Monroe County Residence; October 10, 2009

Background and ClaimsMonroe County Residence_20091010_176_Dundeepic1

The family started experiencing strange activity after they had a Halloween party that had an eerie theme. Shortly after the party, they started to notice things like appliances turning on and off by themselves as well as hearing voices and footsteps. The family recorded some EVP’s prior to calling us and noticed some things that scared them when they played their recorders back. Most of the activity has affected their daughter to the point she doesn’t want to be home at all. They are hearing footsteps in the attic and in the hallway.

The home was built in 1840 with an addition that was added in 1860. The home was a rental before the family bought it over 7 years ago. It has a basement with about a 4000 gallon Cistern that holds water for the family. There is an old barn on the property as well as corn fields on all sides of the house and barn. It is unknown if there have been any tragedies, deaths, or previous complaints in or around the home.


Investigators:  JohnJason, Chass,Chris, Rebecca, and Brad

Weather:  50 F with clear skies

Structural: Old Farmhouse that is very clean and well kept. New windows have been put in.

While in the barn, the lights dimmed for a few seconds. The K-II lit up only once.
The camcorder went out of focus for no apparent reason while we were up in daughter’s room.

John had a headache and chest pain all night. Chass had a headache and an upset stomach all night.

John and Chris heard a loud bang coming from down stairs.

Chass was touched on her leg by something. She was standing near the closet and also heard whispering as well. While Chass was in the hallway, she felt like she had vertigo and she smelled alcohol.

Rebecca got real cold and you could feel the cold near the floor. Rebecca was also feeling like someone was touching her arm and messing with her.
Jason felt cold and like he had cobwebs on the back of his neck while standing in the closet.
Chris and Jason were in the master bedroom. Chris got tapped on the shoulder and he thought it was Jason, but realized it wasn’t him. They tried to open up the attic, but the door wouldn’t open; it was stuck. When they did get up there, they heard a female’s voice.

Brad and Rebecca felt some type of energy in the master bedroom.  Brad and Rebecca felt a lot of energy that seemed to be swirling in daughter’s room.

There was only one photograph of interest that was taken. There is a reflection or image in the door on the porch. Some people think the image in the door looks like face. Some of our investigators think it is simply a reflection and nothing paranormal. Take a look at it and judge for yourself.

One interesting thing to note is that the client recognized the face in the door as the same face they saw materialized elsewhere in the house.

Audio EVP Evidence from Paranormal Investigation

“NO” EVP Class B : An investigator asks a question.  John says, “Yes” but a voice whispers, “No.”

 “Don’t tell anyone” EVP Class B:  A voice whispers, “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Hehe” EVP Class C:“Hehe” (Can you hear the giggle in the background?)

“Inaudible” EVP Class C: There’s a voice talking under what John is saying. (Can you tell what they are saying?)

“Moan” EVP Class C: Can you hear the moan in this EVP?

“Whisper” EVP Class C:  There’s a voice whispering under Chass while she’s talking, (Can you tell what it says?)


We came out to the home and took base EMF readings and found EMF to be within normal ranges. Most of our group had personal experiences during the investigation. We got EVP’S (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in the home. We believe the Halloween party that the family had may have brought more paranormal activity into the home because of the specific activities they did that night. We have smudged the home and are recommending they smudge the home when they feel it’s needed and for the family to do other protection activities or use talismans that fit within their belief systems. We also suggested that they verbally claim the house as theirs and tell any entities that interference in their lives is unacceptable. We believe there is paranormal activity at the home, therefore we are leaving this as an on-going investigation and would like to come out and investigate further.

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