Loren Andrus House- Washington Twp 18 April 2015

Octagon House 2

The home was built in 1860 by Mr. Loren Andrus.  He made the bricks from the clay from the farm and fired them himself (Escanaba Daily Press, March 16/1961, pg 6).  The Andrus family came from the State of New York in 1826 when the land grants opened up in the Michigan Territory.  His father Elon Andrus obtained a land grant in 1820.

Mr. Andrus died in 1901 in Detroit, MI according to the Detroit Free Press, 21 April 1901 pg 31 of an absess in his middle ear and senility.  He is buried with his wife in the South Washington Cemetery, Washington, Macomb County, MI.

The farm became part of the Wayne State University Albert H Schmidt Foundation Farm in 1945.

It is believe this house was one of the houses used in the Underground Rail Road.  Runaways used to hide in the basement area of the house.

Currently the house is maintained and managed by the Friends of the Loren Andrus Octagon House

A more detailed history was written by Pat Hallman.

Octagon House


Volunteers report that they have never felt threatened on the site and have been touched.  There are feelings of being watched and stated the house was one of the stops of the Underground Railroad.

Investigators:  T3, Gayle, Heather, Cas, Jason, Kellie, Sharon

Equipment:  Recorder, K-II, Mel Meter, Laser Grid, Ovulis, Ghost box, Flashlight, Trigger objects-Toys, Radio, Motion Detector, IR camera.

Weather: 57 degrees-mostly cloudy


Set up equipment in the Christmas room. We began our session asking if there are any slave spirits with us that are from the underground railroad era. As soon as this question is asked we have a flashlight response. Kellie asked if there was any spirit here from the Andrus family. They owned the property in the 1800’s. We had flashlight responses when asking if the room we were in is the room the slaves stayed in when arrived from the railroad. We decided to play a hymn from the slavery era in hopes that it would help the spirits communicate with us. We played a song called Long John, Long Gone. We had immediate flashlight responses along with all of us having chills. We played another song called way down to the river Jordan. No Reponses with that song. A light behind me dimmed at 29:20 Gayle and Kellie both seen it in the room and no light source was in there. At 33:41 T3 was saying that he was going to play one more song and both Gayle and T3 heard a sigh or a no coming from behind me. At 34:33 Gayle says that, “We think we heard you say something, and you hear a male voice say “No.” We played our last song and the motion detector behind me went off along with our flashlights. Session ended at 8:55 PM.

Third Floor Gown Room IMG_0789

T3 started the session asking if there are any spirits here with us and we had immediate flashlight response. I also asked if there were any spirits here from the 1800’s and the flashlight came on. I asked if they know they have passed away and both flashlights came on. At 13:29 T3 was taking pics with his IR camera and he saw through his camera lens a ball of light crossing past the camera. When Gayle asked about the children who once lived in the house she started her horse trigger object, then she stated she heard a women’s voice coming from the other room but it was not captured on recorder. At 17:58 you can hear the trigger object move, and Kellie and I then heard a woooooooosh sound. At 30:39 Jason asked if we had tested anything to see what the noise may be and you can hear a child laughing. I began a ghost box session using the PF7. Did not receive any known information other than they stated that there are four spirits residing in the home. At 47:09 Jason coughed, and then Gayle and I heard a voice of a child. Could not make out what it says. Session ended at: 10:39

Dining Room

Cas conducted a spirit box session with no results.

EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Gayle captured an EVP of a voice asking, “Why are you here?”.  This was captured in the doll room.

Gayle captured a “No” in the doll room.


T3 captured an “Wooshing” sound from the Third Floor Gown Room. Gayle was playing with the toy horse that walks. She ask if the spirit would like to see it walk again. The get a yes response via flashlight. Gayle started it up when it is done walking she asks the spirit if it liked that? A child says “WHOOSH.”


T3 captured laughter of a child on the Third Floor in the Gown Room


Gayle captured a “Get out now” in the doll room

The team was in the kitchen and they could hear dragging noises from the upper levels.

Photos Captured During Paranormal Investigation:

One of our team members captured these images during the investigation.  Due to being taken at windows, we can not say its paranormal but just something interesting and to ponder from the investigation. The first photo looks like children looking out and the second photo looks like Mr Andrus.

Ghost 2

Courtesy of the History of Utica, Michigan by Naomi Gibbing and Gloria Ulman

Loren Andrus: Courtesy of the History of Utica, Michigan by Naomi Gibbing and Gloria Ulman

Ghost 1










Investigation in the Local News C & G Newspapers

Michigan Hauntings on Youtube


We would like to thank the Friends of the Loren Andrus Octagon House for giving us the opportunity to investigate at their site.

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