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We get many requests to join the Motor City Ghost Hunters.  We are a big team and handle many investigations every year, and because of this, we accept applications to join our team all year long.

Traditionally, we only bring people in during the spring.  Occasionally, members leave or take sabbaticals (we do get very busy) and we will bring in prospective members at other times of the year as needed.  Every prospective member is brought in and interviewed by the team as a whole and then we vote.  If you make the cut, then you will become an investigator-in-training, a position held for no less than six months.

Being an investigator is hard work.  There is the investigation itself, evidence review, investigation reports and team meetings.  We also host several fund raising adult ghost hunts per year for local historical societies.  If you think you have what it takes, we will gladly review your application.  We accept everyone from seasoned investigators to people who have never been on an investigation.  This application is to let us get to know you.  Investigation skills can be learned by anyone, but not everyone can be an investigator.

We only accept applications from individuals 21 years of age or older.  All questions must be answered to the best of your ability (please enter NA if applicable) or your application will not be considered.

Good luck!

Motor City Ghost Hunters Paranormal Investigator Application


Your Name:

Your Email:

Your Home or Cell Phone Number:

Your Home Address:

Your City:

Your Date of Birth:

Social Media Accounts (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc.):

ex: Twitter / @MCGhostHunt ;

Have you done any paranormal investigating before? If so, with whom and where:

List any prior paranormal investigation teams that you belonged to:

Why do you want to be a paranormal investigator?:

Specifically what made you apply to MCGH (why do you want to be a part of this team)?:

All of our investigators are required to have a voice recorder. Would this be an issue?

Do you have an interest in buying any paranormal investigation equipment? If so what and why?:

In additional to investigation time (usually 4-6 hours plus travel time), evidence review usually takes 10 hours or more. Can you submit your evidence and report within three weeks?:

Do You Have A Valid Driver's License?:

Do You Have Reliable Transportation?:

Do you have an Enhanced Driver's License or Passport for Canadian Investigations?:

Do you have a job? What do you do and what hours do you work?:

What other types of job have you held?:

We have team meetings once a month, Sunday, at 3 pm. Would you be able to attend?:

Do you have any special skills that could be applied to a paranormal team? Please elaborate:

How comfortable are you using a computer (Microsoft Office, internet browsing, downloading, email, etc.):

The far left is not comfortable at all, the far right is very comfortable

Have you used any video, photo or audio editing software? Do you currently have any type of said software? Please elaborate:

How comfortable are you experiencing paranormal activity:

The far left is not comfortable at all, the far right is very comfortable

Have you experienced any paranormal activity? Please elaborate:

What is a ghost?

What is your opinion on Ouija Boards?

Do you believe that religious faith plays a role in paranormal investigations? Please elaborate:

What ghost hunting television shows do you watch? Why? What is the best and worst parts about them? Do they investigate like you would? Would you do anything different?:

Have you read any books on the paranormal? Please elaborate:

Tell us anything else you thing is important regarding your interest in the paranormal?

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