Jackson Home Investigation; March 29, 2013

Case Background and Claims: 2013_03_29-Jackson-Home-Photo_BackofHome

The client reports feelings of being watched, as well as seeing dark shadows in the home.  Additionally, items have been moved in the home, and the client reports both hearing footsteps and smelling something like perfume.


  • InvestigatorsJohn, Joe, Tim R, Tim W
  • Weather: 37 degrees outside, clear and dry, 68 degrees inside
  • Winds: 2 mph NW
  • Humidity: 68%
  • Time: 7:45pm to 10:45pm
  • Date: March 29, 2013

The investigation started in the living room. Many times during the investigation, Joe and Tim W saw shadow movement in the kitchen. At many times during the night, the team received many responses to their questions as the K2 meters lit up and flashlights also responded.

Many in the room saw a light appear and disappear on the floor near the couch Joe was sitting on. No reason was found for this light to appear then disappear. The client’s daughter claimed to be cold. When checked with the thermal camera, her right side to be 82 degrees and her left side to be 86 degrees. Joe felt sick later in the night and had to leave the room for five minutes. Tim W and Tim R saw an orb near Joe. Tim W got cold while setting up his Joe’s Box. The client’s daughter claimed something pulled the top of the blanket she was holding.

EVP Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

 “That Bone.” Class A EVP. This EVP was captured as the team was setting up their gear and talking with the client.

 “Watch Them Now.” Class B EVP. The client’s daughter had entered the room. Tim R had asked about the fireplace tools moving on their own and the client had provided an explanation.

 “Jason, You Tell Them.” Class B EVP. The team had just settled down for an EVP session and Tim R was giving roll call of those present.

Ovilus Words Spoken:

Pants, Open, Barry, Happen, Tune, Note, Trace, Coast, Brown, Snow, Stigmata, Shepard, Woman, Priest, Paralyzed, 5, Never, James, Cannot, Man, Dig, Turning, Bomb, James, Frank, Pond, Probably, Cannot, Stirred, Question, Loop, Column, Alright, Turning, Bomb, Never, Might, Stirred, Grasp, Trade, Center, Oracle, Park, Actually, Each, Float, December, Shining, There, Might, Yet, Explain, Move, Gentle, Sit, School, Gender, Stirred, School, Reserving, Lark, Lord, New Moon, Stirred, Tide, Clairvoyant, Oracle, Manifest, Vast, Lark, Reserving, Soccer, Yet, Clairvoyant, Stirred, Corner, Sense, Decided, Might, Yet, November, Each, Sand, Decided, Float, Batteries, While, Explain, Each, Digital, Read, Loop, Fell


It is believed that the team made contact with Bret, the female client’s best friend from high school, who died one year after graduation in a motorcycle accident. It is also believed that they made contact with the client’s grandmother who had passed away. We believe that both spirits are in the home to watch over our female client and both of her young daughters.

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