Lapeer Residence; January 27, 2012

Case Background and Claims

300_ChassSmudgingThe client contacted MCGH after her family was experiencing various unexplained things in their condo, with a lot of it centering around her middle daughter.

Among the experiences, some of them include the middle daughter’s room being colder than the other rooms and her television has turned on by itself (this has occurred more than once).  Additionally, her bedroom door has opened on its own (while all the other doors were closed) and this happened shortly after footsteps being heard in the hallway.  The daughter is afraid of sleeping or playing in the room.  The client and her friends set up a recorder in the room and captured whistling and the sound of toys being moved around.

Before centering around the middle daughter, the older daughter was experiencing unexplained activity.  She would wake up screaming, and they would hear footsteps and banging coming from upstairs.  The client talked to her pastor, and they started praying every night.  They also had one Bible in the home, which they moved into the oldest daughter’s bedroom.  The daughter started taking it to bed with her, and activity stopped, but soon started with the middle daughter.

The client also had nightmares.  Everyone in the home is having a hard time sleeping and just wants to feel comfortable in their home.



  • Investigators: Jason, Cathy, Chass, Tim and Ryan
  • Date: January 27, 2012
  • Time:    7 PM – 12 AM
  • Weather:  mid-30s  
  • Structural:  Two-story condo with basement



The team arrived at 7 PM and began the walk through. Jason and Tim discovered that there was high EMF near the head of the middle daughter’s bed, coming from in the wall (we believe there to be wires in the wall that are causing this).  Cathy sat down the client to complete the interview, while Jason, Tim, Ryan, and Chass continued to set up and get a feel for the place.  At 7:47 PM, Chass walked into the middle daughter’s bedroom and immediately got scratched on her leg, with three scratches.

At 8:15 PM, the team took a break so that the client could put the children to bed.

MCGH returned at 9:15 PM to begin the investigation.  The team started in the basement at 9:20 PM.  Soon after going downstairs, Chass felt as if she was being scratched higher up on her leg.  This occurred at 9:27 PM.  About five minutes later, both Chass and Ryan reported having a headache.  We attempted to use dowsing rods, K-II meters, recorders, and a flashlight to communicate.  The dousing rods were not cooperating.  Chass asked “if it was the old hag,” and Ryan heard “no” being said in his ear.  We continued to ask questions, but were not getting results. At 9:41 PM, Chass said it was just screwing around, and the flashlight lit.  A little while later, Chass reported feeling nauseous, so we took a break at 10 PM.

At 10:20 PM, we resumed investigating and this time in the middle daughter’s bedroom.  We started getting constant K-II and flashlight hits, which corresponded with each other.  At 10:40 PM, Chass smelled something like decay or “death.”  At 10:48 PM, we heard a loud pop and Tim felt a toy hit his right leg.  The flashlight also lit at this time.  About ten minutes later, Tim also felt like his leg was poked.  Soon after that, Cathy felt like her hair was being played with.  At 11:03 PM, Jason felt like his right hand was scratched in the webbing between his pointer finger and middle finger.  At 11:12 PM, we ended the investigation in the bedroom.

While Chass mixed a smudge, Ryan and Tim went around the house and blessed it with holy water.  Then, Chass went around and smudged the home, all of the occupants, and the team.

The investigation ended at 12 AM.


EVP’s captured during investigation:
“No EVP”class C: This EVP was also captured in the basement.  It is very faint, It sounds like it could be a faint “no,” which Ryan then heard and comments on.  This was following Chass asking if “it was the old hag?”


“We could kill ” class B: This EVP was captured in the basement.  It was captured during the time when Chass was being scratched.  An unexplained voice, which sounds male, can be heard before Chass starts talking.  It sounds like it could be “we could kill,” but you be the judge.



The team believes that there is something present, but it did not want to make itself known to us that evening.  In addition to cleansing the home, we talked to the client about possible protection they can take, including the use of crystals, sage, and prayer.  We also talked about the importance of not “playing into” the spirit (i.e. attempting to communicate with it via recorder, talk it, etc.) as that can feed it with energy.  We told the family to contact us if activity increased in intensity, but to do their best to ignore it.

** Update **  The family did not experience any additional activity after MCGH’s visit.  They credit the smudging and blessing of the home the team did as the reason for the new sense of calm.

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