Howell Farmhouse, January 26, 2019

Date: 1-26-19
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Temperature: 17° 52 percent humidity, S 7 mph wind real feel 10°
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous, last quarter. 66 percent visible
Investigators: Kellie D., Mike D., Sarah R., Kim S., Ronda H., Rodney P., Janet S., Cheryl N.

Equipment: EMF detectors, Portal app, Flashlights, recorders, 360 EMF device, pyramid EMF device.

This is a Howell downtown residence. It is currently being rented by the client and is 130 years old. It is a frame farmhouse style which is approximately 1400 square feet. It is built on a Michigan basement and overall appears to be in excellent condition. Renovations have been kept up throughout the years.

The client, their children, and acquaintances of the household report hearing things, items being moved, seeing apparitions and report being pushed. The neighbors display an aversion to looking at the residence.

Client’s Description of First Incident:
The client could not put their finger on any one “first incident” in particular. The client is seeing an increase in activity and after being pushed on the stairs, felt it was time to contact a paranormal team. The client’s child also reports seeing an apparition of a young girl in a yellow dress up and down the sidewalk. The client wants solace and is hoping we can help eliminate or subdue the activity.

The exterior of the home is in excellent repair. There are no apparent issues with the electrical or plumbing. The home’s furnace and hot water heater are in great condition. The basement is a combination of old and new materials. The windows are newer, and the only breezes detected were in the basement area where the old foundation is located. The fuse box is up to date and overall the home is in excellent condition for its age.

The team divided into two teams. One team went to the upper level while the others went to the basement. This left an entire main floor area between the teams open as a buffer. While the upper-level team was conducting their investigation, they embarked on a question and answer sessions with multiple spirits. They used the portal app, the SB-11, flashlights and EMF detectors. Spirits were responding to questions and confirming the presence of the young spirits occupying the upper level. They were able to narrow one spirit down to a male child in the age group of 10-15 years old. The team also kept getting male children’s voices coming through the portal app. At different times during the session a “Patrick” came through 3 times. The name “Alania” came through and we later confirmed it was a neighbor girl that had recently passed away. She was good friends with the client and visited the home often. The team also picked up the name “William” on the portal app. Lastly, when the team was using the alphabet method with the portal app and flashlight to determine names. The team received the name “Abraham” for “A” and recorded the name “Bonnie” coming up for the letter “B”.

Meanwhile, the basement team was using the portal app, EMF sensors and flashlights and contacted a male spirit with a southern accent. The spirit responded “yes” when asked if he was from Georgia. He asked back, “Where ya from” to which the team replied Michigan. The spirit then responded saying, “get out” and called a team member a “Yankee”. This spirit was also able to say the names of every team member in the basement conducting the investigation. The team also captured a spirit by the name of “David” which we later found out was the clients deceased ex-spouse. There were multiple names that came through the portal app while this part of the team was in the basement and the names are listed below.

The team then switched positions. The team that moved downstairs to the basement from the upper level were also getting their names called out by spirit just like the team prior. They were also getting messages from a spirit identifying as “David” (clients deceased ex-spouse). The spirit was activating the flashlight to light up on cue and seemed to be communicating using EMF response also. It was hard to capture some of the EVP’s heard down there for the team was in a confined Michigan basement near a running furnace. One message recorded seemed to come from the spirit “David” that we and the other half of our team were communicating with earlier. It can be heard saying “I love you”. We believe this was a message for the client.

The other team upstairs now was also picking up on multiple children coming through as the others had earlier. The spirits used flashlights and EMF detectors to communicate about abuse, kidnapping, and children possibly being held at the house. While upstairs the client revealed that a vicious attack had taken place in a bedroom upstairs. Earlier upon arrival while outside the home Sarah and Kellie on the team picked up a feeling of doom in that room which could be seen from the street. The client was sitting in on this entire session as the team crossed over three spirits. As the team was finalizing the crossing over of the three spirits they asked for a sign; at exactly that moment nearby church bells were heard ringing three times.

The last session all the team members converged in the front hall before entering the front bedroom on the main floor. Before entering the room Kellie on the team heard a sound coming from the room. As she stepped in the room, she recorded a toy activating by itself and playing music. The client pointed out that they could never get that toy to turn on. This room was also entered earlier before the investigation commenced and two team members, Kim and Sarah, reported feeling head pain in that room. It was tested for carbon monoxide and EMF and came back negative. As the session started, the team immediately encountered multiple spirits and the spirit of “David “again in the same male voice heard earlier. The team used “David” as a tool to move multiple spirits toward the light. When the team asked if the spirits could see the light, they received immediate responses such as “yes”. This was an affirmation for the team that the spirits were moving in the right direction. At one point the team recorded a young boy saying, I’m going in” in response to the team asking if he was at the light. The spirit “David” once again said he loved the client and it was recorded. Toward the end of the crossing over the team and the client advised the spirit “David” could stay and we received a response again in the same male voice that said, “I know” with a chuckle. The investigation was closed with a prayer and the client was advised on techniques, prayers, and tools the client could use to keep the spirits away.

Evidence Captured during the Investigation:
Howell Farmhouse VIDEO – recorded backward  Video captured during paranormal Investigation was a client’s video which was recorded normally but the audio was backward.

Howell Farmhouse VIDEO – David orb     Video of an orb in the basement when the team encountered the spirit ‘David”
Captured a photograph in the window with of what appears to be an old person with red hair (see window photo above)

EVPs Captured during Paranormal Investigation:

The name Alaina was captured (deceased neighbor)


“Alright” is captured in response to spirit helping during a crossing over.


Recording of a child’s musical toy activating on its own.


“Kellie” a team members name was recorded


“Marianna” a child’s name captured upstairs


“William” upstairs in a child’s voice


“see, I see it” was captured when the team asked if they could see the light


A child says “going in”.


“Yeah” was captured when the team asked if the spirits had all crossed over


The name “Bonnie” was captured when asked if the spirits name started with a “B”?


“I know” can be heard in response to telling a spirit it can stay.


Relevant words captured by Spirit box Ovulus or another device:

William, David, Ray-Ray, Grandmother, Abraham, Bonnie, Alaina, Sherry, Shannon, evil, neighbor, Louie, Eva, Yankee, hillbilly, kids, murdered, Nathan, Georgia, phrase: many kids here, Jason, kidnapped, Charlie, Kaelynn, Anna, spirits, ten, Marianna, phrase: love you

We would like to thank the client for inviting us to do the investigation at their home. The home is beautiful inside and well-preserved piece of history. We believe there is activity occurring at the site. The activity may become stronger as the client’s child is a clairvoyant. The team also feels that there are very strong spiritual ties to the location from people who once lived in this home or on this land. There are spirits living here that once were alive and living within this home or alongside the client at an earlier date. There are signs of residual energy which are embedded spirits, or imprinted activity which are actions repeating themselves that were once a routine by the spirit remains as energy trapped in the brick and mortar of the land of a location. The team also advised the client that they have crossed over as many spirits as they could but that multiple spirits may remain. We spoke with the client about smudging, and other protection techniques such as using protective stones and prayer and continuing with only good intentions. It was encouraged that the client seek literature on teaching her clairvoyant child protection techniques to ward off unwanted spirits, visions and occurrences.

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