Historic Holly Hotel; November 9, 2008

Case Background and Claims: 2008_11_09_Historic-Holly-Hotel_Picture_Outside

The Holly Hotel proudly celebrates their historic heritage, as well as their paranormal activity. For more information about the history of the hotel and their ghosts, visit their website here

Some members of the team attended a brunch at the hotel and took the opportunity to also explore the location with their cameras and some equipment.  This was not a formal investigation, but the hotel did give MCGH permission to post their location and information on this website. Because this was not a formal investigation, there is not a lot of data or findings.


  • InvestigatorsJohn, Sue, Patti
  • Weather: Damp, chilly, in the 50s
  • Date: November 9, 2008

Photographic Findings:


These photos were taken in the Carry Nation Banquet Room.

LEFT: Normally, we would think this was a piece of hair reflecting the camera flash. But the flash wasn’t being used. So we have no explanation for the light trail that appears in this photo.


RIGHT: This photo is odd because part of the picture is in focus, but the center of it is blurred.

Usually when part of a photo is blurred, it is because the blurry object is moving- but that’s not the case here. Why does it seem like something is blurring the area between the camera and the windows?


Even in the team’s short time exploring the historic hotel, they were able to capture two possible photographic anomalies.  All members present agreed that this location is a very interesting site and worth exploring.

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