Inkster Residence, 20 Aug 2016


Inkster Residence

Inkster Residence

The team was called for an investigation to a residence.  While interviewing the client, she stated that she was a medium and is being haunted.  She does not like being a medium.  When questioned about her realizing she was a medium, the client stated it started at age 2.  Most children have no memory of early life until the age of four, but most children are believed to be able to see entities at a you age because they are not taught that this is not what they are supposed to see and hear.

The client did report that in the past she used Ouija boards.  When her father found out he took the board and burned it.  There is no scientific proof that Ouija boards open gateways but we notate this as coincidences in investigations.

The family does not practice any religion.  The client has now come will a medical condition that drops her blood pressure to the point she passes out.  She is unable to go anywhere and hold employment.

Upon researching, MCGH came across some Youtube videos of the client being interviewed about doing paranormal investigations.  In the interview there were no mentions of her being a medium and she did investigation on her own and was not trained by a seasoned investigator. This makes it highly likely that she has opened up something and is unable to close what she opened.


The Client contacted MCGH to see if the team could assist her with getting the activity in her home to stop.  She stated that a utility sales person came to the house, who was a medium, and appeared to be a catalyst to the activity starting in the home.  The client stated that she has always had experiences and had experiences like this occur when she lived in Florida.  She had smudged her home and followed all advice she was given to get the activity to stop.  Client believes that the previous owner may have died in the home with Hospice.

Her and her mother conduct their own EVP sessions in the home and stated that they have had poltergeist activity.

There was a pan of hot water that flew across the kitchen, the name Stephanie was carved into the woodwork when they were not home, and a black shadowy mist follows her throughout the home.


Brenda, Mike and Erin

August 20, 2016

Equipment: Mag light Flash lights, Digital Recorder, Ghost Radar, Trail Cams, Digital Video recorder, Ping pong balls



The weather was at 100% humidity and the client’s mother is a smoker but smokes in a certain room out near the back of the home.

Brenda, Mike and Erin went to investigate a residence.  The client is stated she is a Medium and has a hard time dealing with her abilities.  She has been really ill lately and has been diagnosed with PODS.  She has the ability to feel the pain that caused one’s death.  She feels that she has a dark entity stalking her and she is unable to rid it.

When we first arrived at the home, we began an EMF sweep.  The clients claimed a pot of hot water flew from the stove and across the kitchen within the past couple of days.  They also stated that while they were gone from the home and returned, they found the name Stephanie carved into the wood on the wall.

We set up mag light flash lights to begin with the EVP session but the flash lights were not able to be used due to constantly going on and off.  We had ping pong balls set up to get entities to knock off the furniture.

We did an EVP session in the living room.  It was during this session the client disclosed that she had used an Ouija board when she was 10 or 12 years old.  Her father attempted to burn the Ouija board.  Brenda was communicating with another Medium during the session and the Medium believes that the client opened up a port hole with the board and has been unable to close what she opened.

The client also disclosed doing their own EVP sessions in the home consistently. With the client’s health issues, they had utilized the services of a Shaman and was symptom free for four months but now her symptomology has returned.  The client considers herself and atheist and does not practice any form of faith.

While in the living room, Mike reported that he was getting goose bumps and static electric feelings on his arms and legs and stated he never feels the way he did.

Mike placed a trail camera in the kitchen and upper level of the house.  While on the upper level in one of the bedrooms, he reported feeling uneasy.  When Brenda turned on the lights, the EMF spiked in the room but with the lights off, the meters did not register any EMF.  The upstairs floor does slant so walking could make you feel off.

The Client’s mother asked her daughter if she needed to read one of us there but she was unable to and stated that she only gets the name “Roger.”  The only known Roger to us on the team was alive and well.

We conducted an SP-11 Box session and appeared to get the name Jeremy.  Client stated that she has come up with that name before.

Ghost Radar: Girl, Courage, Dr., Respect, Sea, Rate.

EVPS captured during paranormal investigation (Best heard with headphones)

Brenda noted that she heard a whistle, the client stated it happens all the time, then you hear, “LIAR.”

After the SP-11 shuts off you hear, “Mommy leave me go.”


Upon doing some research, we determined that the previous owner did not die in the home. We found his death announcement through one of the local Funeral Homes.

After speaking to the client and her mother, it appears they have opened up and allowed paranormal activity into their home.  They continue doing EVP sessions in the home and no smudging or ritual cleansing will help because of them inviting the activity into their homes.  A list of Shaman in Michigan was given to the family, as requested, and client was given referrals to professional mediums.  One medium stated she was not able to help the client when follow up with the medium referred.  Client is waiting on the second medium.  Client reports activity is calm one day then crazy the next.  Client needs to cease all paranormal investigation in her home and work with an experienced Medium to help her close the doorway she may have opened.


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