Ionia Residence;February 25, 2012

Case Background and Claims:

217_20120225_Ionia_MI_5_The current family acquired the home around 13 years ago. On 01/16/2010 a paranormal group (Paranormal watchers)[inactive]) went in and performed an investigation on the home. Many findings revealed it was a negative haunting and possibly demonic. They ended up bringing in a Catholic priest to do a special blessing in the home and seemed to be successful.

It was also learned that there were two deaths in the property. One man died when he doused himself with gasoline in the driveway and set he himself on fire because he was upset his girlfriend of the time when she broke up with him. The second man died of a heart attack in the home.

        It is believed by Sensitive’s that the man that killed himself with fire is the one to be haunting this  family and home. It seems he is following one of the daughter’s and possibly influencing the youngest  child negatively.  The family did end up leaving the home and moved to Indiana but  returned to the home in September  of 2011. All seemed well but around mid-December activity started to pick up. They called MCGH in  January to do another investigation, since some of the  previous paranormal  team members were now with MCGH. MCGH came in and investigated and did a full smudge with the property owner’s permission.



  • Date: 02/25/2012
  • Time: 8:00 PM – 12:15 AM
  • Investigators: John, Chass, Holly, and Tim B.
  • Equipment used: Standard static and handheld video camera; handheld digital audio recorders; K-2 Meters, EMF Detectors, Ovilus, flashlights and thermometers were used on this investigation.
  • Temperature: Moon was a Waxing Crescent 12% of Full. Temperature was 22°f, but felt like 19°f. Dew point was 16 and humidity 78%, with winds of 4 mph WSW. Cloud cover was 18%.


Personal Experience:


  • John experienced several sounds and voices throughout the evening.


  • Several times during the night, Tim heard unexplained sounds and possibly words.
  • It’s Tim’s fourth visit to the home since 2010 and the home didn’t feel as bad as before.



  • Chassidy mentions that it feels like it’s gone.



  • Holly, too, experienced unexplained sounds and words several times throughout the evening.
  • It’s Holly’s fifth visit to the home since 2010 and this time the home didn’t feel so menacing as before.


EVP’s captured during investigation:


 “Enough” EVP class C: When John is telling us about the smudge box, a motion detector goes off and there seems to be a two syllable word through all this and no one is in the room. All the other voices we can identify; we believe the voice to say “enough” or “end now.”


 “Save us” EVP class C: Male voice, we believe to say “save us”.


 “Not my walls” EVP class C: Tim just walked in and started his voice recorder and is asking who’s in the room. We believe the voice to say “Not my walls” or “Knock my walls.”


 “Welcome to hell” EVP class C: While walking around giving Chass and John a tour of the house, this  was caught and sounds like a Male voice saying, “Holly…welcome…to hell.” This was Holly’s fourth visit to this home.



Our best evidence once again is in the form of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) and personal experiences. We had electromagnetic field (EMF) spikes recorded as well as interactions with flashlights and Chass’ camera which may have been paranormal in nature. There were also a few unexplainable personal experiences of which could be corroborated amongst the team members, such as unexplained sounds and voices heard by most team members and family members. The best part is that not only one person would hear the words but several would. Our equipment simply caught the sounds too low to present to property owner. It is our belief that this location is very active to the point of a haunting and we very HIGHLY recommend that the family come closer to their Faith and stay firmly together. Try to keep a positive attitude in the home to hopefully help remove this entity from it. Little Chad is demonstrating unwanted and scary behavior that must be properly guided, just as the father that blessed this home two years ago mentioned to do so, and one way of doing this is to show him God’s love. Bring him to God’s home and show him only God’s goodness, peace and love.

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