Livonia Residence, 27 Jan 2018


Dawn, Mike and Brenda

Equipment and Environment:

  • Ovilus, Mag light Flashlights, Digital Recorders, SP-11 Box, Trail Cams, Sony Handy Cam
  • Temperatures Inside 69F Outside 45F
  • Moon Waxing Crescent
  • EMF in Home 0


  • First time was when the client felt the presence of a someone or something close to them, it gave them goosebumps and chill. This happens to the husband.
  • Other Unexplained Occurrences: Footsteps, things being whipped across the room, voices, one grandkid asked the client, “what’s the ghosts name,” another grand kid keep asking me, “who is here?” multiple times, asked me who is here with us. Shadows passing. Every night our covers get dragged off of us to the end of the bed, also lately we been feeling really drained, like it’s feeding off our energy. Hearing closet doors opening in the adjacent room.
  • Do Residents Feel Threatened: “Yes”
  • Have Prior Attempts Been Made to Deal with Issue: “No”
  • Explanation of Prior Attempts: No
  • Desired Outcome: To find out who or what it is. Also, to find out if intentions are negative or positive.

History of the Property:

The home was built in 1976 and appeared to have three separate families live in the home. Historic maps do not show native American lands in the past.


  • We were met by the two homeowners. An EVP sweep of the house found nothing; there is one electrical outlet that is dead and appears to be disconnected from house wiring.  Most of the activity in the house was reported to be in the small bedroom and basement – trailcams and a Sony trailcamcorder were setup in those areas but did not yield conclusive evidence.
  • The investigation was conducted on the kitchen room table using flashlights, two oviluses, and recorders.
  • The investigation produced several quality EVP’s and many ovilus responses that strongly correlated with the questions being asked or that formed a “theme”. The ovilus response correlation was unusually high relative to other investigations.  The proper names “George”, “Betty”, and “Manuel” each repeated 3-5 times on the ovilus – unusual for a proper name. When we questioned the homeowner for information on these names, we found two direct connections with the home or homeowners. The investigators had no prior knowledge or discussion of these names. “George” was the homeowner’s father who passed away in late 2017. George’s photo was displayed in the kitchen where the investigation was conducted. George is the entity who appears to the young grandson. “Betty” was a prior homeowner that lived in the home for many years before passing away – that was verified by Betty’s grand-daughter, who lives in the home directly across the street. The grand-daughter has reported seeing an apparition of her grandmother Betty. It appeared Betty was trying to reach out to her granddaughter. We had numerous temperature changes and cold spots while speaking to Betty.  The home was occupied by migrant workers from Mexico until summer of 2017 – the name “Manuel” (a common Mexican male name) and the word “tilde” was repeated on the ovilus many times during the investigation.  The ovilus had a short burst of related words late in our investigation, including “Soil”, “earth”, “porch”, “plant”, “pots”, “restore”. The owner reported the migrant workers who lived there spent a lot of time on porch. Subsequent inspection of the porch revealed numerous planter pots filled with soil. We suggested the homeowners inspect the areas around the porch for anything unusual during sun light.
  • The home owners believe that something effected their sons at the Bay City homes and the father reported seeing the Grim Reaper go into the young boys’ room at that home. Since then, the boys (now grown) have had much conflicts and behavioral issues and report having night terrors. Bishop James Long was contacted for assistance in a possible demonic possession. He stated that young child are not able to be possessed by demons because they cannot give free will to allow the possession. Family was given the contact info for Bishop Long for further assistance.

EVPs Captured:

1. An investigator says “They’re waiting for them to definitely cross over”. Disembodied voices: “Don’t” and “Yah”.


2. This is an interesting EVP where both disembodied voices and the Ovilus responded to an investigators comment. The investigator says “I hope this isn’t someone new”. Two unusual voices not matching anyone in the room respond with “Yes” (faint) and “No” (louder). The investigator then says “Hopefully I got rid of the Hispanic spirit” [as we were communicating with the relatives] – Ovilus responds with “Manuel” (The Hispanic person).


3. Investigator: “Is your name Terry?” Voice: “Ah Hah”


4. Investigator: “Es Manuel aqui? Is Manuel here?” Voice: “Here”.


5. Incomprehensible talking in background by disembodied voice.

Ovilus #1 Words:

Insects, Loss, All, November, Carbon, Wonder, Tied, Ground, With, Gender, Clairvoyant, Real, Sand, Plan, Believe, Cost, Manuel, Dominate, Map, Flow, George, Thin, Dominate, Twenty, Shuttle, Flew, Commemorate, Orb, Result Map, Party, Felt, Suit, Soilk, Early, Few, Beth, Loss, Tilde, Be, Soil, Direction, George, Piece, Washington, Number, Decomposition, Both, Washington, Number, Numb, Satan, Aye, Quiet, Porch, Anything, Satan, Bunny, Passed, August, Movie, Bunny, Cousin, Quiet, Dope, Memory, Sum, Mend, Shuttle, Quilt, Passed, Tea, Seek, Fell, Communicate, Stone, Mother, Memory, Twenty, Carbon, Bunny, George, Loss, Shuttle, Level, Inches, Key, Twenty, Alive, Venus, Cupcake, Products, Yours, Rot, Earth, Porch, Gravity, Word, Betty, Soil, Friend, Loss, Chris, August, Sister, Rot, Plants, Manuel, Soil, Cards, Restore, Dinner, August, Soil, Curse, Felt, Products, Inches, Manual, Porch, Shuttle, Movie, Seen, Soil, Muddy, Washington, Ghost, Chris, Betty, Beans, Movie, Memory, Sum, Pieces, Flowers, Nice, Hey, Dinner, Word, Manuel, Grave, Tragic, Communicate, Harmonic, Two, Dinner, Done, Muddy.

Ovilus #2 Words:

Winter, Itself, Stale, Understand, Befriend, Terry, Birth, Rail, W, Tiny, Tomb, Live, Sacred, Blanket, Bang, Sorry, Until, Hockey, Provide, Per, Agreed, Crawl, Headstone, Palatine, Troll, Been, George, String, Try, Remain, Scream, Real.
We believe we came in contact with four entities. Two were the parents of the home owner and another may have been from the family of the migrant workers that lived in the home until 2017. The last was the original homeowner (Betty).
We don’t feel the family is in any danger and mostly it’s family showing themselves to the children in the home and letting the family know they are there.

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  1. Jan Walker

    Its always interesting to hear and see what is captured on your investigations. You guys are awesome…..

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