Kokopelli’s Korner, January 12, 2019



Date: 1-12-19 7:00-10:30 pm
Temperature: 28 ° overcast
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbons Full
Investigators: Kelly D., Judy H., Carrie B., Rodney P., Joe P., Sarah R., Ronda H.,
Janet S., Kristie L., Kellie D., Mike D., John McCormick., Mary H., Kim S., Janet S.,
Libby & John V.
Equipment: SB11, Ovilus, EMF detectors, EMF pump, Portal app, Dowsing rods,
camcorder, audio recorder(s), FLIR, flashlights, rem pod, geo phone, kinect SLS, mel
meter, light grid


Kokopelli’s Korner gift shop is housed in a 150 year old building at 111 East Grand River, Howell, Michigan 48843. It’s located adjacent the original courthouse. Kathy the owner and her daughter Gabriella are the shop keepers. There are also occupied rental units over the
The township itself was officially formed in 1836 and was made up of the territories now
known as Marion Township, Osceola Township, and the City of Howell. The Township
and the Village were both named after Thomas Howell, a son of Judge Howell of
Canandaigua, N.Y. The original downtown area has been rebuilt after fires through the
many years. At one time it was considered to become the State Capitol of Michigan. It
has numerous haunted areas downtown from the courthouse with the old hanging tree
( now cut down, from lightning damage) to the historic Howell Opera House, and the
Howell movie theater. Also, claimed as haunted was the old state mental Sanitarium
now demolished and condos are being built on site), and the haunted Lake View
Cemetery off of Thompson Lake. Few family farms still remain but a rich history is still
buried deep in the land and the old buildings.
On 2-3-19 It was determined through research that a man by the name of David
Wetmore owned the northwest section of plat 36 of Howell. This happens to be
the section in which Kokopelli’s store is located. During our investigation a few of
the team members kept getting the name David on the ovilus and the portal.     

The client explained that she has had stuff happening since she moved to this location. The worst situations included shelves breaking/falling and items falling off and breaking. She noted that  she came in and all the teas were off the hooks and on the floor. She also stated that she had a table full of flyers in the middle of the store and she was waiting on a couple of customers and suddenly everything flew off the table.  She stated that she was aware of a little girl spirit, and some spirits being trapped at the location including a “Tom” the owner of the land before anything was built. A young psychic girl told her there were spirits trapped in the wall behind her counter. This would have been from hiding slaves in there and the people passed in there. The client stated that another team has also investigated the location. She stated that the basement had a vortex and that she and others can feel the energy down there.

A group by the front door area received lots of activity using the ovilus as well as the flashlight and Mike/Kellie’s Geo Phone being very responsive. We believe we made contact with the spirit of a child as well as men named “Dave and Louie.” The spirits seemed very intelligent as they were acknowledging that we were turning on equipment. On, Switch, Control, Tool, and system were words said on the ovilus. The spirit of Dave was turning on our flashlight on command to many of our questions. We believe Dave was a child that grew up in the store his parents owned. We also believe there might have been a reference to the KKK bombing involving Bob Miles the grand wizard who lived in the area years ago. We received direct answers when asking names and when asking who their parents were. In one recording we ask “Dave” who his parents are and we get the response “Garrett White”. We also received many responses from the ovilus and our SB11 as well as the portal app.

The other group on the opposite end of the main floor started with using the portal app and the ovilus app. They were getting a lot of responses and names. Rhonda stated she was having a hard time breathing and so did another person. Usually, this is a sign of a spirit telling us they died in an accident of trauma causing loss of breathing. Sarah stated it was a man named “Kevin.” He let her know he died from breathing problems.
Ronda was asking to chat with whoever was in the area and she started getting the
names” Dave, Sarah, Henry, Rosie.” At the same time Janet was getting names also.
VERY active area. Rodney’s Rem Pod was very active in the main floor area also and
he captured shadow movement behind a curtain covering a doorway behind the register
area. Once the 3rd group that started in the basement came up they were getting hits on
another spirit. The team was getting the word “commander”. Through a series of
questions and using the dowsing rods they were able to confirm he wanted crossing
over at which time they were able to cross him over. The group also picked up on a 12
year old girl possibly the same girl contacted downstairs, “Krissy” or “Kristy” and the
team crossed her over as well . That’s when the group encountered a spirit by the name
of Kevin, possibly the same Kevin our other group had contacted earlier? This
malevolent spirit was showing Carrie how he killed a girl and was very upset that the girl
was crossed over. While showing Carrie how he killed the girl Carrie envisioned him
holding a raised stick over his head. Carrie was experiencing the pain inflicted on the girl. At this time the rest of the team came upstairs
and prayed with Carrie while Ronda saged. Things were starting to ease up when Joe
captured an orb and a flash on his video camera while using his Kinect SLS. That’s
around the time Carrie said the spirit left.

