The Lawrence House; June 08, 2013

Case Background and Claims:

383_Lawrence_house_4The family that built and lived in the home was, William and Elisabeth Lawrence.
Elisabeth Lawrence Died 1940. William Lawrence Died 1922 their children were Ralph, Wilber, Edger.
The Lawrence family was a prominent family that lived in Sarnia Ontario and owned much of the logging industry in the area. The home in its era was a true show place and was a home of prominence in the area. After the owners donated the home to the city it fell into much disarray until grants were established to return the great home to its original splendor. There are many reports of activity in the house from seeing shadow people hearing voices and footsteps to the elevator going up and down between floors for no apparent reason.
Elisabeth Lawrence Died 1940, William Lawrence Died 1922 both rare the primary spirits believed to still be in their old home. The Lawrence home is currently being used as a beautiful art gallery.



  • Date: Jun 08. 2013
  • Time: 7:00PM to 11:00 PM
  •  Humidity:  36%
  •  Weather:  72*F Clear & Dry
  •  Wind:  East 4 mph


Equipment used:

  • Flir I7 Thermal Camera
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Audio Recorder
  • GEO Phone
  • Mag Lights
  • K2 meters
  • MEL ADD meter
  • EMF Pumps


*** 9:00pm Basement of Lawrence House

During this session we believe we made contact with Elisabeth Lawrence using flashlights for yes and no responses. Also my MEL ADD meter responded to many temperature changes while questions were being asked. John’s audio recorder shut itself off while John was asking Elisabeth to make contact with him, note the recorders batteries were at 75% when they were checked and the audio recorder was restarted. While in the basement John and others noticed a chair move in the room and seen a shadow move across the room.

Ovilus Words Spoken:

Bring, Signal, Sea, Rub, Diablo, Dead, Normal, Wall, Diablo, Cute, Saint, Home, Just, See, Everything, Dune,  Just, LMAO, Throw, Halt, Cancer, Minutes, System

10:30pm All teams gathered in the main

Brenda thought she heard someone crying while we were in the room.We once again tried to contact spirits using our mag lights and believe we made contact with a spirit named Matt.
Bert and others smelled tobacco while we were sitting in the room.

Weird but it occurred,  the Ovilus said : “Cross”, “Choke”, then said “Ron”.. This is the name of a gentleman in the room named Ron Cross who just lost his Mother in January when she had choked on a sandwich and died in her home. This happened while her son was studying for a test.


Ovilus Words Spoken:

Diablo, LMAO, Throw, Near Dear, Then, Everything, Throw, Near, Dear, Dune, Angels, Roll, See, Mean, Dead, Cute, Steel, Matt, Chimp, That, Broad, Chimp, Lake, Share, Saint, Duck, Evolution, Sallies, Boat, Cross, Ron, Choke, Home, Belong, Pet, Meat, Tube, Died, Nose, Second, Choke, Study, Malice, Belong, Died, Second, Barn, Elias, Nose, Wisdom, War, Western, Similar, Quarantine, Lock, Copy, Alien, Honor, Tablet, Fist, Valley, Second, Fruit,


Franks Box Words:

Chris, Hungry, Matt, Enough, Mike, Lynn, Hi, Need it, Bert, Rich, How’s it looking, Hello, Darrell, Ray, Mommy, Duck, Alias, Coin, Subject, Fist, Jacket, Choke, Point, Rates


Audio Evidence Obtained During Investigation:


“Yeah” EVP class B: As Ron and Bert are talking about Ron’s Mother being with him a older female voice whispers ” Yeah”


 “There” EVP class C: While man is talking about watching the home as he was a young boy a male voice whispers” There” John heard this live and asked team at the time if anyone heard a whisper everyone responded nobody whispered.


“Yeah” EVP class C: As team is asking Ron’s Mother if she’s where she belongs a Female voice whispers “Yeah”


“Pipe” EVP class B: As Bert is talking to the team about the smell in the room a voice whispers “Pipe” then Bert says “it smells like pipe smoke”.


 “NO” EVP class A: Ovilus says Wisdom then Brenda says are you talking about someone knowledgeable. Ron says don’t look at me? A Older female voice says “No”.

[/audio] “Can I get outta here” EVP class A: As John is packing up his gear while alone in the basement to move upstairs a female voice is heard saying, “Can I get outta here”.


This was MCGH’s second investigation of the Lawrence House joining Bert from Beyond Ghosts Canada for this great investigation.We believe the spirits of the Lawrence family still occupy their beautiful home and as seen tonight offer other spirits a opportunity to make contact with the living.

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