Midland Residence, 17 Dec 2017

History of the home (from client)

Midland Home

There have been two previous owners of the house that reached out to me when we moved. The house was for sale last year, both owners had asked if we had noticed the hot things. Both owners put the house back up for sale shortly after buying it because they experienced really scary paranormal activity. Both the previous owners actually seen ghosts. I have never seen a ghost, but we have had plenty of paranormal activity throughout the years. Also, the last owner before us had somebody working on the roof and the worker fell off the roof and ended up being hospitalized and the previous owner believes that he did end up dying afterwards in the hospital..


Client’s Description of First Incident: The first experience that I know of was when my husband had gone to work already and I had heard somebody walking around downstairs and slamming our kitchen cupboards. When I went down to make sure it wasn’t an intruder there was nobody in the house so I went back upstairs. I continued to hear somebody walking around and slamming my cupboards in the kitchen throughout the rest of the early morning.

Other Unexplained Occurrences: I always felt somebody chasing me up the basement stairs every time I had to do a load of laundry down there. My husband finally experience the sound of somebody walking around downstairs and slamming the cupboards. My husband almost had his finger sliced open by the fan in the hood of our oven even though he had totally shut off the electrical for the kitchen and made sure everything was OK to go. As soon as he put his finger up by the blade it started spinning. Then he went into the basement and walked past a treadmill that was unplugged it and the belt did a full rotation and stopped. We also were laying in bed and I got a really scary feeling all of the sudden as soon as I wntto ask him to turn the light on, his phone went flying across the room (it was laying in a bucket computer chair before it happened). We have also had numerous people come over and instantly express how they get a really scary or bad vibe in different areas of our house. My sister-in-law always feels like she sees somebody standing in the corner of our house by our front door and is terrified of that area. Lots of video footage of orbs flying around in the past.

Do Residents Feel Threatened: “Yes”

Have Prior Attempts Been Made To Deal With Issue?: “No”

Explanation of Prior Attempts: When the house was first purchased by my husband, his then girlfriend felt bad energy and sages the entire house.

Desired Outcome: To figure out who is here and why. I don’t want to kick them out if they’re not malicious and don’t mean harm. Maybe they’re just restless. The negative/scary stuff only happened when my husband mocked me for hearing ghosts and hadn’t experienced anything yet. Shortly after is when all the scary stuff happened to him when he was home alone.

Time 6:03 pm, December 17, 2017
Outside Temperature 31 degrees, Inside temp was 72.4


Rempod, Digital recorders, flashlights, executioners box


Brenda, Doris, Dawn, Chassidy and Cheryl.


As Doris, Chassidy and Cheryl arrived at the residence Chassidy saw a man standing in the left upstairs window.  When Dawn and Brenda arrived, Dawn stated the same thing, a man was looking out the left upstairs window.  Dawn was able to take a picture of the “man” with her cell phone.  Upon entering the home Bonnie and her family were there along with their dog, Mitten.

As we started discussing the activities in the house, she told us they did use a Ouija board to see if they could contact whoever was in the house.  Also, the husband’s ex girlfriend may of put a spell on the house.

The team decided to set up our equipment upstairs in the children’s room.  Brenda was getting the word spell and book on the ovulius.  As Dawn entered the children’s closet she received a strong feeling of a presence. Shortly after Dawn stepped away from the closet she felt pressure on her chest which subsided.   Both Chassidy and Cheryl stated that portals had been opened either by the ex girlfriend or the use of the Ouija board. The team also believed that the ex girlfriend may of hid the spell book.  As Bonnie proceeded to tell us more about the ex girlfriend the team thought it would be in the best interest to contact Melissa.