Most team members on site reported high EMF activity in the area of the basement
located under the stairwell and along that wall. EMF sensors flashlights
seemed to respond actively in that area. an EVP saying “yeah” was also caught in that
area. A few people on the team could sense that there was a strong feeling coming from
the basements front right corner. EMF detectors also indicated that there were strong
electromagnetic fields in that area. It confirmed what Kathy thought about a portal or
Vortex being in that area. Both team encountered multiple spirits that required crossing
cover. we were getting EMF activity by the cistern in the corner across from the
stairwell. More than one person on the team felt there may have been activity in the late
mid 1800s linked to the underground railroad while others felt as though possible
bootlegging was occurring at this location in the 1920-30s prohibition era.


Kokopelli’s Korner EVP – Dave (ovilus)

Kokopelli’s Korner EVP – Whistle

Kokopelli’s Korner EVP – GARETT WHITE

Kokopelli’s Korner EVP – Yeah

Kokopelli’s Korner EVP – Hey there, hey you

Kokopelli’s Korner EVP – Dog barking

Kokopelli’s Korner Video – Flashlight Session

Kokopelli’s Korner Kinect Video – Joe’s kinect ORB

Kokopelli’s Korner Video – Dowsing Rods session

  • video evidence of a gray orb shooting up and away and a flash after a malevolent spirit
    (Kevin) left the shop.
  • video evidence of shadows moving behind a curtain covering a door frame where
    no one was.
  • video of flashlight responding in the basement
  • multiple EVP recordings
  • video of EMF sensors and flashlights responding on cue to questions

1st Session
Cage 2x, Repeat, Surge, Black, Trust, Back, Plural, Dawn, Switch, Minutes, Symbols,
Stool, Life, Date, Study, Periodic, Wishing, Dave 4x, Render 3x, Plural, finished, Grain,
Lot, Can, Plural, Lag, System, Control, Morning, Switch, Usually, Behind, Raster, yard,
block, Banshee, Heaven, Grab, Army, On, Try 2x, Major, Block, Can, Said, Stunt,
Throw, On prepared, Steam, System, Hard, Consigned, Rear, Periodic, Consummate,
System, Switch, Signal, On, Prepared, Morning, Said, Tools, John, Usually,Switch,
Bomb, Render, said, Banshee, Switch, Bring, System, Constantly, Minutes, Roll, Block,
Constantly, Elements, Prepared, Minutes, Listen, Cords, Steam, Drain, Simon, Bobby,
User, Deliver, Blame, Signal, police, Convict, jail, area, Orb, Get out, Police, Annoyed,
Melody, Variation, Wilt, Minute, Hurt
2nd session:
Near, Finished, Banshee, Stirred,Said, Never, Elements, Tide, Choke,Alcohol, Crawl,
Forward, Subject, Allowed, Raster, Themselves, Can, Single, Cold

We would like to thank the Kathy for inviting us to do our investigation at her wonderful
store. The site is beautiful inside and a well-preserved piece of history. We believe there
is activity occurring at the site and were able to obtain some pretty impressive
evidence. We crossed over multiple spirits but feel the location has such a rich history
of people coming and going that Kathy and any future clients or tenants above her may
continue to experience paranormal activity. many times we find the walls of historic
locations are imprinted and/or possess residual energy from years of experiences,
people, businesses and family. We would love to return and have made ourselves
available to Kathy as needed.

Google history of Howell Michigan by Elisha H. Smith, 1868).
Howell Township History.org

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