Brenda, Investigator

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Brenda, Investigator


Brenda, Investigator, Case Manager and Researcher

Brenda feels that she represents Michigan well, being half Yooper and half Troll (each one of her parents is from one of the peninsulas in Michigan). As a child, she grew up in Northern Michigan, and in her late teens, found her living in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Brenda first went to school to work in Radio and Television at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts where she received an FCC License to work in Radio and Television. She then moved on to Madonna University to study Psychology and then onto Wayne State University to study Social Work. Brenda is currently a Master’s Level Social Worker with her specialty being in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Brenda has always been interested in the paranormal and has deep roots in the Roman Catholic faith. As a child, she felt that she saw many paranormal things, especially when there was a passing of a relative. During this time, Dream Analysis had become interested due to dreaming of family members who have passed and relatives saying they were asking for her prayers.

Brenda loves to learn new things and the arts. She began learning to play the piano and guitar in her late 30s. Languages are also her passion. Brenda learned Spanish and German in high school, American Sign Language in college, and Swedish in her mid-30s.

Brenda has a sense of humor and loves investigating things of the unknown. Her kids always tease her because they would visit cemeteries on holidays and she always called it “Ancestor Hunting.” During the “Ancestor Hunting,” she experienced paranormal activity, especially with her camera.

Brenda is currently a professor at one of the Detroit area colleges and has worked in the field of Social Work since 2001. She’s been married 19 years, is the mother of three children, and hosts exchange students from around the world to share the great American Heritage and the Motor City.

She is new to the Motor City Ghost Hunters and hopes to be able to bring her expertise in researching historical information about sites the team is investigating, learn more about parapsychology (the study of the paranormal), and help families with the grief and loss.