LaSalle Beach House; May 2013

Case Background and Claims:Lasalle beach house 2013

This is a Lake Erie beach cottage built in approximately 1910. Since it’s construction 5 people have died while living in the cottage, but not all actually dying in the cottage.

Over the years there have been many questionable things happening. Some of the activity has included lights and fans turning on, circuit breakers tripping inexplicably and things thrown in the trash have later been found on the counter. Pictures that are taped up or nailed end up laying face down. There have also been disembodied voices, feelings of being watched and footsteps from areas where nobody is
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  • Investigators:John, Joe, Gayle, Don, Kate, Lesley
  • Structure: Cottage
  • Time: 8:00 pm to 1:30 am
  • Date: May 18, 2013

The Investigation:

During the interview process, Brett takes us in the garage. We go upstairs to check it out. There are all kinds of antiques. There is an erie feeling. Kate starts to feel sick and John get a K2 hit. Don gets a spike on his emf and there  is no power to the garage anymore.
At 8:39 pm. we move to the pink room. The claims in this room are of fans turning on by themselves, seeing shadows, feelings of being uneasy to the point you have to leave room. This room includes a second bedroom with two beds in it that use to be a nursery. There were a couple of hits on the k2 and feeling chills. At approximately 10:00 pm we moved to blue room. Upon entering the room, some got chills, this happens throughout  the night. Lesleys recorder stops working even though  she had just replaced batteries in it.
At 11;00 We entered grandpas room. Chris, Lesley  and Gayle. We noticed a cloth on the doorknob that was not there earlier. We thought Joe may have put it there, but he did said he had not. Even the client Brett thought this this was strange. In asking for a response to our questions the door started to shake and make a rattling noise as though wind was blowing it. We are not sure if it was or not.
We moved to the garage because Brett came in and told Chris to come out because they were talking to Helen ,and Grandpa. So we all moved into the garage, with the family members. Flashlights going off when asking them to light up that specific light, motion detectors going off but no k2 hits at all.  The garage was the most active room that night.
This home is very interesting with most of the activity seeming to be in the garage. This activity could be from all the antiques that belonged to Helen along with the urns with the grandparents ashes. Plus it is by a large body of water. All the things needed for a possible haunting.
Ovilus Words Spoken:
Said, gather, Kansas, died, cancer, pretty, trust, thus, home, war, malice, with, quarantine, important, embark, deah, abyss, nose, mission, fist, length, neck, natural, alien, tune, brother, hit, choke, second, honor, Ron, phantom, open, pointe, copy, jacket, dust, she, one, Grandfather, study, mission, wisdom, second, evolution, dock, study, do not, first, valley


Notable words on the Ovilus:

Ask-As John was talking about asking questions thru the Ovilus
Home- as Team was asking if the spirit lived there the Ovilus responded Home.
Cancer- Previous homeowner Helen died from throat Cancer.
Neck- Helen’s Cancer was located in her Neck and Throat.
War-Clients Grandfather was stationed on a ship during WW2 in Japan.


Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:

 “Goodbye” Class C EVP: An investigator was asking for the three spirits present to light up all three flashlights. The flashlights turn on. An investigator responds by saying “there you go” and a faint voice can be heard saying “goodbye”

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