Henry”

“Everybody’s in the bathroom” EVP Class C:This EVP is that of a woman saying what sounds like “everybody’s in the bathroom”. It is in the very beginning of the clip.

“Ask her” EVP Class C: There is a strange noise that was recorded. Immediately after a whispered voice can be heard saying “Ask her”



After careful review of all video, audio and photographic evidence it is the belief of the Motor City Ghost Hunter team that there is paranormal activity at this location. We do not feel that there is anything threatening. Our best evidence once again is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). There were also a few unexplainable personal experiences as well a few photos of strange light anomalies.

Lastly, we’d like to thank the owner for allowing us the chance to investigate such a great piece of history and we look forward to the chance of possible future investigations.

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