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The original building  was built in 1933 as an officers club. It closed down in the 1980’s and was purchased by a private owner with the intents of restoring it to its former glory. After the owner passed, his son continues to run the building as a hotel and holds parties and weddings at the site.

During the War of 1812, this area was a prime spot for Canadian. soldiers to run fro the Fort and take refuge in Michigan.  The team has interviewed other places in the area and we told by residents that there were Nazi Party meetings held.

Investigators: Brenda, Chass, Cheryl, Chris, Doris, Ed, Melissa, and Ronda

Equipment: Maglite Flashlights, Digital Recorders, Dowsing Rods, Rempods, Ghost Touch, Executioners Box, SP11 Spirit Box, laser grid, ovilus.


Brenda and Ed took a tour of the site with the current owner and got basic information of experiences. Brenda took a photo in the bar area and something appeared to be on the side with a green jacket, Cheryl later attempted to recreate it with no luck.

Left side of photo


The team began the investigation in the upstairs banquet room and Bar area.

Cheryl, Chris and Ed were in the bar area and the rest of the team in the banquet room.

We started the session with an EVP session where is appears the officers of the club were not thrilled with women being in the club. To alleviate this, Brenda played some Swing music which they seemed to enjoy.

We had some Rem pod activity in the banquet room and Doris later discovered her recorder was turned off during the session (Batteries were at full charge).

we were not able to get a lot of communication with the SP-11 and began using the Executioner’s Box. We tried to reach the British woman but ended up reaching German Speaking Entities. Brenda attempted to translate the messages to English. (Could this be a Nazi Party Meeting?)

Movement could be heard in the wheelhouse while the EVP session was occurring .

Some of the Mediums were sensing an argument that was occurring between a Commanding Officer and his subordinate. They senses that a decision the subordinate made was not yet approved by the commanding officer and it caused the deaths of many others.

The EMF of the room peaked at 30 and remained steady at about 25. The temperature continued to drop as the investigation continued. At one point we decided to take a break and go downstairs to warm up.

Ed, Chris, and Cheryl were in the bar area using the Executioner’s Box and appear to come in contact with a fighter pilot while his plane was going down into the water.

Chris, Ed and Cheryl heard a knocking sound behind us in the left corner. Then Chris and I saw a “small line of light” streak across the wall between the first and second window. We checked and there were no cars outside.

Ed reported the smell of cigar smoke in the room.

When Chris ,Ed, Cheryl, Melissa, Doris, and Chass came back in from break. Chris and Ed went back in the ballroom to see, if the EMF was still high Chris smelled cigar smoke. Chris felt that the room felt different. Cheryl, Chass, Melissa, and Doris walked in the officer club. Cheryl ,Chass, and Melissa felt Like their heart was racing ,Someone was squeezing their heart , felt really dizzy and off balance . All three had to leave the room. Melissa was having a hard time breathing. Doris walked out of the Room and said that Cheryl, Melissa, and Chass looked pale. Melissa Looked the worse of the three. Ed and Doris made sure the three of us got down the stairs ok. The three of us went out and got some fresh air. Doris went back up stairs to get the flash light with Chris. Doris started to feel what Cheryl, Chass, And Melissa felt in the room. They got the flash light and left. Doris and Chris came out side and told us what happened. At this point we decided to end the investigation.

Brenda decided to stay the night at the site and heard movement throughout the hotel. Only one other room was occupied. At 2 am she was awoken by something kicking the bed. After goi g back to sleep,  no other activity appears to occur.

Video Captured During Paranormal Investigation

Chris and Ed were checking night vision cam,a light appears before chris turns on his flashlight, then goes away and comes back on as we are walking away, Chris says he sees a shadow to the left of light

EVP’s captured during paranormal investigation (Listen with headphones)

Class C EVP. We appeared to capture a male voice.

Brenda was stating that women love a man in uniform and we get “Some of us agree.”

We began an SP-11 Session and we capture “Hello” and then try to get his name.  The name sounds like Llewellyn.

While most of the team was in the other room, Ronda was trying to communicate with someone and an “Oh” was captured.

“Ah Huh”

Knocking like its code

More Code knocking

They shot me


My name is Walter

Miss I need your help, I got wounded

I love you, I want you.


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The site is a very active military site and many of the entities are reliving their time in war.  We would like to thank the site for allowing us out there and wish them much success in the future.

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