Monroe Residence; August 8, 2014

Monroe house

Case Background and Claims:

The family is seeing (4) four full body apparitions. They report hearing footsteps and voices. Clients report seeing orbs in photos taken in the home and also report the movement of dresser drawers and coat hangers in the children’s bedrooms on the second floor.

Alice C. Navarre Mentel died 20 December 1945 at 10:40 pm, at the age of 63, at her home of a heart condition, from which she suffered for two months. Alice’s funeral services were held at a Catholic church, and she was buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Monroe.

Her husband Frank James Mentel died at Monroe Mercy Hospital of a cerebral hemorrhage 16 December 1956, at 9:02 am. He had been in the hospital for ten days. Frank had worked for Deinzer Furniture (which was nearly right around the corner from the house) and retired in 1953 from Lincoln School (maintenance man). He was buried from St John’s Catholic Church and buried next to his wife in St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery. Frank and Alice were married by a Catholic priest. This is not surprising as Alice was a descendant of the Navarre family. (They helped to build St Anne’s Church in Detroit.) 1896 Plot map Monroe

Their eldest daughter, Linda, died in 1982 at the Lutheran Home. She had been in poor health for five years, lived at the home for four years, and seriously ill for one month. She was buried from St. Michael’s Catholic Church and buried in St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery. Linda died unmarried, living with her father until his death 16 December 1956 at the age of 74.

The youngest daughter, Irene, moved out of the house when she married Robert Zimmerman. She lived in various parts of Monroe, finally settling in Temperance. She died 22 July 1994 at the age of 78.


Video from the investigation


  • Investigators:,  Cas,  John, Heather, Brenda
  • Weather: 79 degrees, clear and dry;  full moon
  • Equipment: Ovilus, MEL EMF Meters, Nat.ral Tri-Field Meter, K2 EMF Detectors, Sony Nightshot IR Cameras, Motion Detector, EMF Pumps, Flir I7 Thermal Camera,  PSB-7 Spirit Box, Frank’s Box, Laser Grid, Flashlight, Echovox
  • Time: 8:00 PM-11:00 PM

Upon arriving to the client’s home, Brenda experienced a shortness of breath and a sharp chest pain. Prior to the start of the session, Cas entered the open room to the right of the stairs and felt an uneasy feeling from the room. Since no activity was claimed in this area, the team placed an audio recorder in the area and decided to begin their session in the bedroom at the far end of the hall. The team experienced a few responses in the beginning with their flashlights. The Ovilus gave responses that indicated there may have been communication with a family member who was cremated. The team believes this may have been contact with the client’s mother.

During the Frank’s Box session, the team noticed some responses that seemed to be in line with questions being asked. After reviewing the audio and video of the session, it appeared as the team may have established contact with two possible spirits.  The first continued to identify themself as Amy.  The team believes this may have been a spirit guide assisting with communication through the Frank’s box. The second spirit is believed to be Donald, the brother of the client. The team believes he is there watching over Amy and the children.

 Ovilus Words Spoken:

Cremate, Took, Device, Palatine, Hole, Lead, Road, Able, Bridle, Final, Wreck, Division, Bring, Element, Can, Were, Dawn, Dry, Periodic, John, Elements, Rub, Air, Can, Division, Roll, Steam, Alcohol, Held, Seeded

Franks Box Words Spoken:

I do, hi, now that, This is your, My name is, more, 55 help us, What am I fake?, please and, Hey Brenda, No one’s getting drunk, Why are you here, We’re hiding here, My house, I used to, Starting Wednesday, Anna, Watch out, it’s too late, must have, I’m Raulo, Howdy, run, Mickey run, pray, somebody here?, stolen, already did they are lost, hello, hello Rhonda, dawn, one guys, twenty four, twenty four, Do your kids watch a lot?, Love them, go Bill, looking like, I got it, home please, Are you stuck here? stuck here can’t go, sprint, alone, I’ll go, going, for right now, I got them, you, I can’t pass, see you, raindrops, who’s birthday, my buddy can, who’s there?, hell yeah, that’s good, you have a visitor, Amy, Amy, sister, Donald, it’s her brother, Donald, Don’t go, god damn, heaven’s no, bye.

The team began the basement session with an EVP session. During the session, they received a large amount of activity with flashlights that, at times, appeared to indicate that it was responding to questions posed by the team members. Responses from the Ovilus provided indications that they may have made contact with a soldier who may have been part of an artillery or cannon unit. The Frank’s box session produced responses from a spirit named Anna. The team was not able to determine if this was a spirit guide assisting communication with the Frank’s box or an entity trying to speak to them. Several EVPs were captured by the team during this session.

Ovilus Words Spoken:

Division, Minutes, Near Dear, Stool, Everything, Dry, Smile, Male, Pants, Dead, Mirror, That, Four, Home, Died, Diablo, Grandfather, Cute, War, Special, Cross, Honor, Lamp, Neck, Nerd, Dust, Their, Censures, It, Sallies, Mammoth, Since, Thus, Room, Happen, Quarantine, Discover, Boat, Study, Mammoth, Language, Dust, Does, Opposite, Western, Lead, Feed, She, Priest, Section, Subtract, Core, Lead, Tune, Trace, Reached, Phantom, Stigmata, Paralyzed, Barry, Shepard, Since, Cry, Anna,


Franks Box Words Spoken:

Hear me, hello, you heard?, Anna, Anna, Anna thank you, ten, fourteen, hello, no children, sure, alright, want John) Amy I love you, what, right, I am, don’t leave, Amy, there’s not, yeah I can, Heather, hi, don’t quit 

During this session, the team moved to the first floor and experienced a large amount of outside contamination with fireworks and conversations that could be heard from the neighbors outside. They could not confirm that any recordings were actual EVPs. During this session, Brenda experienced a smell described as a strong scent of body odor. The team could not provide an explanation of the source of this odor. The team also heard footsteps moving around the second floor. There was no one else in the home so they could not explain the source of the footsteps.

Audio evidence obtained during investigation

“Inaudible female voice” EVP Class C- While investigating the first floor ,Brenda asks “Do you need our help” a soft voice could be heard. We were unable to make it out.

“Mammoth” EVP Class C- While in the basement, Cas asked “Have you been stuck here” and a voice whispers  “Mammoth”.

“Female chuckle” EVP Class B– while the team was in the other room on the second floor, a recorder was left alone in another room. A possible   “female chuckle” could be heard.

“Kill or Kia” EVP Class B-  While in the basement ,John and Cas were discussing large guns and an whisper can be heard, possibly saying “Kia” or “Kill”

“Tired of you here” EVP Class C- This EVP was recorded in the basement. “Tired of you here” can be heard right before the Ovilus says “Sheppard”


The team believes that there is some paranormal activity in the home. The team discovered numerous EVPs when they went back for review. During the Frank’s box sessions on the second floor and in the basement, the team received potential communication from two deceased members of the female client’s family. They appear to be in the home to watch over the female client and the children as protective spirits. There may also be residual spirits passing through from the nearby cemetery and from the historical battlefields that make up the location. Thank you for inviting the Motor City Ghost Hunters in to investigate your home.

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