Howell Residence, January 19, 2019


Date: 1-19-19
Temperature: 17F with 72 Hum and nne 7mp wind
Moon Phase: Full
Investigators: Joe, Rodney, Sarah, Ronda,
Equipment: KII, Flashlight, Phones, Dowsing rods, Kinect Camera, 360 rem pod, Vibration sensor.

The client’s apartment complex is located in historic Howell Michigan and surrounded by many beautiful old historical homes and downtown area. Howell has many claims of being haunted with its Opera house, Old State Sanitarium and ties to the KKK. As with many apartments, spirits tend to linger as their daily lives have been imprinted in the location. This we’ve found causes many residual hauntings in apartment buildings.

The client has repeatedly seen a man in a white shirt and black pants walking and disappearing into the wall. The television shuts off by itself and changes channels. The temperature in the home changes at approximately 4 or ‪5 am‬.

Joe and Rodney conducted the pre Investigation while Sarah and Ronda spoke with the client and handled the required paperwork. The home was checked for any issues with electrical and plumbing, none were found.

Sarah picked up on a few spirits right away, she gave a quick overview of what she saw or was talking to as we began our investigation. Rodney and Joe set up the KII, Kinect, and video camera, Ronda set up a video and audio recorder, Sarah started a voice recording. Communication was instant. Joe and Rodney held a session in the bathroom and bedroom in which responses were immediate. Our flashlights were also reacting during the session.
Moving to the living room, we got flashlight response to all questions and KIIs reacted accordingly. Joe was able to record evidence on his Kinect.
Throughout the entire investigation, our equipment recorded multiple forms of activity.


We would like to thank the client for inviting our team to investigate her home. We feel there was significant paranormal activity at this location which we discussed with the client. We ended our investigation by saging the home.

Evidence Captured during the Investigation:


Howell EVP – IT’S COLD



Howell EVP – LET ME GO


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Viedo 4

Video 5

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