Temperature went to 66.6F

The cllient said that a lot of things happen in the basement also.  The team decided to take a break from the upstairs and proceed to the basement.  As the team proceeded to the basement, Dawn checked in the fireplace to see if a book could have been hidden anywhere in the bricks.  In the basement there was writing on the bricks which we were not completely able to make out.  This could have been someone writing on the bricks and had nothing to do with the activity in the house.  Dawn checked all areas to see if a book could have been hidden somewhere in the cracks.  Nothing was found so we proceeded back upstairs.  Melissa was informed of the spell and proceeded to do what she could to try and close the spell.  Both Chassidy and Cheryl believe that portals were opened either by the ex girlfriend or the use of the Ouija board.

As we headed back upstairs Doris got a strong feeling to go into the bathroom where she felt a very evil spirit.  She asked Chassidy to come into the room to see what she felt.  As Chassidy and Doris stood in the bathroom, the male presence was strong and angry.  Dawn came into the bathroom to assist.  Doris felt overwhelmed and needed to step back.  Chassidy stated that the male presence was standing next to Doris.  Chassidy thought it was best if we all backed away from the bathroom for a minute.  As we re-entered the bathroom, Chassidy tried to force the entity to leave, while Dawn was also trying to get rid of the entity.  Doris used holy water and prayed.  Cheryl remained on the outside of the bathroom helping to get rid of the entity.  Brenda stayed in the children’s room listening to the ovulius.   Again, Chassidy thought we should back off since this entity was very mad.  As Doris stood outside the bathroom door she kept hearing a males voice say “go to hell”.  Chassidy said that this man was very upset we were there and forcing him to leave.  At this point was asked Bonnie to come upstairs and tell this entity he had to leave.  After about 5 minutes, the atmosphere seemed to feel lighter.

Various Writings on the basement walls “Check Her”

As we were wrapping up our investigation the team told the client to smudge and make it a point to tell the presence(s) that this was her house and they had to leave.

We left the house at approximately 9 pm.  Instructed them to contact us If they had any questions or needed our help.  Doris told the client she would be back in contact with her after the holidays to see how things were going.

On the way home Brenda was attacked by an entity.  She stated she has never felt this in all the years she has been investigating.  Brenda experienced excruciating pain over her ribs and shoulder blade.  She felt as though she was going to vomit.  As she tried to open the door whatever this was would not allow her to unlock the door.  Once she finally was able to get out the door by manually unlocking the door, she vomited.  Once she was done being sick, she felt back to normal.

The next day, December 18th client contacted the team stating that about a hour after we left she started feeling “yucky” in area’s of the house she had felt normal in the past.  Also, that her son had night terrors and stated the man with no arms was by his bed.  She stated she was going to sage and see If things got better.  Chassidy did a follow up call to see if the activities had quieted down. Bonnie stated that her husband was going to sage the home.  That things did seem a little better.

December 28th, Doris followed up with client to see how things were going.
She states the presence is stronger. She ended up in the basement and doesn’t remember how she got there. She said she must of been there a bit because she was cooking and the food burned. She is scared of him and doesn’t know what else to do.  Chassidy had 2 suggestions;
There is a couple of different things to do. 1) have witch go to the home and see if they can figure out what spell was put on the home. 2) try a Pagan priestess to bless the home.
December 30th, I contacted the client to tell her what was suggested.  She said she put some app on her phone to try to contact this spirit.  Doris told her to immediately delete the app.  This could only make things worse if she didn’t know what she was doing. Bonnie informed me that her husband doesn’t want us to come back out at this time.  He will sage and they will pray.  She apologized for wasting our time.  Doris told her that our team is there for her if she needs us again.

EVP’s captured during paranormal investigation

We captured a “Me”

Midland Derrick nice shot

Midland Derrick oh my God help him

Midland I’m gonna kill you

Midland Oh he shot him

Midland Oh my God Derrick got jumped in back


The client has decided they does not want us to come back at this time. They will contact us if they need us again.

3 comments on “Midland Residence, 17 Dec 2017

  1. Ted Lawnicki

    Excellent description of occurences.. Very scary.

  2. Ted Lawnicki

    Very interesting and scary. I’m a real believer.

  3. Ted Lawnicki

    Very interesting and for me a true believer.
    I also had an experience that I told very few of my
    family about. I’ve found a lot of people don’t

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